Aug. 18th, 2013 03:32 pm
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So as a result of moving from a 3-bed to a 2-bed, we got rid of one mattress frame and stacked two mattresses on top of one another.

Since neither's a boxspring, things are a bit cushy. Zach expressed some concern about falling off the bed by tossing himself at the bed.

And promptly accidentally proved his own point by flopping too close to the edge.  Kammy and I nearly hurt ourselves laughing.

It was FANTASTIC.  He's lying there on his back on the floor going '... See?  Just like this!' as Kammy and I are trying not to fall over . . .
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Veggie: Just saw a jeep-suv-thing with the licence plate FR3N3MY.
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This is sort of fascinating watching, I have to admit. Who knew there was a gluten-free section of this store?
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And now it has a name.

Specifically its name is Oliver, because it always wants more water.
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"If it's going to be below freezing WHY DON'T WE GET SNOW."
"Because the gods HATE US."

*: So The Losers and A-Team came out the same year and Happened to the same port, and their opponents are the same government agency, which can also be referred to as The Company. There are a few stories out there that cross the two movies over. At least one story involved hacking the digital billboards leading down a major Los Angeles highway to read, alternating:

Fuck the Company!

We're Sorry, Port of L.A.!

This may have been adopted as a household Phrase Exchange.


Jan. 10th, 2012 11:49 pm
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Both the hydrogens will follow me into the bathroom when I go to shower. They just wind up on different sides of the shower curtain.
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One of the books I'm reading is by a gent named Tamim Ansary, who is Afgani, and while he helped write a textbook or two his Destiny Disrupted book on the history of Islam is making me laugh and grin and applaud, in between the 'oh, ye little monkey gods' moments about how history's gone down.

One line in particular made me laugh so hard I couldn't read it aloud for my deeply bemused roommate for a while.

The line, if you're curious, is "The first [corporation] was born in 1553, when forty English merchants ponied up twenty-five pounds apiece to finance a search for a sea route to India. The expedition they funded found Moscow instead of India (don't ask), but it brought home a tidy profit [. . .]"

No, I didn't add that parenthetical comment.

Yes, I just about laughed 'til I cried.
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A bumper sticker from this morning:

Ballard Welcomes Our New Condo Overlords.
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Tae: *stares at the veggie, who is doing Things to her current knitting*

Veggie, through a knitting needle: I'm mooooving?

Tae: Well, that, but you're also making a patternmage go 'What the fuck are you doing?'

Veggie: Hexing my grandmother's chicken.

Tae: Expertly, even!

Veggie: That chicken had it coming.
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Tae: *orders a pizza!*

Pizza Guy: *wanders up steps, doesn't need to knock or ring bell because he sees Tae get up from the couch in the living room*

Tae: *blinks at door, opens it, greets Pizza Guy with* Good lord you're tall.

Pizza Guy: *blinks! grins?*

Tae: I can't usually see people through the windows in the door *waves at glass panes above her own head in the door*

Pizza Guy: *giggling* I'm the tallest guy at my store, too, and everyone else is shorter than usual--

Tae: :D *hands over cash!* Please, keep the change. You didn't make the 'oh, god, EVERYBODY says this!' face. Thank you!
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We totally killed the couch.

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Actions theirs, dialogue mine.


Crow 1: *grooms self, focusing on chest and back*

Crow 2: *sidles up to Crow 1, strops beak on wire* Hey baby, hey.

Crow 1: *sidles away, continues to groom chest, back, wing feathers*

Crow 2: *flies around to other side of Crow 1, sidles up, strops beak on wire* Hey baby, hey.

Crow 3: *is smaller than Crows 1 & 2, greyer* *flies up to side of Crow 2, walks straight along power wire, gets close to Crow 2, strops beak* This guy bothering you, mom?

Crow 1: *sidles away, continues grooming* Go away, both of you. Grooming.

Crows 2 & 3: *follow*

Crow 3: *pecks Crow 2 on foot*

Crow 2: *retreats to different wire!* ...

Crow 2: You only had to say.

Crow 3: *CAW*

Crow 1: *ignores both, continues grooming*
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for tomorrow we fly.

Essay's sitting at ~1200/1600 (I need to link in one more secondary source and mention another one again as a contrasting example), but considering that it was 300-odd (I kept restarting the damned thing) when I left for class this morning I'm tolerably pleased with my progress.

I'm mostly packed (am going to shower tomorrow morning, so need to keep that stuff out for a bit longer), we've got a rough plan for tomorrow (one car, two people, one lake, one cat as needs boarding, one jacket as needs picking up, one takehome exam, two jobs, two classes--fun for everybody! Just like juggling chainsaws; it's cool 'til it's you), and I haven't used my passport as a bookmark.*

*: Yes, that happened. No, I don't want to talk about the accompanying meltdown. Or the storm of embarrassment when I found it a week later.
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The actual proper panic re: going back to school today hit last night. I think I got maybe four hours of light doze. >.>

Interestingly, I had a summer class with this professor a few years ago--that one was on the interaction between science and religion, while this one's the history of science from roughly 1500 to roughly 1900 (emphasis on European, as he teaches another class on US science development).

