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Jul. 21st, 2017 10:10 pm[personal profile] staranise
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Ah, that feels better. Mom came downstairs to oversee me dealing with my email, and while I did that she Happened to my apartment--it's all picked up and neat, clean dishes drying in the sink, and I could pull things apart and sweep and scrub bits that really needed scrubbing. And also get the emails and paperwork done.

Talk about my Mom's employment situation, which includes talk of politics and racism )

Media I'm consuming: the Holocaust, and politics in the Balkans )
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1. It has been, not quite so much unbearably hot? But unbearably humid on TOP of the hot, leading to me spending a day in microsleep stage of sleep deprived, plus finally going NO HONEY WE ARE GETTING A WINDOW AC FOR THE BEDROOM. It came today. It has been installed. It is fucking glorious and can be AIMED and I LOVE IT and I'm going SLEEP SO MUCH TONIGHT.

2. Instead of doing the half dozen things I wanted to today as part of slowly making the apartment less of a disaster area (per, you know, not having slept much this week), I ended up with a combination of cramps + migraine + massive fuckoff storms which resulted in curling up for the afternoon and not moving. I continue to blame Daniel Jackson for my inability to Ascend past this stupid embodied plane of existence. Fucker stole them all.

3. Water bottle holders may have been my most useful knitting project ever and considering I love my lap blankets a LOT that's saying something. And the yarn stretches just about as much as the pattern indicated, I might add another inch or so of knitting to the next one so that I can sling it cross-body between my boobs without any problem at all? But I took the test project along to lesson/rehearsal yesterday and it's definitely adequate as-is.

4. Next week is Restaurant Week and frankly given the week I've just had I can't fucking wait. I need a week where I can subsist off leftovers in between paying incredibly reasonable prices for really good food. And my leftovers are getting made this weekend.

5. ...I forget what 5 was going to be but let it be noted for the record that it is really fucking nice to be able to exchange money for lack of spoons and mostly not worry about it. Oh, no, I remembered: apparently this weekend will consist of Editrixing at some truly old drafts. Expect a lot of yelping that WOW I AM OLD although it may end up staying in chat. Who knows. >.>

6. Iiii am going to go tackle Mt Laundry now, I think. Honestly once THAT gets out of the way I'm down to batch cooking and cleaning the bathrooms for the weekend chores, assuming of course I don't immediately discover I need to run more laundry. But hey. If I fold all the bins I get the really GOOD popcorn for dessert. XD
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Miss Mousie has a ton of $10 vouchers for her store and she's emailing them out to everyone. She asked if I didn't mind signal-boosting, so here I am, and this is her Society6 store, where she's selling a bunch of textured, nature, and vulture-themed stuff.

If you'd like a coupon and/or a discount, let me know, I'll PM you her email. Just send her an email entitled "Coupon please!" or something to that effect and she'll get it right to you.

I may get one of those throw pillows I've been eying. Also a print.
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Went up to use the bathroom, glanced out the window, and huge-assed black vulture fledgling was peering back at me.

Vulture family was apparently feeling adventurous and chose to sun themselves on the roof outside the bathroom window today. They appeared to be as uncomfortable with this situation as I was and ultimately retreated, dropping down to the deck railing to resume their vulturely activities there.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 09:55 am[personal profile] klgaffney
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I hate the mornings I wake up exhausted.

We did move my columnar apple trees from MiL's house and plant them in a line in the front yard last night (well 3 out of 4 anyway; we were getting peered at by lightning, so there's still one in its half barrel sitting on the protected side of the house where we abandoned it). Honestly, planting a few tiny trees is not a good reason for me to be completely wiped out after a full night's sleep.

I'm more inclined to blame 2-3 straight days of re-evaluating and re-plotting a story, and general emotional Nope. And yeah, I am actually still deeply upset by some of my long-time deeply loved artists up and ending their lives one by one. Music's important to me--their music's important to me, but y'all that already know me, know me. I know you're not surprised. I know a lot of you feel the same, too.

Doom!Twin01 is having a gaming convo with W somewhere else in the house, the dining room, probably. Just to add to the fun, the kid talked to a recruiter on the phone yesterday and now we have to take her over to Tinton Falls today to talk to the Marines.

