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Skated by with a mindfulness and breath awareness sketch at the PT appointment (which we ran late to because Dad misremembered what time his appointment started, argh).

Got to see the PT assistant I used to see at this clinic (of course I recommended my Bellingham PT clinic to my pained parent), which was awesome. She made *DELIGHT* face when I sketched that I'd done all the teacher-trainings for pilates instructor and am planning to apply to PT school this fall. :D

Mom's spent a lot more time around me than Dad has post All The PT: his boggle face when I helped carry a corner bookcase up from the living room to the office was pretty epic.

There's a reason I put all those hours into this. I can take the heavy end of a purpleheart bookcase up sixteen steps and a ninety-degree turn two days after kayaking and a day after baking. I can plan to attend PT school.
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My parents' house on the island I grew up on has been offered a price they've accepted! Closing date is June 27th.

Which is very exciting, considering how long it's been on the market, if only half-heartedly.

It also means Mom was looking for a place to live, and eventually asked me for my old landlords' contact info in Bellingham. Which I freely gave, because I loved living in that place and they were the best landlords I've ever had.

Turns out they had an opening in her timeframe.

Specifically, the townhouse at the corner.

Where I lived between 2010 and 2013.

My childhood address is disappearing from family hands for the final time, and my mother is resurrecting my adultiest address (thus far).

.... As one does, I suppose?
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My first in a long, long time, and my first Canadian event ever.

It went well, I feel like, and for the garb's first outing it performed admirably. Some tweaks on the outer layer to do--it kept rotating to give me a gape in the back of my neck and no space at the front--but overall for an adventure in all day wear my profound compliments to my lady hostess. <3

It's interesting being in a position to say 'If my schedule allows for it, I'll go to more'.

But the old man's gone, and I'll never be attending an event in isolation.

..... Definitely want to lay hands on camp chairs before next time, though. Stupid hip. You'd think a very nice cushion would be enough, but noooo.
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2004 Mark 2.0 is going considerably better than Round 1.

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I'll admit this is the level of hair length change that makes me contemplate other drastic measures (like attempting a perm, which is what I did the last time I lost this much hair).

I probably shouldn't try a perm again, given how much hair snapped off at my scalp in 2012 and that I'm still growing out. Unfortunate, because that worked great for the internal shift from 'where the fuck is the rest of my hair' to 'twisty twisty twisty muwahaha'. I mean, it didn't take the way perms are supposed to, I never had Curls Omg so much as a semi-permanent case of mermaid hair waves, but that was pretty much what I was looking for anyway. =\

Argh, say I.
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It involves something from Dogfish Head Brewing (the US Thanksgiving victim was Noble Rot, although Veggie and I also got into the Midas Touch. We just didn't have enough drinkers for both 'beers' and Veggie's dad's cherry kajifa), and every glass shape and rim one can lay hands on.

No, seriously, I brought a straight-sided rimless glass, a relatively-straight rimmed glass, a rimmed stemless wine glass, a rimless stemless wine glass and a Glencairn down to the house on the island I grew up on to do this trick.

We added a brandy snifter, my dad's Favourite Wine glass (a glass-paperweight-round rimmed glass with a stem exactly as long as his three fingers excluding pinky, which goes under the base of the glass), and a tiny little stemless-snifter-type my parents either stole or bought off Scandinavian Airlines when I demonstrated the trick with a bottle of red wine to my mother the night before US Thanksgiving. We discarded the clay goblet as an option after a taste each.

See, the party trick is you take a bottle of something, pour enough for multiple-human tastings into each of the glasses you have available, and then everyone goes down the line of glasses. Veggie and I have yet to agree on a 'this tastes the best' selection, (which is convenient when one only has one drinking vessel of that shape/rim. >.>) with one exception.

The Midas Touch taught us that one should include the original bottle as part of the tasting procession. That was neat.

le babble.

Feb. 12th, 2014 10:45 pm
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I'm always a little surprised to discover there are Agatha Christie novels I either haven't read, or can't remember reading.

(For context: you could ask Veggie about the time we started playing a Miss Marple movie and I nope!-ed out after about five minutes when I realised which story it was. For the record, I hadn't reread the novel in question for a good seventeen years, in part because I disliked it. You'd still think a decade-plus would be enough of a reset button!)

Y'see, my family went on winter vacations. And I read faster as a child than I read now, so I always burned through the supply of books in my baggage about a week into the trip, so we'd go to the local library.

At the time, the local library's collection of fantasy and science fiction was . . . . sort of abysmal. But their mystery selection--assuming you found omnibuses as long as your forearm and considerably thicker than your tiny, squeaky wrists acceptable, which I did--wasn't too bad. Old, but not bad.

