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Had a followup appointment with my PT, a week and a couple days after getting and using an ankle brace. I've mostly been wearing the brace when I'm leaving the house/expecting to walk for a while, sort of like how I've been treating the crutches.
PT wants me to discontinue with the brace and start doing an ankle challenge series. My whole mid and back foot is pretty stuck and continued bracing won't help me regain the mobility i need in the ankle.

Which is nice, because it is incredibly difficult to wrap the brace in a way that doesn't piss off my tarsal bones.

Also today I totally left my crutches in a classroom, so I stopped by the place we rented them from to trade them back (just short of a month after renting them in the first place) and get a cane.

Turns out we'd accidentally bought those crutches (for $20, which is kind of weirding me out), and I almost accidentally got sold the cane I rented, too, due to processing system quirks at the store.

Man, canes are harder to use than one might expect. O.o;

.... Huh.

Jun. 24th, 2014 10:46 am
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I don't want to jinx it? But this is the longest period my problem ribs have gone without slipping back out of where they're put, and breathing . . doesn't hurt.

This is really, really confusing. O.o; Awesome, but confusing.

I mean, the problem ribs have been problems since the summer of 2005, before I bashed my elbow in early 2006. They've gotten more or less progressively better since they were accurately diagnosed as a rib issue (not a shoulder issue) in '08. If nothing else I can walk up a steep hill without wheezing and try plank and plank related poses now. =P But they've been maaaad for . . six months? Ish? Multiple months, anyway, of walking into a physio appointment and going 'yeah, the rib ache is back, my shoulder's clunking when I try to use my right arm as a stabiliser for bridging, and my scapula is winging at the bottom edge when the humerus is internally rotated* and I can't get it flush with the ribs' every damn week.

*: New physios are always a fun enterprise. Especially before I made the decision of eventually being one, when it was just four years of injury treatment and paying attention to what people were working on.

much babble )

But I did a TRX class yesterday afternoon--being really specifically careful of the ribs during the warmup phase, because oy--and didn't lose the shoulder. Pullup progression didn't tick into biceps; three or four people apparently made O.o; face about how good that looked. One of 'em commented after the class about it.

I did the Official Demo of Pike with feet in straps, which involves pivoting around your shoulders, and while it was Work? I didn't grind in the shoulder joint.

*fingers crossed* I think this is the first time I've actually felt like I've gotten ahead of the damned ribs.

Now I just have to get through Mat 2 without hooping everything. >.>
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1. It is really interesting watching an ulnar nerve treatment sequence when the issue's caught early and treated appropriately. (I may be tagging along on Zach's unhooping sessions.)

2. It would be really nice to get a 'We received your box of solidly packed doom permanent residency application' letter so I can apply for BC medical coverage. =\

3. I accidentally watched a documentary about Sicilian mummies (augh) and much less accidentally watched the first in a series of documentaries about early female rulers (and attempted rulers) of England. God damn is Eleanor of Aquitaine more interesting than you'd gather from Robin Hood mythos. Also how different would things have played out if William the Conqueror's grand-daughter had been actively and successfully crowned and allowed to rule? *fascinated*

4. Attempting to run an accounting software system through somebody else's fingers is extremely trying and I would be very pleased if some of the proofreading bug was catching. =|

5. I should really go through and make an order of pilates props. Faking a squishy ball with a pillow is awkward, even if it is working so far.

5a. Still need to find a pilates studio up north. Still extremely dubious.

(6. Self, next time you're up north, go to a damned yoga class. =P Even if you are done with all the punchcards at both studios you've tried, it's worth leaving the house and seeing a different teacher. Diversity in cueing is awesome!)
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Nor, given how I feel right now, does the title really apply, but. >.>

I went to two Pilates mat classes today (the rationale was noticing that Favourite Pilates Teacher mentioned a class with the studio owner last week, and due to scheduling overlap I can't go to my usual TRX class Friday lunchtime because I'm seeing Kate fifteen minutes before the class ends in a different part of Bellingham).

I did not die.

My abs and triceps may disagree in the morning, but thus far? I did not die. That's kind of awesome.

I got a new 'okay, bum: activate without me pinning you down and demanding you move' exercise out of my extra class, and a Pilates move I am surprisingly badass at and would definitely not have been before both all the PT I've done on my shoulders and the pushup progressions/wrist strengthening stuff I've been doing as prep for late June's Mat 2 teacher training session.

beneath cut, description. :) )

(Words cannot describe how nice it is to get visible proof of progress. Especially since it was obvious my abs were not up to two other tasks in that class. Wheeeee.)

And then I didn't die in the second class, which was oodles of shoulder mobs and triceps and obliques. (My triceps and obliques hate my favourite pilates teacher for relatively obvious reasons.)
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Setup, to save eating reading lists )

I was expecting a rather needly appointment. Instead we wound up talking about the limbic system* and how breathing pattern/depth/speed and eye movement/blink rate can tell an observer how someone's doing.

*: I know this term is getting outdated, so if anyone has an update, please let me know!

This is going to be somewhat babbly and nonlinear, since I can't find a good internet source to paraphrase from, and may be wrong in the particular tiny-level details of why this works because I wasn't taking notes Monday. That said, I did a pilates session before I saw her Monday, and a second session yesterday afternoon, and my body shifted between 'em.

