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I didn't think I'd get much climbing-qua-climbing in today, so we just bought bouldering passes, which are slightly cheaper. Got in about an hour and a half, and eight problems.

So there's a 'cave' at this climbing gym. )
taennyn: a human hand reaching for a climbing hold (humans make bad goats)
Haven't been in just over a month in part because I was sick one week (just enough to be annoyed at my own malingering state while also not really being able to focus on a printed page enough to retain information from it), and then the usual trip southerly for most of two weeks, blah, blah. Anyway.

They've changed most of the routes and problems )
taennyn: a human hand reaching for a climbing hold (humans make bad goats)
Wedging a roll of quarters firmly crosswise did wonders for the left foot fit (not that the spray sunscreen can and old glasses case + roll of quarters wedges didn't help, 'cause they did, but gaining the couple mm at the width of the big toe helped more).

I cleared two of my three bouldering problems from last time, and made it a hold further on the last one (argh). Read more... )

Watching other people climb and boulder is fascinating. I watched a woman climb a 5.11 (my personal best so far is a 5.8, bigger numbers increase difficulty) two different ways, one of which involved an enormous 'imna leap off the wall to grab the next hold' jump and the other involving using the texture of the wall surface to get where she needed to, which was neat, and a Russian guy boulder calmly up and down (and climbing down a bouldering problem is harder than getting up one) everything up through the oranges and possibly the whites with two fingers taped together and a lot of wingspan.

My bouldering is not exactly calm yet. At least not on the ones that actually give me trouble. It's a bit more 'get back here you goddamned hold' than graceful.

But then bouldering tends to involve a lot of '*SPLAT* *stare up at undersurface of problem one just fell off going 'well THAT didn't work'* *peel self off mat, try again*', so, y'know. At least I'm not alone.
taennyn: a human hand reaching for a climbing hold (humans make bad goats)
So nobody's feet are exactly the same size, or if they are congratulations Unusual Human, Well Done You.

I'm a left-foot-bigger, just enough to notice in new ordinary shoes, and really enough to notice in rock climbing shoes because they're for turning your feet into imitation hooves.

I need a wedge of some sort. Or a tiny chisel and hammer.

Anyway! Today we went bouldering, which is short range no-ropes-and-harnesses climbing, but trends a bit less helpfully vertical.

Oof. No wonder I watch people fall off these walls every time I come climbing. This is tricky. (I mean, I knew that, but trying it is still illuminating.)

tracking, because I'm like that )

Less 'HAH I DID THE THING' than Sunday's session, but bouldering's harder than climbing 5.6s and I've been pushing my hands a lot lately.
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So I tried a New Thing Thursday night.

Most of the time when my spouse talks me into trying a New Thing I have to say 'Babe, do not buy me gear for this (yet)'. You know, ski boots, skis . . That sort of gear. I do not want much money invested in things I am definitely still at the *squints dubiously at* stage of involvement in.

I ... think I have a new sport.


rock shoes, war shoes . .  )

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