Emailed the job I really want earlier this week, 'cause I hadn't heard anything. The nice HR guy apologized, said they hadn't made it thru all their applicants yet, and he was hoping to be able get back to everyone at the end of this week one way or another? Maybe? He hopes? So I'm antsy about that, too (They interview, hire, and train in groups, and I've been on the other side of that proceedure. If they're actually doing the 6-part interview process I experienced with everyone? Yeah, he's having some very long days right now.)

Recruiter just called to confirm. D!T01 took the oppertunity to get a hookup for her twin. So now they're both going. They're really going outta their way to try me now.

So I reached into the bedside table, and pulled a stone out of the bag. I got back DONO NTOASO - the double praise drum. I gave it a squeeze. Took a deep breath. I'm going to finish my tea and carry the fuck on, and keep trying to give a hand up (or at the very least try not to wound) anyone I meet along the way. Godsdamn I'm fuckin' tired. Could be worse, tho. I've definitely been worse.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 02:12 am[personal profile] staranise
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I need to get someone to sit with me and help me deal with work email, because I've reached the point of really, SERIOUSLY intending to deal with it... and achieving as much as opening my inbox in a tab, before I have to walk away from my computer for three hours to stave off a panic attack. There's not even anything that bad there! I'm just being... blah.

In better news, I had a good fannish week for once. I started a kinkmeme! ([community profile] omgsexplease)

Next week I'm going to Ottawa to visit my girlfriend, so that's nice.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 08:13 am[personal profile] cesy
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More things I have learnt from physio - mainly notes to self. I suspect [personal profile] hagar_972 and [personal profile] taennyn may have useful experience here, where I'm just starting out on the same journey they've already been on.

Muscles in the thigh - VMO, lateralis, the big quad one, the sartorius one across, adductors on the inside, abductors on the outside. VMO needs extra strengthening due to hypermobility. The small stabilising muscles tend to give up, then the big muscles compensate, and that's why my hamstrings get tight all the time. Then the hip/bum ones like glute max and glute mede also need help, particularly the latter.

Making sure things activate in the right order is hard. If the lateralis activates before the VMO instead of at the same time, then my kneecap slides sideways and that's one of the reasons it hurts. Trying to activate the VMO first will retrain it so they both go at the same time.
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We're blasting Hybrid Theory at top volume here in Chaos Central. The Amazon horde is screaming along.

Farewell, Mr. Bennington.

Prompt me?

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:50 am[personal profile] darthneko
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I'm testing a theory, which says that half my problem is the dreaded "blank page" phenomena - ie, it's hard to START something, but easy to keep going after it's started. Writing? I can keep trundling along slowly working on the worldbuilding stuff, because there's a nice list of prompts for me to sit and think on. Art? Not to much. I have a list of stuff I'd like to do, but it's all large, time intensive Big Finished Pieces sort of things.

So, I asked my Patreon, and I'll ask everyone here too - prompt me? Art prompt? Give me nouns, adjectives, things that have a visual presence, either singularly or in groups. Or fandoms/characters, if they're ones I know or you think I might know!

I'll mix and match as the ideas takes me, and I promise to post stuff here (and tumblr/instagram) after I post to Patreon. I'd just love to compile a nice large list (like the #worldbuildinginjune list large) of art prompt ideas that I can do sketches from.

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Jul. 15th, 2017 10:03 pm[personal profile] staranise
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Tonight I watched All the President's Men with my mom, since I keep seeing references to the Watergate scandal these days and I wanted to get a better understanding of it--so many sources assume such an intimate knowledge of it that I find them hard to untangle, so seeing it in movie format made it easier to understand. I came away with two big thoughts:

1. The quote I've always heard about Watergate is, "It's not the crime, it's the coverup." Which makes sense in the specific sense of the Washington Post's investigation of Nixon--they kept uncovering facts that in themselves were completely inconsequential; what led them on was the fact that shortly after, the person who disclosed that fact would issue a terrified denial that the fact was untrue, they had never said the fact was true, they'd never heard of anyone connected to the fact, and they'd never issued a previous statement about the fact at all.