By staring, breathing, and humming.

I wish I was kidding. I'm not: instead of pulling on my diaphragm and my pelvic floor to do ab work, I got a broader sense of less-ouchy work through more of my belly, and I could use my iliopsoas muscles like they weren't welded to my inner curves of hipbone. o.O

So, limbic calming. It's a thing.


Plotting against your lizard brain, a primer )


Related reading: A Dr Stephen Porges interview on his polyvagal theory and methods on using other humans to calm an Inner Lizard/trying to help calm someone's Inner Lizard.

a babbly post I made after reading the Porges interview talking about acoustic therapy protocols for anxiety, and noting a new term for the 'I'm driving a meatsuit with bad controls' problem: 'sensory processing dysfunction'.


Questions, corrections, links, and New People are welcomed to this post. So yes, if you want to link people here, that's cool. :)
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I was in getting needled* around lunchtime today, and the last one was a lateral-hip. She'd asked me if I was still feeling off anywhere, and I pointed, so whee, needle.

*: as you do

And then said "Oh, neat, that feels like you're on the back wall of the ball and socket joint!"

And even without my glasses I noticed her sort of blinking at me as she replied "I've never had a patient like you. Because I was on the back edge of the capsule. And you're describing exactly where I was."

Apparently most people don't get a feel for these things after five years of physio? I got nothin'.


Jan. 31st, 2014 04:43 pm
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Hokay, so. Through the luck of the draw, I managed to get in to see my ex-pat Aussie physio twice in the last couple weeks (Thursday last week, and today).

I really enjoy seeing her. She's terrifyingly good at what she does, and is seriously active in her field.

Which in this case means she got a chance to get IMS* training recently. And offered to try it on my upper thoracic, since I'd mentioned the IMS treatment I'd been getting in Vancouver was being great for the hip stuff, but I was just sort of scraping by on the arm and shoulder symptoms in terms of functionality.

*: intra-muscular stimulation. I babbled about it some here

She approaches IMS the way she approaches everything--she pins down her target very precisely, and then *happens* to it.  )

Last week I wasn't able to weight-bear for plank or pushup because I couldn't seat my arms into my shoulders down into my core last week (to the point I had to switch to minimal-depth wall pushups the day the Aussie went after my left teres complex. Holy shit my shoulder was mad).

Yesterday I did the best plank and pushup I've ever done. My arms were working but my triceps weren't burning, and my pectoral muscles weren't shrieking about the offenses carried out against them. I felt steady enough in a plank to try bringing a knee at a time up towards my chest. I didn't fall over.

My scapulae move. I can bring my shoulders lower than I can remember ever being able to, and the crunchy grindy feeling when I try to bring my scapulae together on my back is remarkably reduced.

Apparently teres was a major player in my lack of shoulder mobility.

Go figure. O.o;;;
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I'm having to spend less concentrated time focused on the hip stuff--I can spend five minutes stretching and moving around and the hip sort of . . . unknots. Which is all kinds of interesting. And very weird.

IMS 8 was good to me? O.o;;;;;

babble on IMS hereunder )
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IMS session 8 on the hip was. . exciting.

I saw her on Friday as well as today--my body does a defensive tighten-up around my cycle start, which is probably for the best considering I'd probably dislocate something if everything went even stretchier than normal--and we hit some way deeper, way, way madder spots today than we managed on Friday.

'Just lateral of the right hip flexor' deeper, madder spot. (I cuss about this spot a lot in person. It's what locks up my hip when I'm sitting for extended periods. Like, say, driving.)

This muscle worked its way up into full-tension twitching around the needle at least five times. Without her doing more than hang on to my hip and the needle so my hip didn't try to take it away from her. I was warning her about when it was going to twitch again. Oy.

I was kiiind of limping leaving the office and getting home.

Ow. Definitely not trying anything ambitious today, and I have to be down in Ferndale for Wed-Thurs for a meds represcription (Yup. Still being used for nerve pain. Still working. No change in side effects.) so no YYoga classes later in the week. Definitely trying for the mat pilates class Thursday afternoon, though. :D

Might make the Sunday YYoga pilates class again. Might not, Sarah's talking about coming in for the weekend.


Nov. 12th, 2013 11:04 am
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Okay. 'Core off the Wall' is a workout.

A 'get really cuddly with your neighbour' workout, I am so glad I tucked myself into a wall in the prep period. Lots of standing up on a block and balancing-while-working.

Who knew my left ankle was that unstable? (Ow.)

I'm six IMS sessions into my hip getting needled--five for the shoulder/elbow/arm etc mess--and, well. I keep getting surprised by how functional it is now. By which I mean my left hip is bugging me more than the right.

I can come back to this class for 'I need a workout', I can't come to this class if I'm unstable already.

... Huh.

Oct. 18th, 2013 09:23 pm
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So I got talked into going bowling tonight.

I had no idea how my hand/elbow was going to hold up, so I was being really upfront about the likelihood of me sucking.


I finished fourth of the pack of six players, got accused of being a sniper about seven times before my hand gave out 2/3 of the way through the game, and managed two strikes and two spares.

The hell.
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My elbow's gotten moderately flared in the last week, much to my disgust.

It got stabbed with needles Monday and today, but it's sort of put paid to a swathe of my self-motivation.