So I'd haul these giant black books along to the beach, and read English murders with sunscreen and salt sticky fingers while trying not to burn my tiny, squeaky shoulders to a rosy crisp.

As one does.

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Because Veggie's mum wanted to do high tea at some point and we needed lunch anyway.

I stealthily arranged to have the only none-rose teacup set at our table. And then took pictures, because the J&G Meakin Classic Blue Nordic pattern is actually quite lovely.

Then I ordered iced tea. Because fuck that hot liquid shit, have you noticed I'm MOVING, universe?

(I passed the set to Veggie, because otherwise I think I'd have been eaten.)
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Got my first manicure today, because I really, really didn't want to deal with cutting my own fingernails.

Meh. Aside from nailpolish continuing to hurt the bad fingers (I can only theorise that blocking the oxygen exchange through the nailbed goes badly for some reason), her French Tip was less French Tip than my natural nails. And ragged on the line.

It lasted long enough for posterity screenshot and showing Veggie, then got wiped off. 'Cause ow. And meh.


Jun. 15th, 2013 09:45 pm
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Veggie and I were down visiting Veggie's parents today--well, no, not really. Veggie's parents were hitting the wall on finding a new place to live and we offered to come down and help.

This somehow turned into an unexpected Best Buy multi-hour excursion to find replacement computer, TV and blu-ray player.

Much to my shock, I found a second laptop that works with the hand issues. No dice on weight (which also pushes me out of the Macbook Pros, argh), but the really weird thing is that it's a PC.

The hell.

(For the record, it was an Asus Zenbook, the i5-3317U variant. Also the class name 'Ultrabook' is ridiculous.)

Oh wow.

May. 25th, 2013 08:28 am
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You know you're still kind of living under a rock when you find out about a portion of a major freeway collapsing into a river by your brother going 'Uhhh, I may not be able to come north for job training?' in an email.

Sooooo one of the I-5 bridges collapsed into the Skagit River yesterday.

Have a link.
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I had Veggie get pics before she had to leave for school.

It was foggy this morning, so I look even more vampiric than usual, as a note.

cut for pic )
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They do make clothes for people my shape.

In Poland.

(No, really.)

I did an experimental order of a grey shirt, a blue shirt, and a teal dress. All in the same waist size, since I have some squish factor in the boobs but way less in the waist, the blue and the teal in b/bb and the grey in bb/bbb.

The grey's a little loose, which is okay. I put on the blue and Veggie and I both went 'Holy shit', and when I tried on the dress over my pants she demanded I remove my pants so we could admire the dress properly.

Good to know!
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Thank you for having a Moment at the business paperwork earlier this year. It made replenishing the supply of blank CDs today remarkably easier.

Future You


I really do not miss Metro Seattle's traffic. Ye gods. It took us half an hour to get through eight freeway exits. *squinchy face*

In other news, acetone will take the shiny off patent leather, rubbing alcohol will show you what the underlying leather looked like, pre-dye. O.o; That was fascinating and scary to find out, and I still have an acetone headache. I do kind of love how cold your fingers get while scrubbing something with acetone, though. Pleasant flashbacks to chemistry labs.
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Sangria constructed of Giant Rooster (cheap merlot) and 'Oh, you're making sangria, I'll cut you a deal on the--no, you know what? here I will GIVE you six bruised peaches for your nefarious purposes' local peaches and a generous slug per glass of triple sec?


Serve over ice and top up with seltzer (assuming you remember the seltzer on glass number 2).
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Well, that took me a week.

In my defense, I spent the weekend in Kamloops meeting relations. Noooot exactly the most conducive environment to bounce sparks off my frontal lobes, especially when I'm being sniffed over as someone's wife when most of them hadn't even met me as the girlfriend. It seems to have gone well? I think?

Anyway. The plan for our big wedding celebration is May long weekend of next year (the weekend before Memorial Day, for the Americans in the audience, Victoria Day weekend for the Canadians). We do not yet have a locale nailed down, but the weather tends to be less snotty over in Kamloops than in Vancouver. Options thus far are a ski lodge over that way, but we need to do some research into sleeping accommodations for everyone. I suppose we might also be able to strike some sort of deal with the Cypress guys, if the snow's backed off enough that they're in the process of closing down for the year around then. *ponderface*

Back to Kamloops, and the weekend.

Between us, we only have one living grandparent (his mother's dad; mine all went before I was nineteen), and half the reason we went was so I could meet him.

