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I put up what I thought would be a poll for a two-for-twenty sort of affair the 31st of March 2010, and posted the last of the forty eight (consolidated post here) pieces last night.

As usual, all the indexes are up to date, although the Wild Roses ones are getting unwieldy enough I'm strongly considering trying out Scrivener and starting to post (and index) much bigger pieces. O.o;;*

*: You know I'm afraid of the html when I'm actually contemplating something New. My current writing tools are TextEdit, Word Count Tool, and whatever I can finagle into letting me write as long as possible before my hand gives out on me.

During the two year period this poll covered, I got diagnosed with a second nerve disorder, went on a nerve medication that actually worked (witness the roughly 35,000 words I wrote over the course of last February**), moved almost a hundred miles, took a first-year French course in nine weeks, and started being able to push myself physically.

**: o.O;;;;;;;

Writing took more of a nosedive than I was anticipating; I blame a combination of self-competition--I started tracking wordcounts partway through the poll of doom and the totals immediately skyrocketed--and spending a lot of brain and hand points on physical activity.

. . . . Let's see if I can get back into a writing schedule that results in O.o; inducing half-yearly roundups. One of these years I may actually have a novel or four to work with. :)
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Ordinarily, this would be a half-year roundup. Since during Spring and Summer 2010 I was flared and househunting and wrote all of 7 pieces, I'm just including it here. I also flew back from Hawaii and then helped someone Move and then the next-to-last bit of a round grew fangs and got bigger on me, so this is technically something like a year and three days' roundup. Stupid goalpost-moving brain. I used to be pleased to clear three hundred words on a post!

Unrelated to the poll of doom (detailed below), we have March's wake up calls you don't want and yet another icy morning (both Trickwood Unification period in Wild Roses), along with the second section of Death and the Pedlar (river's edge, which follows old feuds, written earlier). Then September's startlingly popular crossover fanfic Honey, Wheat, Stone (crossing over 1999's The Mummy universe with the Indiana Jones universe), and the ubiquitous biannual sparks posts.

Spring/Summer's sparks post: August 5th-7th, 37 pieces, 8700ish words

Fall/Winter's sparks post: February 20th-21st, 36 pieces, something over 10,500 words

And then we have The Poll of Doom: originally put up the 31st of March 2010, and still in progress (stupid flares). I started tracking it in an Excel spreadsheet halfway through Round 3. Wordcounts per-piece and in round-total immediately skyrocketed. As a result, it's been taking longer to get through the damn things. =P

However! What we have thus far!

links you've seen before )

Since I am terrifying, all the story indexes are up to date. O.o;

In other news, my elbow is trying to fall off.
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I've had much suckier winters; apparently ridiculous amounts of Vitamin D really do make a difference. I didn't write as much as I have in previous years, though, only 62 pieces and a sparks post.

The round-up is even less reverent than usual.


4th: 35 comment sparks

20th: a Peter Pan fic (I still can't believe I wrote this.) and So much for winter being quiet (Some Kind of Love Song)


5th: Aodh and Yasha; Hernén and Sean; Vasilisa; Sergeievich; Giselle (Apparently I was having a words upswing that day. O.o;)

13th: the Sun Queen meets a Hand


November: Nada. Stupid history class.


16th: A small insectile sacrifice for the Morrigan and a snip from Falcons' Feathers' fairy-tale section

18th: Hazel Sabaey finds a hat


a 44-in-5 (link goes to the roundup index)


12th: six of the spark expansions: Donel and Ruadhan; the Morrigan; Sascha and Lev Petrovich; Arianhrod and Takashi; Julian De'Ath and the Morrigan; Katusha and Nadya (Sibir)

13th: Eduard De'Ath has a small heart attack

27th: The Morrigan accidentally picks a fight (proto chapter of Death and the Pedlar)

As always, comments are deeply appreciated--I use you guys to gauge how I'd doing with in-piece context, if nothing else. :)
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That it averages out to four writing posts a week for six months I feel very comfortable blaming my recent Moment in August--the other big month of this lot was rather smaller than August's posting numbers.