I dragged myself to a yoga class yesterday, and made dinner 2.5 times in this past week (you know it's bad when you'd rather do sloppy knifework nipping at either end of green beans than pinch the damn things off).

At the same time, I'm capable of making dinner, even if the knifework's sloppy, and as long as I'm cautious about arm stuff, I can go to a low-level yoga class and feel a little bit better for having done it.


Sep. 30th, 2013 01:39 pm
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My elbow was flared up today*, so when I went in to see the IMS-PT in Kits, I mentioned it.

Needles, needles everywhere.

(But my elbow feels better, so there's that.)

*: still way better than it was a few years ago. Just, demotivational. =\
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Since when does that leg come that far away from my body?

..... Huh.

Sep. 4th, 2013 02:00 pm
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So I'm looking for physiotherapists in Vancouver. Saw one at a clinic in Kitsalano, and she suggested two other people at that clinic for the pelvic stuff.

Saw the one with a scheduling hole earlier today.

She's new enough to pelvic work that she listened to my history, made eep face, then paused, blinked at me, and asked if I'd ever tried IMS (IntraMuscular Stimulation).

I said no, was it that dry-needling technique one of my Bellingham PTs had mentioned a while ago, and she said yes. Asked if I was willing to try it, and I said sure. Why not. I have no needle problems.

Now my adductors are muttering 'wtf just happened here'. There's give. It's very weird.

I also really need to not try running right now. I'd fall on my damned face.
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Researching new physiotherapists fuckin' sucks.

News at 11.

(You research people who seem to work in modalities that have done you well in the past [manual therapists, and visceral therapists, in my case, with an emphasis on nerve work], call clinics and attempt to schedule appointments with the people you've researched, and cringe at your expected bills.

And try not to twitch at the idea of having to describe your medical history in a way that makes them go 'OH. Yeah, I can help with this!' as opposed to anything else. )
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I put K on a plane yesterday, and today Mom and I have been working on Cleaning The Fairhaven Place. Mom very kindly worked on kitchen, laundry and bathroom floors, because having to put weight on my hands is still not my favourite thing, and the damned vinyl in this place looks dirty even when it's scrubbed, because of how the plastic gets marred. =|

I've been working on the kitchen--including the tops of the cabinets, even though the landlord's only got a couple of inches on me, because I like him and I want to return this place in as-good shape as I can.

Pilates, yoga, and physio have made a massive difference, even in just the last year.

We tried to break for sushi for lunch--couldn't, because Blue Fin's day-closed is today and Wasabee is open for dinner at 5:30--and wound up eating deli salad samplers at the local grocery store, and I was driving. After a solid four hours of handwork.

And then we went back and did some more. Mom went through and shopvacced baseboards, and I started going through the fridge.

The internet in Ferndale isn't up--the modem got misdelivered, and the redelivery process is going awkwardly--which is annoying as hell.

Mom had a reservation for the train heading south in the evening, and when time was coming due Veggie was on the phone with the internet company, and I was on the landline doing a WA State Health Survey (long story. We got a randomly selected letter about a month ago, and I wanted to participate, because I may have had just a little participation in the health care system here. I think I may have skewed my demographic. >.>), so Mom wound up driving herself down to catch the train. Which was kind of embarrassing. Went fine, because Mom's a trooper, and Veggie drove me down to collect the car when we were done, but oy. Timing.


Aug. 18th, 2013 11:14 am
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My telepathic field continues, although Kate's schedule is awkward. (I texted her last night to find out if she had any openings today, hoping for afternoon. Nope on the afternoon, but she had a 10am open today . . and K came in from Ferndale going 'Damn, it'd be nice to see Kate again'. :D)

There's something weirdly soothing about hanging out in the outer room while people are getting bodywork done.


Aug. 17th, 2013 08:12 pm
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If you're moving and can access one: Kammys are AWESOME for moving shit.

Also, wow can I do more than I used to be able to. Even if various people still have to yell at me to stop shoving heavy stuff around by myself in order to stage for the stairs-hauling.
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I have a couple people I see for this sort of thing, one in Vancouver and one-plus in Bellingham.

I have friends who would strongly benefit from seeing these people; unfortunately, the Vancouver issue is booked up for MONTHS in advance (she does a lot of work with cancer patients), so I'm really the only one of the lot of us who can see her. (Oh, the joys of telecommuting)

So I got talking to the Bellingham issue--the version who's genuinely kind of creepy in what she picks up from resting her hand on the top of one's head--about costs for Uninsured Canadians, because if we're looking at $200 a session, this ain't happening.

Among the reasons I love this particular physio is that if I walk in and my elbow's screaming loud enough to drown out my hip, she works on my elbow until it calms down enough for her to hear the hip through the top of my head. (That never stops being disconcerting.)

We've also worked on my optic nerves and the Embarrassing Concussion of Embarrassing, as well as the obvious hip, ribs, connections between the two, innards, leg, blah, blah, blah, all the nonsense that comes with a gross trauma injury old enough to buy itself a drink.

She narrates what she's feeling--did you know nerve cells have fluid dynamics? 'cause I didn't--and working on, and geeks out about her continuing education classes. She's interesting to have work on you--you wind up learning things as a result, as well as feeling way better than when you walked in.