Nice gentleman, if slightly reserved. Happy about some plans, and fretting about his raspberries and who was going to pick them when they came ripe. I resisted the desire to admit to my inclinations re: said fruit. It's hard to intone 'There will be no survivors' when there's that much of a generational and cultural gap, y'know? >.>

In addition to the grandfather, I increased my aunt count and cousin counts by one each, and the once-removed's by two (the aunt was from the side with seven girls and two boys, everyone else was a Doyle. And male. I may be doomed to sons).

The first once-removed I met when we wandered into a shop-garage after meeting one of the uncles at his local pub and discovered a small horde of young men fixing a dirtbike. He was twenty three, eldest of the eldest of the second-born Doyle.
The second once-removed I met when we went by the cousin's place after meeting him at his local gaming space*, to meet his wife, kid, the sheddingest chihuahua who ever shed, and the 3/4 cane corso 1/4 boxer mix of 'oh god, love meeeeee'. This kid is the eldest of the secondborn of the secondborn. Also seven.

There is no way I'm going to be able to guess the degree of relation in the Wall of Doyles come next year by age. Yeesh.

(*: Ten minutes after introductions were made and we'd been watching miniature armies turn into tiny smoking craters while chatting, the cousin remembered that he was mad at Zach for not bandying about the wedding. Direct quote: "Wait, I'm still mad at you!")

Unsurprisingly, the cane corso mix responded to Zach's 'omg you have a giant head! I LOVE giant headed dogs!' and my 'Aww, lookit your stub wave when we talk about you!' with all the demands for pettings. Sometimes by putting his head adoringly between my thighs so I could scritch his ears more.

My god, the jowls.

Between the Jowls of Adoration and the chihuahua deciding to cuddledammit (she was summarily removed from my lap twice before I gave in and invited her up), I seriously need to wash the jeans and shirt I was wearing that afternoon.

I hadn't spent any time in Kamloops previously. The closest I'd gotten was sort of skirting near it when we went to a wedding in Kelowna a couple years ago (high summer in the BC Interior: crispy).

Visually speaking, it's kind of like Monroe and Albuquerque had a mutant baby. All scrubby sagebrushy hills--with posted 'bighorn sheep hang out here' warnings in a couple of places--and then you get down towards the river and everything goes all green. Saw a few houses with fifty year old willow trees eating their yards, a few others with gardens.

Thus far, my conclusion is 'interesting to visit, but I don't think I want to live here'.
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(In case you're curious, Scotch is awesome.)

Two more things:

I've written three thousand words today, and no you can't see them. Expansion of old sketch that turned into six internal parts, and I only have 1, 2, and 6 written. No post for you yet.
Also, ye gods.

I'm experimenting with dropping the nerve med dosage back to 75mg. Mostly because on 75mg I wrote 35,000 words in a month, and on 100mg I can be physically active to an unprecedented degree, but I appear not to write much at ALL. So we'll see if the physical sticks around and the creative picks back up.
If it doesn't, I got the 100mg 'scrip filled as 75s and 25s, instead of the usual oceans of 50s, so I can get back up if three weeks of experiment does not go awesome.
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So apparently yesterday it was teeshirt weather, at least in Albuquerque.

Today Denver had several inches of snow, various flights were delayed or canceled, blah de blah de blah de blah.

Only trouble I've had so far was a frame for an embroidery project getting mistaken for a tiara by the TSA, and the gate agents in Denver apparently unable to decide which gate we're leaving from.

'I've started this entry three times', can't decide which of two gates we're departing from. I feel like a member of a school of cranky two-legged fish.

In other news, apparently February Visits are when I edit draft novels and my favourite jeans die.

Go figure.


Feb. 1st, 2012 03:54 pm
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I'm visiting [livejournal.com profile] dormouse_in_tea from Friday the 3rd to Wednesday the 15th, courtesy of my most-esteemed mother who offered to cover plane fare when I mentioned that one of the nice things about visiting her in Hawaii was not needing to scrape together the cash for a ticket.

I may have forgotten to post about this. Oops?

In other news, I overdid things in Monday morning's session in pilates and my ulnar nerve's been grouchy.

By grouchy I mean . . tingly, and by my ulnar nerve I mean from the space between my middle and anterior scalenes in my neck down to my fourth and fifth digits. Including in my hand.

That was kind of neat to discover, in a ouchy way.

And since I'm headed to Seattle tomorrow in order to get to Seatac for 8:30am Friday, I saw my regular physio today (performing a slightly boneheaded move in the process--ran twenty minutes late instead of ten minutes early, arrrrrgh).

