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But hey. It's been a while since I did a sparks post, hasn't it. :)

Wild Roses:
ripple effect - Gideon; appears to be related to unexpected and unrefusable cargo 1

(interpret as liberally as you like) - early Crown Navy era, Ulysse and Lida

Putting one foot in front of another - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan (appears to be in the period between arrangements and arguments [where Dón knows Ruadhan's into the woods but has no idea whatsoever exactly where he is], and when Ruadhan actually shows up in Hernén's demesnes and starts being his irritatingly noisy self all over the woods.)
figures emerging from mist - Trickwood Unification, Evescha and Ioann
A thin layer of ice on everything - Trickwood Unification, Ioann and Evescha
second verse, same as the first - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan
swans - Trickwood Unification, Geoffrey, references unexpected and unrefusable cargo 2
"actually, that's their version of a friendly hello" - Trickwood Unification, unknown
bees in a glass jar - Some Kind of Love Song, 'Jack Gibson'
"I already gave you my decision" - Trickwood Unification, Jared and Hernén

=DDDD - Jonathan Sabaey and his Sense of Impending Doom

that godsdamned ticking - Alternate Earths, Yasha


Witches' Horses:
"Don't write THAT down" - Sibir, Stas
loss of vision/sight - Sibir, Nadya
passing the bottle around the campfire - Sibir, Nadya
working on 72 hours without sleep - Sibir, Nadya

Blue glass - Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair

Untapped amber - Falcons' Feathers, Irina
no really it will fit - Falcons' Feathers, Khenbish

The kind of soup one can only get at home - Swallow's Tale, Taarstad
"what's the fuzzball chewing on now?" - Swallow's Tale, Helena and Sascha


sparkling like water - The Morrigan
Clock tower - Julian De'Ath
Booby trap(s) - The Morrigan
insufficient resources - Deaths, Julian and Eduard De'Ath


The Mummy Series:
the gravitational pull of bed - Mummy postscript, Evie Carnahan
"what is my life what are my choices" - Rick O'Connell
pie - Evie Carnahan and Rick O'Connell
"Why am I juggling magicians?" - Evie Carnahan, Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan


tumbleweeds - Unknown
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I sort of wonder if it's before, since he seems more irked about cargo than, you know, THE REST OF IT. And also this feels like something that would PROMPT the rest of it.
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. . .*ponders* It seems to me that it would take very, VERY stupid people to give him any cause AFTER he'd thoroughly Won.

I mean not saying that's impossible, just.
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...has he just *sunk* the ship, or just scared the daylights out of her crew? I'm not clear.

Re: ripple effect - early(ish) Wild Roses, Gideon

Date: 2016-05-07 07:10 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] klgaffney
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I got yer shiiip.

Seems like we walked in mid-way to an ever-escalating pissing contest. Would work before, certainly. Would certainly explain binding him down to his fingers. NO FINGER TWIDDLING, FUCKER.

Re: ripple effect - early(ish) Wild Roses, Gideon

Date: 2016-05-09 07:47 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] goshawk
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Welp. That'll show'em. *g*

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