Happily, it turns out she has a private practice, and works at two other places besides the PT office I see her at. One charges around $75 for an hour's session.

Her personal practice, where she doesn't keep heavy files or submit paperwork for insurance?

$45 for an hour.

Guess what I'm planning to do with unsuspecting guests. :D
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I knew I was getting stronger, but when you get emailed afterwards about it by the teacher that's saying something. Oof.

Those damned breathing exercises from the ex-pat Aussie are paying off. Pilates teacher says my ribs were visibly moving today.

Still recruiting too much from my diaphragm and my quads instead of my abs, but we're getting there. :D 
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A week (almost exactly) after smacking myself on the head, my right eye wasn't quite tracking perfectly, but otherwise symptoms have largely gone away.

My ex-pat Aussie PT--who spent several years working in a brain-trauma unit--isn't worried about me.  Worked on my head (which wasn't awesome, I wound up lying around for a bit that afternoon since I didn't want to drive to Vancouver with a slightly wonky eye) and suggested I avoid clocking myself again, but not worried.

My body continues to carry the field in the conflict. =|
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In the event you'd like to see me babble about something, ask me questions?

As otherwise I got:

Visceral Manipulation humans: thaaaaaat's a little creepy (she found everything but the left arm zappy stuff blind).

Standard PT humans: ".... so that's not normal? 'cause the other side's like this, too." "--This feels like a post surgical rotator cuff. O.o;" (Who knew shoulders were supposed to have motion that direction?) (Answer: Not Me!)

Also, cat accidentally crunched one of my fingers along with his feathery toy today. Oops. (I can still slice mushrooms with my right index finger out of commission, we're fine. =P)
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And on the surface it sounds so 'woo~ooo, I feeeeel the energy of your booooody'.

Doesn't help that one of the big names in the field is really, really French.

That said, when you walk into a physical therapy appointment, the therapist puts their hand on top of your head, and then they say 'Wow. Isn't that interesting' and put their other hand on your back, brush their fingers up and down a bit and then add 'So that big judder goes away if I've got my hand on your liver..' you kind of have to pay at least some attention, y'know?

So there's this French osteopath by the name of Jean-Pierre Barral.... )

That said, I can totally buy an organ getting out of whack and not being able to untangle itself getting pretty ugly, no problem. I mean really. I know people who've had emergency gall bladder removal surgery. I have acid reflux and medication-induced intestinal issues. Unhappy organs? Not awesome.

People who know how to coax unhappy organs into functioning better? Rather more awesome!


Have some links.
The Barral Institute: Discover Visceral Manipulation and their article database

The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (a professional network of more than 100,000 therapists who have taken continuing-education classes from Upledger, Barral, & IAHE affiliates)' find a therapist page.

I'm trying out a massage therapist in North Van sometime next week, because while the MT I already see is great for the muscular and joint issues, she's not anywhere near as comfortable digging around in some of the other stuff. If the new one's good, I'll pass info along for the locals.

I chose her specifically because she's done all the visceral classes the IAHP has listed, with classes in neural work, manual articular and cranio-sacral as well. There was someone else in the clinic with my current MT, but their specialty is cranio-sacral, and that's not what I'm after.

In general my criteria would be looking for the people with as many classes taken as possible, because there is some really fascinating new work in the field and people who are keeping up with it are going to be better-equipped to poke monkeys with chronic and recurrent troubles in new ways.

Which lord knows a few of us might just possibly be. <3
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You're going to get what falls out of my head. =P Or you can suggest something for me to babble about, because lord knows I'm having trouble with that whole 'post at least once a week' thing.

As things stand you're going to be getting an update as to how physiotherapy and exercise are going.

swimming, yoga, pilates and evil thumbs behind the cut )


Nov. 19th, 2012 10:56 pm
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Glasses got broke today.

Story boring: tried new physio office, person with sufficient weight to mobilise the properly Stuck bits of my spine accidentally kicked chair glasses were on, then stepped on glasses. Has offered to pay for repairs, no idea of what kind of money that means on their end.

Monkey is driving me home in time for physio tomorrow, will use old glasses (woo headache!) until get replacement/repair/etc.

Am sure this comes as shock to all: considering laser correction more strongly than in past. Impressionistic blurs are Not Awesome.
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So, I managed to break my streak of not-writing by virtue of throwing the Morrigan at the problem (she's surprisingly effective for that). Posted part one of a nearly self-contained deaths piece Saturday . . . and then promptly flared.

On a week where I'm not scheduled to see the regular physio.

Admittedly, this is a flare that would barely have registered as one a couple of years ago. And I'm not currently in excruciating pain--I can still do bank recs and fill orders without having to ask for help--but writing/any sustained fine motor control is Right Out. =\

I decided Sunday morning--after my tweaked neck had finally calmed down enough to let me drag myself out of bed--that asking my arm to support my weight was a stupid idea and didn't sign up for a pilates class for this morning, no matter how much the rest of me might like to move.

I also called and put myself on the physio cancellation list right when the office opened this morning (and got 'I'm A Morning Person' Chipper!Accounting on the phone, ye gods).

Ordinarily this is a pretty silly thing to do; this office books out a month-plus in advance and my expat Aussie is deservedly popular. I asked for both her and the physio assistant, not reeeeally expecting to make it in for more than a half hour with the assistant.