Whereas the truth I'd never quite realized is that Nixon's crimes were in fact far worse than what he did to cover them up. I grew up hearing vague explanations like "Nixon paid someone to keep quiet" or "Nixon recorded conversations" as to what the wrongdoing was--not the final, absolute fact, which was that Nixon put the government to work destroying his political opponents, and only got caught at a bare tenth of it. And I can't tell if that's because the grandparents who set the political tone of my childhood were very politically conservative, or... what. But a lot of hippie conspiracy theories seem a lot less crazy to me now.

2. Oh my god, seeing all those board rooms full of very important white men making all the decisions, seeing women continually relegated to the sidelines, only getting tiny hints of people of colour, is bizarre. That's... that's what the world used to look like. "Mona, take my calls," a reporter barks out as he dashes out to chase a lead. Is that actually Mona's job? Is Mona also a reporter, who has to chase her own leads down while being ignored and asked for coffee, Peggy-Carter-like? My god, there are still people who remember that world, who think they live there.
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I'm over at MIL's and she's making us watch The Lawrence Welk Show, which is something my grandmother watched when I was a tiny child, and I called it 'The Bubble Show' because there were bubbles at the end of a big band variety show that mostly played jazz songs in the slowest, tamest, whitest 50's way they could, along with an accordion, because polka was important for some reason.

Anyway, there's this couple on, and the lady is singing about how much she loves frankfurter sandwiches, and how she thanks her love for giving her frankfurter sandwiches all night.


Ugh. Now there's this barbershop quartet on. I hate barbershop quartets. Maybe except for this one. The ginger in this one ('Sonny' Delight?) always has my attention.

Oh good this evil-assed show is over. Now the damn closing theme song is stuck in my head. Uggghggh. Shoot me now.
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Pulled out of the notebook and tweaked a little. Stone talking about his favorite neighborhood garden, Glenwood Green Gardens, which started up in the early-to-mid '80's in N. Philly and is still going strong. Not sure I remember what I intended this to be a lead-in to, tbh. I have to see if I can find the box with my not-an-outline in it.


The neighborhood was a lot more acceptin’ than I expected about Fen being both this quiet, tall, polite red-haired white guy and a big fuzzy wolfy-lookin' dog. Hel, the people in the neighborhood that said they was scared of dogs would talk to Fen and scratch him behind the ears, after asking if it was okay. I think most folks think he’s just a different kind of faery, and that’s okay, 'cause the other thing would be a lot harder to explain and wouldn’t go over so well.

Patience asked, though. )

Wheelchair recs

Jul. 13th, 2017 07:22 pm[personal profile] cesy
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Your first wheelchair by [personal profile] kaberett was brilliant for helping me upgrade from Shopmobility's hire chair to something designed for active use and being pushed by the person in it rather than a carer.

The Spinal Cord Injury Empowerment Project by the University of Washington has excellent videos on wheelchair skills. The American accent and cheery tone grates after a while, but it's very useful info and nicely bite-sized.


Jul. 13th, 2017 09:29 am[personal profile] darthneko
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I sort of failed to do much over the tail end of last month and the long extended holiday weekend at the start of this month. And now it's already halfway through July and WTF, where did the time go?? This is leaving me somewhere between flailing in a corner and determined to pick myself up and dig myself out of the hole. I'm very much going to try to do the digging instead of the flailing.

I need to be consistent on the Patreon and the social media. This is not going to be another "did okay for a month or two and then bombed out" scenario, dammit. The poll on my patreon to find out what people want to see helps. I want a posting schedule to adhere to, and then a several day later posting schedule to tumblr and instagram to back it up. I want this to succeed, dammit. It doesn't have to be my primary income with the thousands that some people make on their. I just want it to sustain and in the process inspire me to be a better artist.

Speaking of better art, I have a goal. DeviantArt has always been a bit of a hinky fit for me - on the one hand, ego aside, I do know I'm on the high end for fanart. Not the best, but up there, and I've actually done illustration as a day job. It makes it hard, sometimes, because there's no real space for me in fandom communities to go for critique or help or anyone who will push me to go further and do more. And DeviantArt is very split - it's either the fandom side or the pro side, with the pro side largely made up of Marvel and DC artists. Either way, I've just never really fit in or connected with people there, and much like any other social media it's become a place where if you don't post regularly then you're utterly forgotten and my several year hiatus means I might as well just delete my account and start from scratch because I basically don't exist there any more. No eyes, no interactions, and my middle-high grade of art still doesn't really fit in anywhere.