Right before pilates.

This should be fun.
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So we finally have snow! After weeks of teasing and cold-without-snow!

Naturally the Subaru's thermostat decided to die yesterday afternoon.

So we got it over to the mechanic this morning, expecting to get it back sometime before Thursday (the day Mom gets in from Hawaii; the weather gods are probably laughing at her too).

Got the call half an hour ago that it's good to go. *facepalm*
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When the internet is Dead.

The only thing I have to do today is collect [livejournal.com profile] sarahdarkes from the Anacortes ferry. Yes, really. My parents don't live on the continent, [livejournal.com profile] billradish's dad is working today so the main dinner Event is tomorrow, and my brother works tomorrow so he's requested a smaller Event for Saturday.

I suspect we will possess--as per usual--mounds of leftovers. Despite not making my great-grandmother's dinner rolls* or the macadamia nut and sweet potato pie my dad made me come up with in my teens (and the bourbon sauce of Doom that goes with it) this year.

Might do the rolls for Christmas. Given my ever-worsening problem with dairy, the pie's kinda off the menu until we have enough people at an event to give everyone a tiiiiiny slice and avoid the Leftovers That Come For Me.

*: as remembered by her daughter-in-law at the request of my father at some point.
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Now we just have to figure out how to get it from her house to mine (answer: lure boyfriend southwards. An Accord, a Legacy and a Pathfinder do not a five-foot couch transport make. Not without one of them being a secret TARDIS, and one would think the mechanic would have noticed...).

This is not shaping up to be a good body week. It's possible I'm coming down with something--at least one of my classmates has a wet cough--and whacking my bad elbow hard enough to raise a bruise with a dining room chair Sunday hasn't exactly helped.

Naturally I had a test yesterday and have another one Thursday.


May. 2nd, 2011 03:02 pm
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So I haven't posted since the 11th of April.

In large part this is directly related to various offline things happening, including what would have been, previous to this year, a truly gnarly flare. (sing the praises of nerve medications, lo)

Suffice to summarise that my body decided to have a Warranty Expired week plus. My physiotherapists were both going O.o; o.O;;; when I saw 'em Thursday.

It's calmed down some now, just in time for the early stages of a streaming cold. Certain root vegetables are regularly inquiring as to whether I've misplaced a bridge and some fog.

My joy face. But that's not actually the body of this post!

Well, it could be, but I wanted to remember something else. I was up in Vancouver this weekend, and yesterday [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics and I went out to a late brunch with his parents. It was a lovely day, so I was in half-sleeves and there was a line, but we were seated in relatively short order.

Our waitress introduced herself to our table by bouncing down on the bench right next to me and touching my left tattoo (yes, the one in the icon).

Fortunately for all involved it was the section down by my wrist and not very hard, and I doubt she had any idea I was anything but friendly and showing off my ink in response to her interest. I even managed to ask about hers as she was bouncing away ('happy' in Thai down the inside of her left forearm and something I'm remembering as 'all for one' and 'one for all' in English on either side of her right wrist).

While not exactly thrilled with this turn of events, some people are just like this--I'm not going to write off a restaurant for that alone. (Actually, given Very Particular circumstances this sort of friendly behaviour in waitstaff can be a selling point--though I'd warn people before taking them there)

The coffee was slightly glorious, and the food was decent--apparently the truffled hash is Delicious--but I wouldn't recommend this place.

Y'see, our over-friendly waitress kinda forgot to come back and get our food orders. Three parties seated after us got their food and left before we even got to order. =\


Jan. 5th, 2011 10:19 am
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Today I turned twenty seven. I actually feel like something of a grown up--which is pretty funny considering a couple weeks ago another patient in the waiting room at the physiotherapists asked in all seriousness if I was still in high school.


Dec. 29th, 2010 10:10 am
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Looks like it tried to snow last night (maybe an inch, already half-gone by the time I got downstairs).

I am a terrible influence (and example, if you count the fact that my alpaca armwarmers were Inspirational) and miss [livejournal.com profile] goldjadeocean is now the dubious owner of laceweight alpaca yarn, in a colour perhaps most easily described as easter-egg wisteria. Muwahahaha?

In related news, she is rather less nervous of the Beast these days. His improved sanity rating may be a contributive factor. (And yes, he's still missing a lot of sanity points. Mostly, he's an occasional jerk but not currently an active bastard. Which is a nice change.)

[livejournal.com profile] billradish and I have done Terrible Things to a calendar (we liked six of the images enough to want to keep 'em). So we have framed them. Now we just need to put them up....