Just got called back with back-to-back half-hour openings for the Aussie and the assistant tomorrow afternoon.


(If someone stuck a thumb on a balance pan, I really appreciate it. <3)
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So, initial context: at my regular physio office, I alternate therapists (between an expat Aussie who I love for not warning me when she's going to do Things to my joints--yes, really, not warning me is a plus in this case oh my god that was terrifying--and an assistant physio who does more visceral stuff), and I was looking forward to seeing the expat Aussie today.

I got a call just before 8am that she'd called out sick.

Now, ordinarily I'd try to get into the assistant's schedule, but this office has been slammed since one of their senior physios is out following a total knee replacement surgery. So there ain't no way--I'll see the assistant next week.

This would be fine except that I've had a headache for a couple of days, one of the ones that really only responds to someone playing with my neck.

So I called the specialist's office and left a message, and texted a massage therapist to see if either of them had openings today or tomorrow. Massage therapist got back to me first, appointment tomorrow at 4.

Specialist office got back to me a couple hours later, tried to offer me tomorrow at 3. Yeah, no.

But then today's 3pm appointment late canceled, and with twenty minutes notice, I came in to see the specialist.

She asked what I wanted to work on, and I said neck and arm, and if we had time my hip was behaving badly, too, but neck and arm first.

So she laid me out and started the physio version of the laying on of hands, and then went 'wow, judder, judder!' about the left side of my skull, and started working on things, with a certain air of 'ye gods'.

Asked me what I'd rate my headache.

I told her a 2.

She kinda blinked at the top of my head, said 'really?', and I replied that she hadn't seen me on a 7 day.

We kinda agreed that chronic pain messes with your perception levels, dug around for a while longer in my neck and shoulder, poked the giant hip knot, then strapped me to Tony Stark's Kittens for half an hour.

Gotta say I'm feeling better than when I woke up this morning.


Feb. 1st, 2012 03:54 pm
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I'm visiting [livejournal.com profile] dormouse_in_tea from Friday the 3rd to Wednesday the 15th, courtesy of my most-esteemed mother who offered to cover plane fare when I mentioned that one of the nice things about visiting her in Hawaii was not needing to scrape together the cash for a ticket.

I may have forgotten to post about this. Oops?

In other news, I overdid things in Monday morning's session in pilates and my ulnar nerve's been grouchy.

By grouchy I mean . . tingly, and by my ulnar nerve I mean from the space between my middle and anterior scalenes in my neck down to my fourth and fifth digits. Including in my hand.

That was kind of neat to discover, in a ouchy way.

And since I'm headed to Seattle tomorrow in order to get to Seatac for 8:30am Friday, I saw my regular physio today (performing a slightly boneheaded move in the process--ran twenty minutes late instead of ten minutes early, arrrrrgh).

Right before pilates.

This should be fun.


Jan. 27th, 2012 12:49 pm
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I have to say, it's kind of nice to be a position where your physiotherapist pokes you, you yelp and ask if you worked the right thing and hurt yourself, or worked the wrong thing, and she says, nope, you worked the right thing hard.

For that matter, last week I walked two and a half miles along sidewalks in ankle-ish uneven snow, went to pilates class that night, and didn't wake up immobile the next day.

Woo, progress.

At the moment, I'm sprawled on the couch with a heatpack trying to get my hamstrings to quit shouting about Wednesday evening's class*, and Mom's peering at possible replacement printers.

Now, the current printer's been annoying me for a while: only the bypass tray feeds, and it's been feeding crooked for at least three months (printing double-sided requires some serious baby-sitting and the occasional printer disassembly to get a page back out of the depths).

But my actual reason for looking at replacement printers is that I have this draft novel** sitting patiently on my desktop, waiting for me. >.>

*: bridges suck. Planks are getting easier, though. Ab work involves shaking like a leaf.

**: I edit to add that said novel is [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney's, not mine. I imagine there'd be a few more ' . . . wait, I seem to be done. Whut?' posts if it were mine. Also [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme would probably have exploded with ALL THE POSTS as I played with drafts and used all of you as test readers. *solemn*
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Monday morning class, the teacher (who's doing acupuncture school in her sort of nonexistent free time) was talking about reading 2,000 year old texts and having something of a ' . . yup, still doing that.' moment at the postural stuff. But at least one text was talking about trying to align crown of head, torso, and back of pelvis/hips, instead of front, so she discussed it in the class.

And it worked. We were all kind of blinking at the fact that my normally very slithery torso was holding correct position well enough to be used as an example for the other students.

Then went to specialist physio and she was pleased with progress, especially when we tried the ouchy option and I was still maintaining a reasonably low resting tone.

Today at regular physio, the homework I was doing on gliding my shoulderblades correctly had gone so well that she upped the ante and now I get to glide correctly through a full series of motions. I'd also kind of buggered a section of my neck, but that's pretty par for the course, and she's pleased with my progress.
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Group the Third and final (unless some poor bastard needs hypermobile neck strengthening stuff or a psoas stretch), the lying on the side!

Arm Lift ) If your arms/shoulders don't bug you, don't worry about this.


Arm Circle ) If your shoulders don't bug you (or make alarming crackling noises that kind of hurt), don't worry about this.