So... big fish in a small pond with no peer to peer connection? Or suck it up, brace myself, and go play with the big kids? Because the big kids are not DeviantArt. Not any more. The big kids are Behance if you do mobile game art, or Conceptart if you're more focused on classical art training, or Artstation if you're doing game/movie concept art and design.

I can't navigate Behance's un-intuitive (for me) site for love or money, not to mention mobile vector game art isn't really my style. I tried Conceptart back in the day and.... well, that made me want to cry and burn my sketchbooks. They don't pull their punches, fanart/anime-style/comics are Frowned Upon, and honestly the classical realism stuff just isn't my gig, and it wasn't a good fit for me. (I don't mind the no punches pulled thing so much, but having it be because of a basic differential in style just highlights that *I* was not a good fit for *THEM*.)

Artstation, though... Artstation is 90% for Big Kids. There is a steady trickle of beginner level stuff, but it is by far outnumbered by the pros. Concept artists for movie and game studios, matte painters for movies, 3D artists for games, character designers, etc. The stream feed of "new" on their site is gorgeous and diverse in a way DA's feed has never been. Also, Artstation does regular contests - not for cash or prizes the way DA sometimes does, but just to give people the experience of working to a deadline, some ego kudos and notoriety on the site for placing in the top three, and maybe a bit of swag like a t-shirt. That's it. But the contests are things like "you have four weeks - here's a theme, design ten characters, broken into two distinct groups of five, that fit with this theme, and we want to see everything from thumbnail sketches to finished art". (that's the character design part of the challenge, which I'd love to do. they also have similar things on the same theme for the matte painters and concept artists and storyboarders and 3D modelers.)

There's a lot less wank in the comments - say something good, or something helpful, or stfu, seems to be the general rule. Artists aren't all defensive about their stuff. Everyone there is either already a pro, or is actively trying to become one. They're not just artist galleries, they're portolio sites and Artstation provides space for your professional resume. It is obvious that companies looking to hire are actively browsing the user base looking for good matches. When it appears you can never quite be sure if fanart is just fanart, or if it's something the person was hired to do for the media franchise in question.

I don't have a single piece that I'd be willing to post up there. Nothing I have is good enough. Not a single damned thing, unless I maybe dip into the book covers I've done, but those are photo manips and not really what I want to be known for.

But... my goal is to have something good enough to start creating a portfolio on there. Not necessarily to look for a job, but to establish a presence. To drive myself to be good enough to go swim with the big kids. I want to have posted something to Artstation before the end of the year.

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Jul. 11th, 2017 11:33 pm[personal profile] klgaffney
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Had a series of interviews that went really well; one of the managers said as much, and I'm hoping to hear back from the company by the end of the week.

In case you wanted to feel old today, please be advised that Miss Mousie turned 19 over the weekend.

Acknowledged that I've essentially been hermitting, which is not wrong, but I like the idea of having people over. So I bothered some ex-coworkers and hopefully, we'll hang out here at the end of the month. And I'm threatening to have my parents and lil' sis and her spouse over for dinner eventually, and I still have a few smaller projects that I'd like to get wrapped up. So of course, I stalled out and fixated on tablecloths for a week. As you do (no really, brain. WTF?).stuff. shopping. chaos. taxi cab prophets and the end times. )

Anyway, so the twins started Sheriff Youth Week yesterday, with the rest of a pack of a 160 117 kids, and W had a pretty good chuckle dropping them off, as true to form the sergeants started in right away:


D!T02: They're really trying to tone it down, like no cusses or anything. It's kinda funny. They're calling us Pukes. As in "Line up in rows of 4. When I look at you pukes, I only wanna see one puke!'

D!T01: I know they know that we know and use all those words, but they're still trying really hard. I respect that.

D!T02: We learned about internet safety, and gangs, and I learned more gang signs. Also, you know, I can really see the appeal of gangs? Like I probably shouldn't. But I really do.

