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Title: so fall the dominos
'Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Aodh, Hazel, Lin
Prompt: 089 "Work"
Word Count: 500
Notes: follows 'Earth'.

'He's done this before,' )
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Title: cards down and shown
'Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Hazel, Aodh, Lin, Fintain
Prompt: 053 "Earth"
Word Count: 704, at least one more prompt to follow in the arc
Rating: (why am I even bothering with this?) PG
Notes: Lin resides with [livejournal.com profile] merditha, who I very much hope will tell me if I got something wrong. Chronologically speaking, this is the farthest forward prompt to date.

She had a half-second's warning )
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Title: doorman express
'Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Isael, Aodh, Yasha
Prompt: 065 "Passing"
Word Count: 953
Rating: all ages
Notes: I think this is where it ends. Ye little gods. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

When he emerged from the bathroom )
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'Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Isael, Aodh, Yasha
Prompt: 039 "Taste"
Word Count: 209
Rating: all ages
Notes: the spark for this one's been hanging around over a year. =P Again, follows previous directly. I spam joo ALL. >.>;

... )
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Title: sparks
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Aodh, Kickback
Prompt: 012 "Orange"
Word Count: 633
Rating: G
Notes: I kept thinking of a line Neil Gaiman wrote someplace--"and with the truth in mind/let me write lies" while working on this. After the second war by a few years. Larathia, please tell me if something sounds off? meheheheheee.

Out, away--Elsewhere--had sounded like a fabulous idea. )
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Title: oops?
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Sean, Aodh
Prompt: 081 "How?"
Word Count: 415
Rating: PG
Notes: Rose? That blond. I have no idea how Aodh managed to drag him off.

The letter arrived with the afternoon's water-post )
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Title: willing
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Aodh
Prompt: 096 "Ritual"
Word Count: 562
Rating: PG for Roman-based sacrificial practices.
Notes: a folk tale, in a peculiar fashion. Un-tied to the main world. Sparked by the mental lines "One is not to burn down a cultural metropolis through judicious abuse of rituals associated with religious cults. . . Again. >.>"

This year's sacrifices were harder to catch )
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Title: details
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Isael, Aodh
Prompt: 015 "Blue"
Word Count: 648
Rating: PG
Notes: continued from here; still several years after the wars.

He let it go three days )
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Title: per request
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Aodh, Yasha (the Kid), Captaen Dutch an Olfridulfr
Prompt: 058 "Dinner"
Word Count: 529
Rating: G-PG
Notes: Dutch belongs (inasmuch as that’s possible with a doorman) to [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney’s headspace. He got drafted some time ago to help teach the Kid how to control the doors he was making (see here for the negotiations, if you’re so inclined). Mostly this seems to consist of bickering, some amount of arghing, and annoying the Kid into experimenting with his power. >.>
Larathia requested Aodh and chocolate. This is what resulted.

You two eaten? )
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Title: bridge
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Isael, Aodh
Prompt: 079 "When?"
Word Count: 120
Rating: PG?
Notes: continues from here; post wars by several years.

with tail end of previous piece attached )
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Title: deceit
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Sean, Aodh
Prompt: 033 "Too Much"
Word Count: 357
Rating: PG
Notes: after the first war, before the second.

Nearly perfect timing )
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Title: breath and shadows
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Conall, Isael, Aodh
Prompt: 054 – "Air"
Word Count: 763
Rating: PG
Notes: some months after the as-yet unwritten events following the expansion of Summons; if a reminder's needed, Conall's a werewolf.

A pinch of familiar tobacco )
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Title: Sunlight
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Aodh
Prompt: 063. "Summer"
Word Count: 167
Rating: G
Notes: before the wars

There was a breeze out of autumn into summer. )
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Title: For the attempt
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Niamh (teenage), Aodh (teenage)
Prompt: 055 “Spirit”
Word Count: 327
Rating: PG for hormonal teenagers
Notes: Lyrics here.

Nyah! )
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Title: Sister
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Aodh, (Madeleine)
Prompt: 021 “Friends”
Word Count: 171
Rating: G
Notes: sparked from the Cris Williamson song of the same name as the title. Always gets a jar of pain from this direction when it comes on.

Pretty song, really. )
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Title: Glass
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Aodh
Prompt: 048 “Diamond”
Word Count: 303
Rating: G

Dark summer nights are easy to sneak around in )
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Title: Touch
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Yasha (the Kid), Krovir Aodh, Kickback, Niamh Manannan Sabaey
Prompt: 038 “Touch”
Word Count: 464
Rating: Pg
Notes: Yasha is a relatively-recently adopted kid, and has been spending most of a year by this point trailing in Aodh’s wake. Kickback is the closest of Aodh’s lovers, Niamh one of the closest of Aodh’s cousins. Aodh’s appearance is rather . . malleable, and if you know him well enough, just that can be a cue as to how comfortable he is with someone.

If he were anyone else . . . )
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Title: Candles
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Krovir Aodh, the Kid, Kickback
Prompt: 073 "Light"
Word Count: 383 + 93 postscript
Rating: PG

There are a lot of candles. )


Jan. 6th, 2004 01:35 pm
taennyn: a girl sitting in front of a field of fallen leaves (Default)
Aodh's back. And he jacked the sound in from his favourite operahouse cathedral (the owners of which actually believed him to be the resident organ ghost until he left a note asking for M&Ms and stuff to tune the organ) and is playing Moondance.

. . he's got to be pulling the stops with a tail or magery or something, he certainly hasn't got a hand free. *listens intently*

How the . . is someone playing with him? I didn't know an organ could sound like a guitar . . . *stops, stares for a very long moment*

*much too calmly* . . does Fire-eyes have some twin that nobody's bothered to tell me about? That's twice in two days I've heard him playing with people. And this time it's with Aodh, whom he has always in times previous tried to chase off, insult, and occasionally flame.
taennyn: a girl sitting in front of a field of fallen leaves (Default)
*snickersnork* This is soooo appropriate.

Put down the coffee if you know Aodh. )

And Me? Lil Ol' Me? )

Surprise anyone? Heh--now if only they could spell the weak base _correctly_ . . .

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