Leg Lift )


Bananas ) This one makes you look like a hooked fish; if anyone laughs make them join you on the floor.


I feel obliged to point out that before doing exercises, you may want to roll out areas that you know tend to be tight. This can be done with a foam roller, assuming you have one, or smaller areas can be tackled with your friend, the Tennis Ball.
Foam rollers or bigger balls (smaller than your head but not by that much) are excellent for getting big muscle groups to let go and do their own damn jobs, not steal other muscles' jobs. Think quads, sides of bum, bum proper, hips, that sort of thing.
Tennis balls, Franklin balls (which are a bit bigger but mostly a bit softer than tennis balls) and related sizes are good for smaller areas like shoulders, calves, the outsides of hips, which will also try to redistribute work orders based on who's on vacation and who's the workaholic in the office.

I also feel obliged to point out that shaking like a leaf, especially if it's your lower belly, is actually a sign that things are going very, very well. A weaker muscle is being worked, and if you keep after it, will get stronger and you'll not only shake less, you'll be able to do more with it. (The trick is finding the stopping point between 'shaking like a leaf' and either pulling something or having a secondary system jump in to be Helpful.)

Personal trainers, pilates instructors, physiotherapists, that housemate with the anatomy colouring books and the gleeful grin, the Internet, and others can be really, really useful in helping you troubleshoot. Make use of 'em.

Most of all, pay attention to your body. What motions bug you? Where do they do it? How does it feel? The more specific you can be when talking to a professional (or the Internet) the better troubleshooting you'll be able to do. Even a 'My shoulder hates me, but it's worse when I do [...]' is helpful.
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Behold, Group the Second of the Exercise List of Doom, our lying on the back section.

Cockroaches ) Don't do this until you're comfortable engaging from your core.


Bridge ) I've been trying to do a clean bridge every week since the beginning of June. I'm getting closer--I hardly ever have my sacrum shout abuse at me for trying it these days--but I'm not there yet. Again, this ain't easy.


Start with this one if you feel in bad condition. Really. Everything on this entry builds from a strong core, and this works on getting yours to engage.
Tight Abs )
Once you're comfy with the full sets of these, start sliding one leg down to straight and back up to starting position while maintaining your core, then do the other leg. Once you're comfy with those, try the cockroaches.


Curl-ups suck )
Ideally your lower abs should be the big puller on this, and your belly will actually drop towards your spine as you work. This can take a while.
Go slow. Like with the pushups, you have to control yourself better to do these slowly. Don't let yourself jam your head and neck forward--that just gets your sternocleidomastoids really, really mad at you. (Yes, this is the voice of experience. Why do you ask?)


Criss-crosses also suck )
Trust me when I say this one sucks.  But oh look, obliques!


Most of us have old strains and injuries and/or bad habits that encourage us to overuse certain muscles to the exclusion of others; for example the front of my left thigh (the quad) likes to steal work from the left side of my bum, resulting in my bum not getting as much work/development as it should and a profoundly whiny quad. This is about as helpful as it sounds.

ALL of us have asymmetries.  One side of your body will almost invariably be under different tension than the other, and it'll shift around depending on what you've been doing.
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Group the First of the Exercise List of Doom: our standing, sitting and kneeling section.

Weights: two I was assigned and three I added )

I'm considering adding in some bicep curling, mostly because it's kinda nice to have them. First I have to be able to get my shoulderblades to glide the way they're supposed to, though. It's easy to fall into bad habits and my right shoulder thinks it's funny anyway.


Wall/Counter Pushups )
Slow is harder. Also lets you notice when you're losing form.


Boards )


Adductors )
My specialist physio has me do these three times a day. I might have adductor issues.


Calf Stretch )
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I did! Admittedly it was the 28th of October, but I did promise. Tragically there are no pics, as yet. Shout at me in the comments if you feel like you need 'em.

Hokay, so. I have a *lot* of home exercises. In point of fact, when I started doing the specialist physio exercises, my regular physio told me not to worry about the list of doom as long as I was going to at least one pilates class a week, because I was trying to fit between 15 and 90 repetitions of . . *counts* eight specialist exercises in with the regular twenty-several individual exercises (not counting repetitions).

Yeah. Anyway. Stripping off the me-specific nerve and neck stuff and the needs-theraband stuff, we have:

(standing, sitting, kneeling)
Wall or Counter Pushups
Adductor Stretch (includes lying down)
Calf Stretch

(lying on back)
Tight Abs

(lying on side)
Arm Lift
Arm Circle
Leg Lift


*: Our Weights item has an asterisk because there are a whole host of ways to do weights. Shocking.

The big thing to remember when you're doing weights is that this is not about your extremities flapping in the breeze. This is about hooking your extremities to your core and working the whole connected system of muscles, so that when you go to lift a ten-ream box of paper at work, you naturally engage everything and don't drop it on your toes. Or, assuming you're lifting a fellow monkey, nobody gets dropped on their head. :)


Two interesting links:

Strength training: bizarre yet awesome exercises you may not know about, part I (whole-body work)
Strength training: bizarre yet awesome exercises you may not know about, part II (arms, mostly)
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For context: my regular physio has been working on the same couple spots for months on end, and she set the pt assistant on the problem last week. The assistant, who is a tiny blonde woman with the gentle approach necessary for visceral manipulation, wound up playing with the oblique fissure in my right lung.