March 2009

Had a request for requests, which netted me three requests for a Witches' Horses sequence, six requests for early sections of Wild Roses, two requests each for Some Kind of Love Song and the Trickwood Unification, a latter era Wild Roses, a few names, a bit of Sibir and a bit of the Deaths. I think it took me a good four months to hit everything.

27th-30th )


April 2009

5th, 12th, 15th, 17th )


May 2009

8th: One sparks post, that totaled 23 pieces.


June 2009

cut for 28 pieces this month )


July 2009

7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 20th, 21st, 31st )


August 2009

cut for 40-piece writing Moment 11th-27th )


As always, comments and questions are appreciated.

Story indexes are:

Herding the Witches' Horses
Falcons' Feathers
Chevalier de Grammont
Swallow's Tail
Witches' Horses

The Deaths

Wild Roses
Wild Roses 1 (early history through pre-wars)
Wild Roses 2 (Trickwood Unification & Some Kind of Love Song)
Wild Roses 3 (the Wars)
Wild Roses 4 (after the wars; Last One Standing & Alternate Earths)
Wild Roses 5 (future forward through spawn)

And yes, since I am Mad, all the indexes are current.
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Few days early. May add to this if necessary.

September 2008 )

October 2008:
The first 2-for-20 (two pieces of writing for twenty days) started October 16th and finished November 4th. I solicited prompts on a daily basis.

10/1: "comfort"/rituals (Phoebe and the second Ian)

2-for-20 )

November 2008:
end of the 2-for-20, please see October's list.

December 2008:
12/03: "soft"/incense for the living (Hazel, first war, as a gift for [livejournal.com profile] doseki)

January 2009:
sparks request 1/19/09

for 34 links )

February 2009:
The second 2-for-20 kind of expanded to a fifty-in-twenty. The roundup is posted separately.
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Divided up by month (and technically a day early) . . .

March 2008:

April 2008:
4/408: offers (Swallow's Tail, Sascha meeting Helena and Petrovich)

4/6/08: drawing lines (le Chevalier de Grammont & Sinclair, before they enter stage left)
May 2008:

June 2008:
June 3rd - June 19th, beginning of the Some Kind of Love Song sequence. Wild Roses universe, Arianhrod and her eventual second husband. This can also be seen under the some kind of love song tag at [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme.

cut because there's sixteen pieces )

July 2008:

August 2008:
August 9th - August 10th, some work on the Swallow's Tail story in the Witches' Horses universe.

8/9/08: no horses in Eljúdnir

8/10/08: (Swallow's Tail sequence of Petrovich, Helena and Sascha stealing Taarstad)
heartbeats in the dark (Petrovich)
like a brick from above (Helena)
bright sharp shattering (Taarstad)

August 26th - August 27th, another sparks post. Only 24 bits of writing this time, so this is a repost of the links associated.

cut for your convenience! )
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Hokay, so. Assuming I counted correctly, I committed 138 pieces of writing (plus the eleven-thousand word Bone Witch), in 182 days, but the numbers are kind of skewed due to a 64-bit spark explosion and a 40-bit poll-response explosion. Still. Reasonably respectable.

Divided up by month, it goes . . .

September 2007:
black of night and white of bone, posted 9/22/07 as a Wild Roses folk story.

9/25/07 - 10/31/07 The Bone Witch
Sparked off "black of night and white of bone", two people requested a 'proper telling'.

It finished at 11,310 words.

October 2007:
Bone Witch, continued (see link above)

10/11/07 - 10/15/07 sparks based off this request, which resulted in 172 comments and is thus a link, not a repost. Total is 64 pieces in a mix of universes.

November 2007:

December 2007 )

January 2008 )

February 2008 )


Relevant chronological indexes can be found here for Witches' Horses stories and here ('before the wars'), here ('the wars') and here ('after the wars') for Wild Roses stories.

I tend to write most in response to requests or responses to my requests for ideas. Comments are Very Shiny, even if it's a 'this could use expansion' or ' . . bwuh?'.

Please let me know if I mucked up a link, too.

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