I still hate my exercises. I am still doing them. I'm up to roughly twenty different ones for daily use (with up to five occasional ones). My physio assistant keeps going O.o;, but we haven't been able to weed them down enormously. Stupid body. *grumps*

Ay yi yi.

Oct. 9th, 2010 09:22 pm
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So. Due to circumstances including the spectrum tendency to imprint, my father's involvement with the fall of the Soviet Union*, and various houseguests over the years, I developed a taste for Russian vodka.

Like, Siberian grocery store vodka.

This is freaking impossible to find in North America. And websites in Great Britain.

Now, I dragged my brother through a tech writing class a little while ago, and my father wanted to thank me properly. (This included two bottles of scotch old enough to drink themselves in the states, but no luck on the vodka. Yes, this is how we know about the websites in Great Britain.)

So Dad asked a friend if he could help. Said friend asked someone he knew was heading to the area. Said someone was staying with someone who actually lives in the area. Said friend emailed my father to this effect, and dad forwarded the email to me.

The nice lady who lives here and I have been playing phone tag for nearly a month, now. We had a tentative plan to meet today in Seattle so she could give me two bottles of properly Russian vodka.

Sadly she fished said in her garage in Everett.

My Russian is not up to meeting her lovely mother, who has no English at all, but lives at her place. So I rescheduled for next week, to confirm Monday or Tuesday as to timing.

I technically have voicemail from her right now. Sadly I cannot check my voicemail while I am in countries not yet technically my own, and I didn't see the missed call until well after I was in Vancouver.

Ay yi yi. Let's hope the booze is worth it . . .

*: kind of true, if you turn it sideways and squint . .
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Again, take it as read that if you'd like questions, I'll do my best to oblige.

Hawai'i, Seattle, primogeniture, tea thing, and cooking this time. :) )
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So there's an interview meme going around, and I asked [livejournal.com profile] darthneko to get me.

the verbiage for the meme )

she obliged. )
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Which is a pity, because the cider bottle's titled Wanderlust, which is just such a lovely idea . .

Anyway. I was across international borders this last weekend, helping [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics steal [livejournal.com profile] youraugustine's living room couches (long story, actually does make sense in context); I also wound up spending an hour in a strip joint (again, I swear this makes sense in context), which was rather classier than the last strip joint I was in*.


While I still feel that most seafood is wasted on me, white-wine steamed gigantor oysters are actually really tasty. More so than mussels, at least judging by the examples I had Saturday.


I need to get new speakers for the living room; the connecting cable (which is unfortunately integral to the unit) has gotten Touchy and likes to spit static at us. Fortunately not in the same key as the cat-corrective Hiss, but it isn't exactly pleasant listening.


I'm kind of debating how I want to deal with prompts etc when I'm done with the current big lists (A, B, and C all have 15 left of their hundreds, and D doesn't have dramatically many more). It's not like I'm posting to the communities that I get the lists from (if nothing else my jigsaw puzzle approach to storytelling is a bit of a tall order for anyone coming in cold), but I really, really like being able to cross things off lists. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that I don't really get from writing itself, because there's always more to tell, or the piece is short, or, or, or.

In the other pan, we have the fact that I want to be able to have big chunks of actual story available for reading, and the prompts posting method doesn't entirely lend itself to that--it rather more encourages the jigsaw puzzle approach, which just leads to frightening seas of html coding for indexes, blah, blah, blah.


Current reading: having finished Destiny Disrupted, I'm now splitting my time between History of Pedlars in Europe and Trade & Dominion: The European Overseas Empires in the Eighteenth Century.

No, the deaths and the Wild Roses messes aren't playing tug of war with my skull, why do you ask?

(I am, somehow inevitably, pondering tackling a skeletal version of a Witches' Horses story.)

*: This doesn't necessary say much, considering who it was who took me to the first one.
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I now share legal first and last names with both a dentist (I used to worry the hygienists considerably), and a exterminator.

Also, my mother so strongly associates macadamia nuts with me that she sent some as a slightly-belated birthday gift. I'm not actually all that enamoured of said nuts, but I do make a rather tasty pie from them; this only furthers my amusement.
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Wednesday I went to the library research session for the class (deadline on outline supposedly that day, we got emailed that we could turn it in by the end of the week, and he expected us to all take advantage of that to the stage where he didn't come to the session to collect paper outlines).