Apparently lungs have fissures. Cool.

Anyway, Monday morning pilates class, I did a Dumb. Stretched the too-loose side first, then laid on it to stretch the too-tight side of my ribcage. Felt fine, even good at the time, but eight hours later it felt like my shoulder complex--ribs, collarbone, shoulderblade, lung and all--was on fire. That was fun, let me tell you.

Gentle stretching and trying to stay moving helped a bit, but not a lot, and I had to be rather cautious in yesterday's pilates class.

This class was taught by another tiny blonde woman instead of my usual Wednesday teacher (who is in Montana at the moment), and she teaches a to-the-inch precision style. Which works great for me: I wind up paying more attention to what I'm doing and am better able to catch and correct myself, and can sing out when I'm feeling something she wasn't looking for.

(Note to self: when inner thigh is complaining, bum is working, which is GOOD. Stop training yourself into quad dominance, dummy.)

However, even with lots of cuing and tweaking to a serratus/shoulderblade exercise, we couldn't get a hot line across the front of my right (bad) shoulder to stop firing. By the end of class she was making Plotting Face.

She actually emailed out a follow-up to the class to see how things were aging, and asked me to come in early to a class at some point so we could play around with some other options. :D

Today the pt assistant played with both the horizontal and oblique fissures of the lung, and in the shoulder joint. Then the regular physio came in, listened to me explain the problem I was having last night, dragged me out to the office gym, frowned thoughtfully as I struggled, then played chase the problem.

Turns out that I don't like to use the serratus muscle on my right side. It's weak, too, which means I try to compensate with my pec and biceps, and if I'm aware of that and trying not to do it, I compensate with my lower ribs. *facepalms* Which explains the tight line at the front of the shoulder when I'm trying to do those exercises, and how I keep pulling the joint out of alignment.

Iiiiii get homework. 'Lie flat on your back and try to use the CORRECT muscle to move your hand towards the ceiling' homework. I'm not even allowed to use a weight yet.

Hello, Wall. I love you too. =\


Dec. 6th, 2011 01:02 pm
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Guess I am getting stronger.

Got home from an errand, found the cat perched on the edge of the sink drinking out of a buttery measuring cup we'd filled with water to soak*. Grabbed 'im by the scruff of the neck and carried him over to his carrier, stuffed him in it for a few minutes.

Realised as I was doing it that my bad shoulder and wrist weren't even bitching at me, despite carrying 18ish pounds of cat one-handed well out from my body.

That's kinda neat.

*: Let him out, he hopped back up on the sink to look for the cup again (which I'd put in the dishwasher while he was in the carrier). Back in the carrier with you!

Let him out again, caught him checking the tinfoil [livejournal.com profile] billradish made biscuits on this morning . .
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So, back at the beginning of the month, I got a new tattoo.

It's not very subtle. (Someone remind me to get pics now that my skin's no longer shiny with ointment)

For reference, I got it on a Saturday. Two days later (the Monday), I had a specialist physio appointment.

No comments. I couldn't decide if she was being polite or oblivious.

The Wednesday, one of my pilates classmates asked and admired, and I talked briefly with my teacher about it.

The Thursday, I showed off for one of the front desk girls at my usual physio's office, and my physio and I had a rather happy conversation about how well I'd taken the appointment.

After that, there really hasn't been much in the way of comments, aside from showing off for extended family--we established that the last time Veggie and I'd been on Whidbey for the American Thanksgiving meal was 2006, because I didn't have the bougainvillea ink the last time the Aunts'd seen me--and the usual questions about adding colour to the bougainvillea.

Which is a forgivable question these days, what with the chicory, but still funny.

This Monday, three weeks after getting the tattoo, my specialist physio actually asked if I'd gotten colour added. As did her undergraduate minion*, and they were both quite startled to hear that no, I hadn't added colour so much as a new tattoo.

Apparently what it took for them to notice was wearing a bright blue tanktop that made the flowers pop a bit more than usual. *laughing*

*: Undergraduate minion is observing/working in a physio office, but is not allowed to touch/treat patients. Which is perfectly sensible given the girl's something like twenty and doesn't have either the master's or the phD to hang on a wall yet.
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And the beginnings of the itchy stage, but I suspect that's at least half hair growing back from where she shaved my arm.

It's kind of interesting to realise that I probably could not have gotten this tattoo before this year.

Between the bougainvillea ink and now, I've had a truly appalling number of physio hours, three tendon-healing injections (says something when I'm wandering around going 'Yeah, this is easier than when I had the injections' about a fifteen inch inner arm tattoo) and fun nerve drugs.

Hurrah progress.
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My physiotherapist had to whack my elbow joint back into alignment. Again.

I totally need a mallet in my kitchen drawers.
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Note to self: try to avoid sneezing while holding a mostly-full mug of mango-passionfruit tisane.

*mops hand, also couch*

The failing light aside, I really, really like this season; it's full of pleasing shapes, colours and smells.

I couldn't tell you if I like the perfumes I do because of my mild thing about pumpkin spice lattes, or if I like pumpkin spice lattes because of my thing about those smells.