Today it was:

D!T02: I got to handcuff a cop today! After my team put him on the ground! XD

D!T01: I got to bull rush a cop with a tower shield! XD

W: *pause* They're teaching you how to riot?

D!T01: No! We were the arrest team! I had the tower shield!

Apparently, D!T02 has been dubbed Care Bear by one of the sergeants (they're all obtaining nicknames at a rapid rate). She and/or D!T01 are also The Future President (they're not sure if the boys calling them this have figured out which one they're referring to), which seems to be rather long for a nickname really.

After picking them up today, we got caught in the pouring rain, got cleaned up, had dinner, and then we met up with their history teacher and a handful of other students at an ice cream shop because he promised them that he'd buy ice cream for anyone that got a 5 on their AP tests. The twins alternated between 5s and 4s on their U.S. History and English tests. So we all went and Mousie, W and I brought our own ice cream.

Not a bad day, all in all. I got the house insurance thing sorted, I found a box full of art, two pieces of which are even up on walls (many of the rest are still leaning against the walls while I figure out where I want things to go, and will probably remain leaning against them for a few weeks until I get Exasperated with having to move them to sweep and dust). The yard is slowly but surely coming along. I can still smell fresh dirt through the open window. It's quite pleasant.

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Jul. 11th, 2017 05:42 pm[personal profile] lireavue
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I've even been back from vacation for awhile, I just needed a vacation from my vacation and now I need a vacation from THAT and... so on.

Things, in the order of which they are currently at the top of my brain, which unfortunately right now MOSTLY means the order in which they're most irritating.

1. Fandom is currently reminding me why I flat-out do not fucking engage beyond private discussions with people who've taken the time to get to know me, and vice versa, because otherwise I end up in such a state of social paranoia and teeth-bared hatred for humanity that I self-isolate to an extreme degree, attempt to push people into DEMONSTRATING that they're secretly assholes waiting to turn on me, or both. Or as a result of keeping myself from doing same I end up severely spoon-depleted and snappish at the few people I DO trust not to turn on me.

So I should probably jab a knitting needle through my fixation on whether or not the droll is gonna murder me in my sleep and go, I dunno, babble at someone about various current fandoms. Fortunately tomorrow we get to watch last week's Killjoys ep and I will almost assuredly spend half an hour or more with C and L brainstorming just what the actual fuck is going on.

2. While the heat itself isn't TOO awful, the dew point right now overnight has been somewhere in the 68-70 range, and the overnight low somewhere in the 65-68 range, so I perpetually end up feeling like I'm in a chilly wet sock. This does absolutely fucking NOTHING for my ability to actually sleep, C's been snoring a good deal probably BECAUSE of the damn humidity, and I end up turning the AC on and feeling kind of bad about it because of a recent Climate Change Means We're All Gonna Die article that I made the mistake of clicking on.

(I mean, like: yes, it IS really bad, I don't want to downplay that? But articles that explain how it is Very Bad OMG without giving USEFUL DIRECTION are at this point disaster porn that increases everyone's denial and freeze- or flight-responses to the fear. It is Too Big To Fight to most people's brains therefore fuckit running away now.)

3. I can't actually tell if I'm being a precious twit about this or WHAT, but the way PokeGo's new gym system is set up, it's actually POLITE to not fucking kick people out when they've been in less than a few hours and it BECOMES polite to kick people out at somewhere around eight hours. Because you don't get any COINS until you get the gym back. And anyway the basic upshot here is that I went around and took over THREE gyms with that in mind? ...and I have made a whole fucking 12 coins because fuck you that's why. Like I don't even entirely need coins that badly right now! It's just the principle of the thing! HOW IS IT HARD TO MATH THIS OUT.

I mean legit there's probably a lot of kids doing it? Or adults who haven't figured it out. Because the adults that I've explained new gyms to are all "oh! that makes sense! that seems WAY more fun for cooperative gameplay!" Which yes yes it is. I am just Very Tired of this shit, ok, and it's adding to my mental load from the above.