I may have reintroduced myself to his hindbrain by finding a typo in his syllabus. >.> He took it well, though.


I owe my landlord a 1099 form (for Canadians, this is a form that the revenue service Likes To See for any independent income amounting to over $500), because the business is paying slightly over half of the monthly rent on the house.

As such, I need a govermentally acknowledged identifying number for my landlord. Unfortunately, my landlord appears to be playing the 'if I don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist' game. Which means I can't mail out the carbon copies of the group of 1099s to the IRS. My unimpressed face, let me show you it.


In more snerkworthy news, I was yesterday mistaken for an employee at Nordstroms while coat hunting with the roommate. (Again, for Canadians, think something like a department store sized Smart Set, or The Bay)

Admittedly, I was wearing a knee length pinstriped light gray skirt, black leather knee high flat boots and a 3/4 sleeve gray turtleneck with the sleeves folded up to the elbow, with my hair up in a knotted bun. I'd been trying on coats, so my coat (with wallet and phone, etc in the pockets) was in the veggie's hands.

The bits worth snerking over? The turtleneck was from Old Navy (cheap knockoffs of a semi-rival department store), the skirt from JC Penny (hail $30 jeans and skirts), and the boots from Moscow. As in the November, 2000 trip to Russia. Nothing I was visibly wearing was younger than a year. Also both my tattoos were showing (although the right one was mostly obscured by a wrist brace).

And I got politely asked by a middle aged lady if I worked for a nice department store. Bwahahaha. (I totally thanked her for it, too, after telling her sorry, no. :D ) This is going to keep me entertained for months.
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It will so never fail to entertain me that if I tried to pass off actual historical fact as speculative or science fiction I'd get burnt for bad worldbuilding.

This thought brought to you by an essay on the denial-through-omission of conquest by a foreign (pagan) power in medieval Russian chronicles and literature.

No, really. Despite massive empirical evidence otherwise, Russia was Never Conquered By The Mongols, OMG.

I love humans. We're such special monkeys.
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My roommate claims (and you can imagine the look I gave her over it) that I would make an excellent Barbie.

I would come with a lever action rifle, a demon cat, and a bus pass.

Other accessories would include kick-ass boots, good jeans and shirts that made me look flat chested.

I still want to know why she isn't sharing the obviously interesting crack.
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I can't imagine why our workplace thinks [livejournal.com profile] billradish and I are married.


Jan. 5th, 2006 08:04 am
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My uncle (dad's younger brother) just sent me birthday wishes.

In Esperanto, Hawaiian, Klingon, Latvian, Maori and Russian.
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Because it is being Difficult. And just randomly froze on me.

Sadness and woe.
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For lo, the six hundred and sixty sixth file of the year I am currently scanning is a biology file.
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Geotech (wearing a faded Hawaiian shirt): *blinks* . . . The thingy. At the end of your skirt.

Tae: *grinning* . .The fringe? The trim?

Geotech: The trim. With that pattern. And the flames on the leggings-- . . it's Wrong.

Tae: *trying not to LAUGH* *grins* Yes, it is.
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Boy: Why don't you ever wear your hair down? *indicates clip*

Tae: *deadpan* It would try to eat people.


May. 17th, 2005 07:48 pm
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Once again, I belatedly realise that I am quite eccentric. This may come of living alone for the last two years. It probably had roots well before then, considering my family.

this thought brought to you by realising that I'm fishing teabags out of the pot with chopsticks again )

And here I end, because the silverware's starting to make boiling-over noises.
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Christmas tree ikebana--or, what happens when your homecut tree is a leeetle bit scrawny and you have twine and leftover branches.

Ooh, oh! Ceder corsetry! To really add that fringed effect when nature just doesn't provide.

(This post brought to you by twine, the bracing of bare feet on tree-trunks while yanking said twine, the stapling of trees to rafters, and waaaaaay too much eggnog)


Jul. 19th, 2004 10:04 pm
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Cut for quiz )

*eyes* Follower? Only in the sense of revolution is more fun within than without.
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A bumper sticker:
The English language does not borrow from other languages.
It follows them down dark alleys, knocks them over,
and goes through their pockets looking for loose grammar.

Seen on a small fridge in a graduate student commonroom:
Not explosion-proof
Do not store flammable
or explosive materials
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I think I have just seen an all-new height to the American obsession/worship of exercise . . .

It snowed last night. Where no-one's been, it's this gorgerous pristine white, just beginning to melt around the edges.

This morning, while I was dropping my brother off at his wrestling practice, I noticed a jogger out on the track field.

This man had obviously driven specifically to come here. He'd come out in snow, and ice, and all for the sake of keeping his morning routine intact.

I had to resist the urge to open the car window and yell "Go start a snowball fight! Enjoy the snow! Do something fun!"
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*snickersnork* This is soooo appropriate.

Put down the coffee if you know Aodh. )

And Me? Lil Ol' Me? )

Surprise anyone? Heh--now if only they could spell the weak base _correctly_ . . .

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