This message brought to you by ordering stuff from the Soap Box Company, finishing the order, and then running across a whipped soap line that includes:

Nevermore: Beautifully warm brandy and comforting cedar envelope you - keep out the weary and dreary chill of December with a woodsy scent, mingled with dark amber, embers and apple.

NYC Chestnuts & Brown Sugar: Hot roasted chestnuts are nestled in a swirl of brown sugar. Made with organic sugar for a gentle exfoliation. The colder the weather the better, when you have this warm scent to comfort you!


Spice Market: A rich blend of clove, orange, vanilla, and amber. The top is fruity, but rather than being sweet, it has the richness of dried fruits. In the middle, the orange and vanilla combine to give the warm scent a nice dollop of cream, and holding it all up are the bass notes of the clove, amber, and a small hint of cinnamon. Mildly spicy, contains real nutmeg, allspice and cardamom.

So I like foody and fall-themed perfumes. I'm sure you're all shocked.


Specialist-physio gave me new exercises Wednesday, which I've been doing to the full ten reps three times a day she asked for. My hips hate me and desire my suffering.

Mind you, that might have something to do with Wednesday evening's class, too. >.> Not least in failing to eat my reformer while doing one-handed stuff.

(My bad arm is also not so thrilled with me.)

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney asked if I'd be willing to collect a core-strength list o'exercises to share with her. Anyone else interested?


Oct. 13th, 2011 11:36 am
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My physiotherapist played with my monkey skull today.

(You think I'm joking.)

We'll see how this ages; she didn't wind up poking around the extremities.

Edited to add, evening: I'll be a codfish. That's the first time in months I've been able to do sitting left arm nerve glides out to the side instead of in front. O.o;


Dec. 29th, 2010 10:10 am
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Looks like it tried to snow last night (maybe an inch, already half-gone by the time I got downstairs).

I am a terrible influence (and example, if you count the fact that my alpaca armwarmers were Inspirational) and miss [livejournal.com profile] goldjadeocean is now the dubious owner of laceweight alpaca yarn, in a colour perhaps most easily described as easter-egg wisteria. Muwahahaha?

In related news, she is rather less nervous of the Beast these days. His improved sanity rating may be a contributive factor. (And yes, he's still missing a lot of sanity points. Mostly, he's an occasional jerk but not currently an active bastard. Which is a nice change.)

[livejournal.com profile] billradish and I have done Terrible Things to a calendar (we liked six of the images enough to want to keep 'em). So we have framed them. Now we just need to put them up....

I still hate my exercises. I am still doing them. I'm up to roughly twenty different ones for daily use (with up to five occasional ones). My physio assistant keeps going O.o;, but we haven't been able to weed them down enormously. Stupid body. *grumps*
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I -- ow. *rearranges icepack on back* Well. The physio agrees with me--aside from my hips (which are a knotted mess. If you ever have kids? Make sure they crawl. Life can get pretty damn interesting otherwise), I am definitely hypermobile.

I think one of my knee joints slipping lightly out of place (I only noticed because a muscle fiber near it was randomly twitching--like a cat shaking/fluffing its tail against your leg, only the cat was on my chest at the time, assisting in the dislocation of my collarbone and sternum, and he's not actually long enough to be on my chest and have his tail trapped between my leg and the couch at the same time) might have had something to do with tha' agreement.

I need to remember to look up exercises for the hypermobile; more muscle mass helps hold things in place.

In other news, I am now a quarter-century old (as of Monday). I can now rent my own damn vehicle, and be listed as a driver the next time we have a need for a rental! Yay!

My parents gave me my own weight in alcoholic chocolates, my wife roommate took me out to dinner and encouraged a visit from The Rum, and the monkey my boyfriend bought me stockings. :)
Thank you to those of you who extended birthday wishes, and if you didn't, hey, no harm no foul. :)


Sep. 5th, 2008 04:34 pm
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I'm down to an appointment every two weeks with the physio, instead of once a week. Funny how the pain backed off once the three ribs (1st, 3rd, 4th) were back where they belonged. >.> My teres minor still hates the universe and everything in it, specifically me, and there's a lot of strengthening work left to do, but I haven't wanted to stick a meat fork in my shoulder for nearly two weeks. It's ridiculously nice to have a problem that had a definable cause, and responded well to treating that cause.

I do, however, need to remember not to work over my head, or reach back and haul my blankets back over myself. Owie. 'Recovering' ≠ 'healed'.

Still don't know how the ribs originally slipped, or why. I never had the 'oh, crap, breathing HURTS' response (well, I did, but it felt like there was something dramatically wrong with my shoulder, not my chest) that tends to go along with rib weirdness.

Oh, well.


Jul. 13th, 2005 03:08 pm
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Pinched nerve. Stress carried in shoulders + air mattress + sleeping on it wrong + massage => PINCH => "ow."

I have been given exercises to work on my tight rotator cuffs and neck/shoulder muscles, and have appointments for massage and ultrasound therapy for the shoulder starting two weeks from now.

Was also given some exercises for the Adductors From Hell--one of which reminds me strongly of an Egoscue exercise--and my bank account is probably going to make pathetic little squeaking noises when the bills come in. Ah, well.
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I have neither broken my collarbone nor messed up my rotator cuff Horribly.

I have been prescribed ibuprofen and ice, and have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to see a physical therapist. (w00t, an 'in', as t'were)

Stupid shoulder.

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