Honestly I kinda wish there were an in-game way to communicate a little, but short of renaming 'mon every time you stick them in a gym I don't really see HOW. Particularly without some major issues surrounding needing an entire group for PG Abuse, and well... I remember the LJ Abuse days even if I was never on the team. I heard shit all the same!

4. Despite all of this I have mostly managed to get the apartment back into livable shape, including dealing with the last of the clean laundry today. The state of my dresser is... a later problem. Like probably tomorrow problem. And my nails are short enough to practice and I know the things I need to DO next, albeit not with any plans to do them tonight. Tonight is mostly for relaxing. If I take a wild hair I can go balance the budget.

...actually there's a thought to turn over more later, how much of my willingness to let budget go for a couple-three weeks at a stretch is because I CAN now without worrying we're going to end up overdrawn. Like it is seriously SUCH a fucking relief to be financially stable that I am clearly not over it, five-odd years on. But honestly if that and some reluctance to deal with medium and large expenditures (which is what C is for, honestly) for quality-of-life are the main scars I have left I... will take that.

5. Since starting up a notebook for my music practice I have gotten like 10x more focused and more aware of things I need to fix. And how to fix them! And such. I have yet to figure out how I'm going to translate this into anything useful at lessons, probably highlighter and a separate page compiling stuff from the last week (...in this case 3-4 weeks, my teacher had a summer gig that took over our lesson slot) into something legible and less-shorthand. But I feel like this is really SUPER helping, and okay some of the things I'm finding to fix are the sort of perpetual bad habits I have literally been trying to ditch since I was a teenager if not before? It's just that FOR ONCE it's MY internal voice finding them and wanting to make them better, instead of a schoolteacher Exasperated At Me or, you know, my mother. Too soon to tell how much of that's going to stick, but worth mentioning.

6. Vacation! Vacation happened, we went to the North Shore with the in-laws and we had a fox family WITH KITS OMG living near the vacation rental, the cat wasn't totally happy about the dogs being in the place but there was a door to separate the floors. So we all had space, including a degree of privacy from each other, and as far as I can TELL the cat was actually way happier on the whole for her humans being with her. Other than that: canoeing (and getting yelled at by a duck I am STILL SORRY I did not see your babies were that close), wandering trails, agate-hunting, thomsonite-hunting, seeing family friends, eating stupidly delicious fresh-caught lake trout. Took a float plane (a De Havilland Beaver, for any aviation nerds I have?) over Duluth-Superior and was very good (and so was the FIL) and did not kick his chair ONCE to tell him to let the pilot do the tour. XD Found taconite pellet discards. Slept. It was pretty good, apart from the whole, hi there are cliffs and hills EVERYWHERE did you know your knee isn't REALLY up to walking them more than every other day? Yeah.

7. Miscellany: I have a super awesome swishy new skirt, a blue tunic-dress thing with the Gondor coat of arms fabric-painted on, and a Celtic knot pin, all garage sale finds because C has an Eye. (We're pretty sure both the pieces of clothing are handmade, just the skirt involved someone having a serger.) I also have a substantially more expensive but no less pretty agate bracelet, because while I totally want to do something with the stones we found I am also all for supporting people with the craftsmanship to make a store like that work off pretty much nothing but tourists.

Being that I had a MIL, I cast on (it's a crochet cast-on, I am so not that good at crochet yet) for the bottle holder and I'm sort of alternating desires to finish that before I drop my water bottle AGAIN vs but but finishing the Oregon Trail cross stitch so we can make the bathroom nerdy as hell.

I remembered to USE my stupid inhaler on the trip a bunch, which made it probably way less arduous than it might otherwise have been - Lake Superior is fucking cold, so I had lake effect temps rarely above 70F going along WITH the effort involved in scrambling around rocks and semi-maintained trails. AND having used it that much I can safely say the Atrovent is different enough in type that it doesn't hit me in the irritability the way the steroidal ones are. Heavens help the world if I ever actually need to be on steroids and there's no substitute.

...I swear there was something else vaguely important oh well. I DID get into both classes at the Irishfest school of music so that'll be good, I have a new semi-fixation on this game called Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, which is a communication bomb-defusing game. And C made us grilled cheese sammiches with summer sausage in so I'm going to finish eating it instead of wiping off the grease periodically to finish the entry. >.>

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