Thursday I had a dentist appointment on the island I grew up on; I headed off the pecking about unhappy gums by stating that I wasn't flossing at all, because it hurt to try. Which is technically true, but mostly I'd continually fished the need to in the weeks previous to the appointment. >.>
Thursday evening we collected [livejournal.com profile] youraugustine from the ferry dock (muwahahaha!), for lo, despite the fact that the veggie and I are headed to Victoria this coming weekend, Great Big Sea was in town this last one. :D

[livejournal.com profile] sarahdarkes and [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics got in Friday lunchtime, and we let poor Zach collapse for his first four hours of sleep in the last thirty-six.

Before we headed off to the concert that evening I emailed my professor the scaled-back outline he'd described in his response-email to a question about what he actually wanted. (I spent half the weekend ranting about this class, I don't need to share again, thanks. =P Suffice to say I'm good until the rough draft of the long paper is due early next week.)

Then we went to see Great Big Sea in a smallish town in the area. The gent introducing the theater and show asked for a show of hands for people familiar with the theater but not the band. Then he asked for people familiar with the band but not the theater and got a much larger roar of approval and applause.

Then the band wandered on stage. :D

As always, they give fantastic live show (though they appear to be on the last legs of their Fortune's Favour tour and from row C they looked pretty tired), this time including a medley of audience participation part-singing just before intermission.

My cultural rock showed with that one--I only knew the songs on something like two of the medley.

Saturday morning we did a brief pillage of the farmer's market (mmm, bacon) and then wandered off to do bra fittings for [livejournal.com profile] sarahdarkes and [livejournal.com profile] youraugustine*.

Zach did Things to mussels that night (and lo, it was tasty).

Sunday morning all the guests left for their respective homes, and I went back to sleep on the couch.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] winter_x_, you're welcome. ^,..,^

*: It appears to be rapidly becoming a tradition: if you are female and come to visit me, especially if you confess that you suspect your bras no longer fit you, you do not OWN any bras, or you've never had a bra fitting in your LIFE, you will be going home with bras.
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Not the peaches (the veggie) and raspberries (me), anyway, and since mom likes apples and my brother approves of anything with caloric content...

So yeah, farmer's market. I signed up for a CSA this year, which has been . . . interesting. Feel like I'm paying overmuch for the amounts we're getting (3/4 of an ounce of mint is Way Less than you'd think), but the enforced weekly visits to the farmer's market have been kind of good for us.

I haven't been posting much; fell off the wagon a busy weekend and never quite got back on in July. So, I'm just going to babble a bit, try to get myself back into the habit--

The Beast's getting somewhat less obsessive about the Big Blue Room now that he gets a certain amount of access to said, though we're still a little concerned because he hasn't had his second immunization shot for feline leukemia yet. Work in progress, as is his continuing quest to make himself silver through self-shaving. Neurotic cat, us? Surely you jest.

We need Moar Bookshelves. I'm thinking starting a new wall in the guest bedroom, and seeing what I can do to keep books from escaping the top of my dresser, for starters. Bibliophiles, us?

I continue to struggle with the jigsaw puzzle approach to storytelling, especially with the damn!epic. Massive story is massive. Small pieces are small. Frustration level: Climbing . . .

Me and Ruadhan need to kill a bottle of wine together sometime, see if we can't get over the blank spot in the river baroness expansion. I'm hoping to get a 2400 word piece and a 3600 word piece into a pair of 5000s, or if I'm feeling ambitious a pair of 6000s before posting, but I need Ruadhan and Sidonie for it and neither's being particularly cooperative at the moment (with Sidonie this is hardly surprising, as the sequence details some of her final poor planning decisions).

While I'm banging my head on that, there anything you'd really like to see me write? I acknowledge that at least a few of you have trouble narrowing down requests ('but it's ALL shiny!'), but specific requests get filled way, way faster than generic 'yay tae writing!' approaches. =\
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And, because I am a Terrible person, I am not really passing it along. But [livejournal.com profile] billradish and the [livejournal.com profile] illian were both kind enough to give me words, so here, have an entry.

Veggie said: sly, reclusive, generous, peculiar, bold )

Also, my roommate believes I am a bundle of contradictions and far be it from me to contradict her. *solemn*


The Illian said: raconteur, shiny, diverse, textural, roguish )
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Contractor: Gremlins!
Veggie (on couch): This house is known for them!
Tae (also on couch, in ragged chorus with Veggie): This house is full of them!

The bathroom floor is now a tile patterned vinyl-over-plywood, instead of painted oak boards; it's classier than I expected.

In other news, last month my mother finally got through to my father that she didn't want to live year-round in Guatemala (my theory is she used a sledgehammer), and, when he snippily inquired as to where she'd rather live, she replied (as she has since he started making serious noise about fleeing the island in '06) 'Hawai'i'.

