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Setup, to save eating reading lists )

I was expecting a rather needly appointment. Instead we wound up talking about the limbic system* and how breathing pattern/depth/speed and eye movement/blink rate can tell an observer how someone's doing.

*: I know this term is getting outdated, so if anyone has an update, please let me know!

This is going to be somewhat babbly and nonlinear, since I can't find a good internet source to paraphrase from, and may be wrong in the particular tiny-level details of why this works because I wasn't taking notes Monday. That said, I did a pilates session before I saw her Monday, and a second session yesterday afternoon, and my body shifted between 'em.

By staring, breathing, and humming.

I wish I was kidding. I'm not: instead of pulling on my diaphragm and my pelvic floor to do ab work, I got a broader sense of less-ouchy work through more of my belly, and I could use my iliopsoas muscles like they weren't welded to my inner curves of hipbone. o.O

So, limbic calming. It's a thing.


Plotting against your lizard brain, a primer )


Related reading: A Dr Stephen Porges interview on his polyvagal theory and methods on using other humans to calm an Inner Lizard/trying to help calm someone's Inner Lizard.

a babbly post I made after reading the Porges interview talking about acoustic therapy protocols for anxiety, and noting a new term for the 'I'm driving a meatsuit with bad controls' problem: 'sensory processing dysfunction'.


Questions, corrections, links, and New People are welcomed to this post. So yes, if you want to link people here, that's cool. :)
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So [profile] star_anise posted a link to an interview with a doctor named Stephen Porges recently (Here is the link).

Apparently 'being interested' in someone/what someone is saying usually triggers a slight widening of the eyes, which tenses particular muscles in the ears, which allows us to better understand what that person is saying to us.

(We amplify our ability to understand others' expressions by amplifying our faces/ability to make expressions ourselves. We are a funny, funny species.)

In the interview, he also mentions he's had some success with acoustic therapy protocols for autistic kids in reducing anxiety and increasing social activites.

Which, y'know, relevant to some interests. Just a touch. *makes gesture*

So I started attempting to do some further reading and research.

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Veggie and I have been watching this set-in-1890s-Toronto murder mystery series. It is sometimes the bad kind of terrible (film students as extras, I suspect, and they are not very good yet at cadence and emotion.  >.>) and they sort of cliffhangered us at the end of the netflix run (season 3) in a way that the wikipedia articles on the following seasons say will not be resolved.  ARGH.  If I accidentally wind up with a new set-in-deaths-'verse story I'm going to grumble lots.*

I mean, it's terrible. We're presented in the first episode with a coroner who's manifestly a doctor, and also female. And upper class, but that sort of goes along with the whole 'doctor' thing.

There is no explanation for this. Nor for the relatively modern set of morals and ethical behaviour displayed by the framing character of Murdoch, the Detective. (Especially considering we meet his father in the series and there is no reason for that man to have produced that kid. [Twice. Did I mention this was a kind of terrible series? Random brother was random. And a Mountie.])

On the other hand, Season 3 presented us with a couple who could, in fact, be some sort of OTP of Crime.

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*: That would actually be kind of fun, if you assumed the gentleman tinkerer had been a soldier as a younger man, and his terrifying blonde had had several husbands before him--two natural or unaware-sparked deaths live together! Do they ever discuss it? Before or after they take up a life of crime to stave off the boredom?
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I did not hate it--I definitely didn't hate it to the extent that some people are hating it.

At the same time, I did not love it enough to be happy seeing it a second or third time. Which is annoying, because I really liked a couple of characters and found others compelling, and I'd like to see them again.

I feel like this movie suffers from two big problems. Neither of these are the acting. The performances ran a gamut from trying (our dear William) through to genuinely good (the Huntsman and the Queen, with Snow White running close behind mostly due to a dearth of lines).

cut for mild to moderate spoilers as to my frustrations and difficulties re: this movie )

. . I may still wind up with a couple new characters from this. I'm hoping just the Deaths version coalesces. Throwing anything more into Witches' Horses needs a whole new story*, not just a gentleman soldier who likes axes and his Jewish wife.

*: Well, really. Where the hell would I fit a succession war led by a boyar's daughter and a guy who had a bad war into the current list of Witches' Horses stories? =P
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Ow, okay, a case of the hiccups + recent rib reset => ow ow ow. I feel like my collarbone's gonna fly up and hit me in the ear or something.

Because I am, in fact, bananas, in addition to writing a mildly ridiculous number of words over the last nearly-month, I also just updated (and in one case created) indexes for the universes getting written.

I give the option of skipping, for the uninterested )
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also known as good morning, have babble )

I either need more caffeine or I need to stop drinking my tea, my ability to stay on one topic is disintegrating rapidly.


Dec. 13th, 2005 01:30 pm
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Ask for current status of anyone you know of who's connected with me whom you'd like an update on (ie "What the hell is Dante up to?", or "Hey, I saw/heard this name a while ago and I'm Horribly Curious", or "d'you know anything more about [name]?").

