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Standard header info: My birthday is the 5th of January. Receiving ciders or an art card would please me.
I've kind of fallen off the perfume wagon, so will just mention that I like baking-spice smells in sugar scrubs and soaps if you're doing a Themed Wintergifting Season already. :)
I like autumnal themes (including fallen leaves and thunderstorms); I am easily lured by corvidae, translucent opals, Speyside Scotches and dark forest greens.

I know many of us are skint this gifting season. Presents of any variety are never expected, but getting a 'Hey. you. I like you' email at some point in the winter would be lovely.

The 2015 Winter Wishlist:

• Little flat-bottomed plates to put pillar candles on would be deeply appreciated.

• An art print or art card of some variety; I think these two are lovely, and am drawn to Art Nouveau and Deco type work (examples: botanical, watercolour, human) in addition to the usual autumnal themes aaaaaand

• Corvidae. I like scattering them around my house to quork and caw at unsuspecting guests. I'm preferentially drawn to silhouettes and watercolour-type images.

(My Etsy favourites page will give you some idea of the sorts of physical things I like.)

• I really, really the candles Big Dipper Waxworks makes, and their honey cocoa butter lip balm is unexpectedly glorious (they tossed a tube into my last order of tealights and pumpkins. I've been using it on my cuticles. And maybe huffing my hands afterwards).
I'm thinking I'll pick up one of their sanctuary glass candles for next fall, probably sometime in the summer.

• I'm positive I could find music to spend iTunes money on. If nothing else I haven't bought Delta Rae's latest album yet.

• Going and rereading something I wrote and then emailing me about something you liked or to Stare Hopefully at me re: a particular character or story may not immediately get you more story-words, but it might do. I've been rereading my own work recently: turns out I write things I'm interested in. :)

• My Amazon wish list is frankly a little terrifying, but can be used as inspiration on a 'buy Tae a book' quest.
The used history books are gonna be way cheaper than the physiotherapy/human movement books.

• In book related news, Veggie and I are planning to hit up Powell's in February; I can pretty much promise any gifted credit will get used.

• If you're in a boozy mood, I am a fan of anything bright and bitey, but especially:
- scotches (mostly Speyside and Highland)
- bourbons (my go-to is Basil Hayden, which is described by the internet as a lighter-bodied bourbon with rye-induced spice)
- rums (I don't love Bacardi, I grew up on Cruzan, I adore the Ron Zacapa 23 blend. Go forth and have fun, I like everything else I've tried)
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