They've just rented a 3/2 in Captain Cook on the Big Island, having headed there after renting the house on the island out at the end of last month.

They're paying less a month than I am. I am deeply bemused.
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I started doing sparks over at [livejournal.com profile] darthneko's, and then [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney needed bribes. There's twenty one, all told, and I'm posting them in [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme as they're edited and expanded from sparks (anything from three sentences to two hundred words) into puzzle pieces (between 100 [almost always the deaths, I have no idea why] and ~500 words).

Think I've posted 11, so far; comments are very much appreciated--they feed a positive cycle that keeps me writing.

I've been reading a written-in-the-twenties treatise on the Russian Time of Troubles (roughly the transition between family Rurik and family Romanov, for Tsar) in the 16th & 17th centuries. For having a forward expressing the writer's desire to simply present the facts and let the reader draw their own conclusions, the bias is . . hysterically funny, really. There's some really interesting history I haven't run across elsewhere, though, so I'm having a grand time.

Damn!cat has chin bumps again, worse than before, and those combined with some other stuff means his self-shaved bum is getting hauled in to the vet on Monday.
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Text: You didn't tell me the sore throat hurt this much. Ow.

E-mail: The monkey gave me plague. Please bring me Theraflu on your way home?


It runs course in five days, given the evidence, bordered by the sore throat from heck and feeling like roadkill on either end.

Nevertheless, I managed ~1500 words of new fiction today. Hail me. And thank you to all who took the time to comment. <3

Imna go fall over now. Oigh.
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Rearranged bedroom furniture this weekend*; while I can recognise all of the individual pieces (in some cases with cussing--my current clothes dresser is kind of evil), and the room they're in, the shift in configuration is enough that it feels like I'm looking into someone else's room. =|

*: My parents' china cabinet is migrating over here, so I needed to find a space to put it. My mother's father's old desk has been living next to the kitchen essentially as a horizontal surface, and it's roughly the size of the china cabinet. So I rotated my bed ninety degrees and shoved it into a corner, swapped the wall the dresser was on, and put the grandfather desk where the head of my bed used to reside. Yay space for a china cabinet! augh there's an empty space on the living room wall!

I took pity on the front pot-plants and the grass in the postage stamp (our back yard, it is not large) and watered last night. >.> Some of the herbs were a bit crispy leaved from the heat wave we had last week. Hail darwinian gardening?

I am now pondering where to put the DVD and CD racks; theoretically speaking they could stay roughly where they are now, but it's not a very efficient location.

Veggie gets home tonight, from her sojourn into the land of teh Swamp, which was apparently kind (ish) and was imitating the typical weather here more than the humidity of doom.

I was born in Maryland. Don't ask me to approve of the humidity. =P

.... and that's the end of the sustained hand points for the moment. I'm going to go see what I can scrounge from the kitchen for two points or less. >.>
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So I bit K over in her journal for the icon meme, and she gave me a list of five. :)

images and explanations )
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Now she's just making string.

Unsurprisingly, the beast and I are both Fascinated.

Catching you up in ten lines or less:

Did not get into grad program. Not crushed.

Parents home from Guatemala. Dad still drives me nuts. However, can be useful.

New physical therapist; seeing some progress. Craving tattoos.

Coughing fits suck.

Have tax refund coming, first time in decade. Kind of surreal.

Cat still evil, despite nearly being healthy weight (still over twice fighting weight previous cat).

Finally found stupid charger for ipod; now just have to find ipod again.

Drinking tea again; naturally, tea supplier closed for Easter Weekend during last visit.

Would joke about running away and becoming pirate, but suspect members of acquaintance network would take seriously.
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So, there's a 'I give you a list of five things I associate with you, and then you babble about them' meme going around, and I asked [livejournal.com profile] zero_pixel_coun for a list.

She gave me
fangy grins
tattooing (in fiction & otherwise)
cattle-raids (and sagas thereof)

this got long. )
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Following more from [livejournal.com profile] billradish's version.

List a few things you associate with me?
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I -- ow. *rearranges icepack on back* Well. The physio agrees with me--aside from my hips (which are a knotted mess. If you ever have kids? Make sure they crawl. Life can get pretty damn interesting otherwise), I am definitely hypermobile.

I think one of my knee joints slipping lightly out of place (I only noticed because a muscle fiber near it was randomly twitching--like a cat shaking/fluffing its tail against your leg, only the cat was on my chest at the time, assisting in the dislocation of my collarbone and sternum, and he's not actually long enough to be on my chest and have his tail trapped between my leg and the couch at the same time) might have had something to do with tha' agreement.