Option for story-self vs. muse-self, where a variable.
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sparkpoints )


Oct. 7th, 2005 09:24 am
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Mmn. I'm aware that I owe [livejournal.com profile] billradish a snip (or babble) on the Murphys (y'want all four, or can I stop at two?), and [livejournal.com profile] dormouse_in_tea a snip on Snake (did we ever figure out why they both have a fixation on Alice?). My apologies for the long wait.

I am feeling an itch to write, but have no sparkpoints.

So I throw open an arena for requests: who haven't you heard about, in too long? Who sounds shiny, but you haven't got nearly enough details? Who belongs to a particular detail?


Query re: Thaddeus (and his mother), here
Minor Phoebe and Arianhrod babble
Minor Fire-eyes babble
Aodh: purple bootlaces and in a formal kitsune setting
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Someone request babble on someone/thing. or a snippet.

[ETA] there is no time limit on this. You are free to request more than one babble and/or snippet.

[ETA2] Snips and babble so far:
Thaddeus, babble and snip (ignore the perverts down the thread, they're bad!werewolves), snip
Phoebe and Aifiric's wedding day
Isael (and Loki-horse), babble and snip, snip
The Morrigan (goddess and person), babble and snip
pre-teen Aodh, snip
baby!Dante, snip
Ian, first worldwalk (Celeloriel is trying to break my BRAIN)
Life in general with the family De'Ath babble


Jun. 3rd, 2005 07:49 pm
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Initial warning, have been munching [livejournal.com profile] larathia's gift of chocolate liquor bottles (which are excellent, thank you!) and sipped two shots of bushmill's through a viewing of Ocean's Eleven, so my linguistic ability may not be completely up to par.

that said. )
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Reread So Long and Thanks For All The Fish a few days ago. Am now entertaining Fenchurch/Ford/Arthur threesome thoughts. Because the tattoo "Property of Fenchurch" on Arthur's arse is right next to the "Property of Ford Prefect" one. She's the sensible one. Ford's the one that comes in the third storey window in the early hours of the am, roaring drunk, with a policewoman's helmet on his head, and then puts up with Arthur pulling out the coffee and the sticking plasters. Arthur, of course, is the one who babbles until kissed silly, then just smiiiiiiiles.

This all makes perfect sense if you're me, unable to pop your ears, headachy, and wondering if there's a intergalactic kegger going on in your heating pipes.

Oh, wait, that's just the new music. Beg pardon.

Reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice while slightly feverish is . . interesting. Especially since it's the first time I've ever read it and I keep wondering if my inability to concentrate for more than a chapter or so at a time is detracting from the experience. Then I get distracted by slash possibilities. And possibly how easily Bertram Wooster would fit into this group. Though Lydia and Kitty Bennett would suddenly find themselves having to gossip about . . well, Bertie.

However. Fitzwilliam. I ask you. What was Darcy senior thinking?
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There is something percolating in the back of my head. It appears to be drawing about equally from the costumes in Cavalia, the colours of Venetian glass beads and stained glass windows, an insane desire to figure out which stories are linked to which Line, the predictions of meteorite and fulgarite jewelry, and leftover Chinese.

My sanity is suspect when I'm sleep-deprived, can't you tell?

I was going to babble more, about Correo Aereo and King Arthur and possibly the little squeaking noises Tec is making about how much music I've currently got on his hard drive, but I've run out of motivation. Howe'er, ask and ye shall recieve.


Dec. 30th, 2003 10:14 pm
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Traveler, if I shoot you, will you die? )

Ah, Manhattan, what I go through for thee. *snort* Would you do me a favour and smack Luc when you see him next? It appears to be catching.
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I've been reading too much fanfiction lately. I know because I just had a pair of visitors.

Did you know that George Lucas originally wanted to cast Toshiro Mifune (of Yojimbo, Throne of Blood, Seven Samurai and various other fame) for the rolé of Obi-Wan Kenobi? (This is important, stay with me here) So! Following that train of logic out, if Ben Kenobi was Japanese . . . that would mean that Obi-wan from the prequels would logically have been a disgustingly cute Japanese kid, riiiiight?

(No offense to any Ewan MacGregor fangirls out there, I've nothing against him, really, please don't lynch me ^.^;;)

So now I have this solemn Japanese twenty-something sitting in the lotus position a foot above my muse-space's floor. And Anakin Skywalker (who is NOT a junior contender for Brooder of the Year, thank you VERY much! *glare* he's fast and creative and interesting, dammit! Both his kids were reasonably cool, it can't all have been Mom's fault) is sitting on the floor taking apart my stereo system. I'm not sure what he's going to do with it. I'm not sure I want to KNOW what he's going to do with it. This Anakin actually has a sense of humor.

Horror and blasphemy, I know. Gods forbid Darth Vader started out cool.

. . . any idea why y'all should feel fear? )

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