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Wait, no.

This is a sparks request post, not a Disney movie.

1-5 range, sweet spot on 3 so I don't get completely overwhelmed and fry my bad hand trying to do all the things. :)


Wild Roses:
Unexpected and unrefusable cargo 1 - Ulysse, some sailors, Gideon (~1k)
"What do we even *have* that lever?" - Trickwood Unification sketchy, Ruadhan and Hernén
goddamn rain - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan and Donel
Unexpected and unrefusable cargo 2 - Trickwood Unification, Hernén, others (a shade over 2k)
Unreliable lamps - early Some Kind of Love Song, Arianhrod
unexpected attack and glowering skies - Some Kind of Love Song, Takashi and Hernén (~1k taken together)
meeting your double - late Trickwood Unification, Geoffrey and Hernén
A place rubbed smooth on a thumb or finger - first war, Isael, a Trickwooder, Annaliese Sabaey
"And Daddy? They *took my boot*!" - first war, Fintain and Hazel

Witches' Horses:
Providing the alibi - Sibir, Nadya, Stas and a captain (~600 words)
Soft stories on dark nights - Vasilisa, sketchy
seven pounds sterling - Sibir, Nadya and Stas
a bone heap being picked over by dogs - pre Chevalier de Grammont, Sinclair
Just the right tone to make crystal vibrate - Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair

delayed by an unexpected flock of sheep - the Morrigan
more manipulative than one likes to pretend - sketchy Eduard and Julian De'Ath

yearned-for comfort - The Mummy, Evie Carnahan
DO NOT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING :D - The Mummy postscript, Evie Carnahan, Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan
"Have you ever killed someone?" "We're getting off the subject." - The Mummy universe well post movie, Evie O'Connell, a small boy, and Rick O'Connell (a shade under 1k)
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We're going to get more of this. Right?!?

(Morgan and Devya are love. <3 )
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. . . oh well this is going to end well.
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Oh ye little fishes.

...seconding the request for more. Somebody clearly just made a rather large mistake.
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Oh shit.

*hides face* Mistake. Big mistake.

(OTOH, the back-and-forth with Devya is hilarious.)

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