I need to remember to look up exercises for the hypermobile; more muscle mass helps hold things in place.

In other news, I am now a quarter-century old (as of Monday). I can now rent my own damn vehicle, and be listed as a driver the next time we have a need for a rental! Yay!

My parents gave me my own weight in alcoholic chocolates, my wife roommate took me out to dinner and encouraged a visit from The Rum, and the monkey my boyfriend bought me stockings. :)
Thank you to those of you who extended birthday wishes, and if you didn't, hey, no harm no foul. :)

Thank you.

Dec. 14th, 2008 06:29 pm
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:) Thanks for all the responses.

The result I got was 68, with two typos that I didn't catch before hitting 'end the test' (I caught about eight others), one of which was my typical 'ot' for 'to' (I do 'hte' a lot, too), the other of which was a misspelling.

Which is definitely in the low end of results; the highest, of course, were people who've been Trained into proper ten finger home row typing, as opposed to oh, say, me, who was 'taught' to type by being plunked down in front of a keyboard at 10ish and told to write, anything. I ain't one of those who does home row. >.>

Which doesn't fix the mild disappointment, despite the nonstandard and the hand Issues. But thanks, all. :)
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Do you know your average typing speed? If so, do you mind sharing it?

(If you don't and are curious, I used http://www.typeonline.co.uk/typingspeed.php but a google search for 'typing speed test' turned up 1,730,000 results, so you can pick and choose to your heart's delight.)

The reason I inquire, you see, is that I'm strangely depressed by my results and I'm wondering if I'm being Odd again.


Jul. 24th, 2008 08:42 am
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My cat is Insane.

(Not that this is news, but) he's not quite skateboarding through the house, careening off walls and scrabbling madly with his claws for purchase. Demented snare drum for the win?

In other news, I woke up hungry.

Step 1: cookies.

Step 2: two kinds of cold roasted ham and a generous wedge of dill havarti.

Step 3: boggle.
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Hi. I would be Tae.

Aside from being a strong believer in the idea of comfortable bras (once the phrase 'double f or h' applies, especially when one's ribcage isn't particularly extravagant, this gets Complicated), and one of the newly declared Quality Purveyors of Doom (incorporated since XXX), I am an ex-SCAdian, ex-hard-science-major (I can rant in an amusing fashion!), and live in Seattle.

Many people of my acquaintance would not be startled to discover I was involved in a world domination plot.
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It was mostly over by six, though.

Dreaming around and through an active thunderstorm is . . interesting. It wasn't close enough to the house to shake it or get that sizzle of close-by lightning strikes in the rolls, but it was still loud enough to be very noticeable.

I definitely don't need to water this morning; most of the visible plants have this interesting 'what the hell just happened?' droop to their summer growth.
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I used to habitually default to wearing black; not for any particular reason like a Goth Phase (I always figured I was way too freckly and habitually scruffy to really pull off the effect), but because it was easy.

These days I appear to be habitually drawn to a mix of grays and silvers, and I often pair them with other colours. This kind of amuses me.

Friday's appointment went okay; as I said in an email that evening, "It still ain't the peripherals." Nerve conduction tests on two different nerves in both hands came back normal.
I ended up going and getting x-rays taken of my neck; doc thinks there may be something out of whack there that's affecting the shoulder. Of course, he was also muttering to himself about hypermobility and argh, other doctors around then, so I may not have caught all of what he was looking for.

Next appointment's Monday. Here's hoping there's something both obvious and easily repaired.
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Science classes make you paranoid for years afterward. I was expecting a percentile grade in the middle to low nineties, based on the information I had previous to the final and how I felt coming out of the final.

On looking at my unofficial transcript and seeing a little 100% marker for last quarter? My reaction was not 'EEEEE!' but ' . . er, what?'.


Chaos loves my laptop. It was back in my possession briefly (for the first time in five weeks), until it decided that randomly shutting down was fun, really! My impressed face. =P Even more so since the tech support field appears to be in full effect and they can't reproduce the problem. Sigh. Here's hoping they can either reproduce it or the field holds once I get it back.


I wrote nothing in March. I'm not going to ask what you'd like (ie what you'd comment on/really like to see more of), because odds are I'm not going to write anything until after I get my laptop back again.


It's mildly weird to run into people who've known you since you were six (but you probably haven't seen in five years). Like shrugging into an identity that doesn't quite fit anymore, with resonances that stick oddly. (The exchange "Yeah, I carry tension in my shoulders."/"You always have." really shouldn't still be getting thought about.)

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