Apr. 13th, 2017 03:09 pm
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Dignity will be happening to other people for some little time.



Feb. 17th, 2017 01:02 pm
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Now I can stare thoughtfully at my provisional grades, and do things like go hang out at the martial arts space again without feeling like I'm taking a time-break I can't afford.

Next up: Explain Pain seminar the 28th and 29th.

This should be interesting, if nothing else, and might be really useful.
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Technically I hit the stage of 'can no longer muster the energy to vibrate my way through obstacles whoops hello wall oof' last week, which is why no post. Well that and train-tripping a whirlwind visit to Veggie and the Beast so I could strand Veggie at work while I drove down to Seattle to see the neuro-doc for a followup. And register for next term*, because of course my time ticket for registration opened at 11am the same day I had an 11:30am doctor's appointment. In the country I don't have data or saturated wifi in.

*: One would think first year second term required HKIN classes wouldn't have a direct overlap on scheduling. One would think wrong, because now I have to take another 8:30 am class two days a week. (Tuesdays and Fridays, because this makes sense.) =|

I have the schedule I built when the course catalog was posted a couple weeks ago, which gives me a 10am start Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30am Tuesdays and Fridays, and Thursdays off completely (wooo, I can maintain a consistent schedule with the volunteer facility).

Much to my annoyance, I'm taking a beginning psych course instead of a junior-level history course because of course the history course meets on Tuesdays from 8:30-11:20, exactly the same time as Biomechanics and Anatomy. *throws things at schedule*

Aaaargh. That looked like an awesome course ('Disasters and Catastrophes') that would give me one of my two remaining 300+ class needs. But no. No cultures in crisis for me.

Harrumph. At least I'll make progress on the grad application package anyway.


Aug. 24th, 2015 03:46 pm
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I am done with the distance learning stats course!

Turned in the last assignment on Saturday (and got grades two hours later, thank you tutor?) and did the exam this morning.

It is really, really nice not to have a daily quota of Pages I Must Get Through.

... Classes start the 8th of September, but I bet actual in-person classes are going to be slightly less bonkers than me on a deadline. >.>

I'm registered right now for Anatomy and Physiology (non-preferred section due to how late I was able to register, lab on Mondays at 4pm and lecture on Tuesdays at 4pm), Active Health (again a non-preferred section, ugh 8:30am is an uncivilised class start time), and Human Motor Behaviour 1, because oooer.

I've been granted credit for English 100 via two classes from community college when I was sixteen, yaaaay, have submitted "detailed course outlines" for Chemistry 101, Physics 101, and Biology 203 (all intro level science courses) in the hopes of not having to take intro classes again (we'll see), and plan to submit the stats course for a math requirement as soon as I have final grades.

.... Huh.

Jun. 24th, 2014 10:46 am
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I don't want to jinx it? But this is the longest period my problem ribs have gone without slipping back out of where they're put, and breathing . . doesn't hurt.

This is really, really confusing. O.o; Awesome, but confusing.

I mean, the problem ribs have been problems since the summer of 2005, before I bashed my elbow in early 2006. They've gotten more or less progressively better since they were accurately diagnosed as a rib issue (not a shoulder issue) in '08. If nothing else I can walk up a steep hill without wheezing and try plank and plank related poses now. =P But they've been maaaad for . . six months? Ish? Multiple months, anyway, of walking into a physio appointment and going 'yeah, the rib ache is back, my shoulder's clunking when I try to use my right arm as a stabiliser for bridging, and my scapula is winging at the bottom edge when the humerus is internally rotated* and I can't get it flush with the ribs' every damn week.

*: New physios are always a fun enterprise. Especially before I made the decision of eventually being one, when it was just four years of injury treatment and paying attention to what people were working on.

much babble )

But I did a TRX class yesterday afternoon--being really specifically careful of the ribs during the warmup phase, because oy--and didn't lose the shoulder. Pullup progression didn't tick into biceps; three or four people apparently made O.o; face about how good that looked. One of 'em commented after the class about it.

I did the Official Demo of Pike with feet in straps, which involves pivoting around your shoulders, and while it was Work? I didn't grind in the shoulder joint.

*fingers crossed* I think this is the first time I've actually felt like I've gotten ahead of the damned ribs.

Now I just have to get through Mat 2 without hooping everything. >.>
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You see, I was really, really wanting to get my permanent residency application sent in this turnaround. I wouldn't have to stop at the border to get my passport stamped (for the third time since February), I'd be pretty close to the date I quoted the border guy when he gave me a Visitor Record. Everything would be good. I just needed a couple of things to show up in the mail (a tax document, the Giant Pile of cell phone statements, and the Letter of Employment from Zach's current company). Easy, yes?

I even bugged people for letters of recommendation last week so as to get Everything Together and Ready To Go.

The tax doc came, and got copied, and is in the appropriate spots in the application paperwork.

The Giant Pile of cell phone statements got canceled (by the company, without telling us, because Zach 'wasn't notified of the cost' when he made the order. Despite him doing the math in his head at the time, and again when he called back going '... Guys? I kind of need those statements you told me "5-10 business days" 14 business days ago.' =|), and is again on the way.

The Letter of Employment is . . in the wind.

I have never wanted universal tracking numbers so badly in my LIFE.

I just want to get this stupid thing done, so the waiting can start!
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(It's for the residency application. Apparently I need to prove I'm not some sort of interstate criminal with a background check by the FBI in my file.)

No dice. First time I went in, they were unprecedentedly closed for lunch (today, specifically, they were closed exactly when I wanted to talk to them), second time I got to make an appointment.

They offered me the 1st or 8th of October. They only fingerprint by appointment, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

=P I took the 8th.
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Mmkay. I expect to switch either to a sub-account on Veggie's new T-Mobile plan, or to grab a pay-as-you-go off T-Mobile, sometime during October 8-10th, when I'm next south.

I really want copies of Sept-2010-current phone records before I leave E's Verizon plan, for the permanent residency application. 
Everything I can gather to demonstrate my relationship is worth adding to that application, apparently.  (And I talk to Zach considerably longer and more often than I talk to anyone else, so my phone records will be helpful for that.)
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Asking if I knew when Veggie and I would be migrating to other cell phone plans.

I replied Nope. Info-gathering stages. Please give me all the copies of statements you can, so I can include my phone logs with my immigration paperwork.

(Because now that the fiasco with Dad is fizzling out--finally--I really need to get on that.

Oh god.)
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I'm wearing the dress I thought I'd need to get married in (before I discovered that my soon-to-be-mother-in-law was less concerned with the appearance of the ritual and more about the sincerity, whereupon I promptly got married in jeans), the shoes from Opera Night (before Zach and I started officially dating, but I'm pretty sure everyone at the Italian restaurant thought we were a couple), and, much to my own surprise, drinking a gin drink.

Apparently I'll drink gin if you put elderflower liquor in it. English Gardens* are awesome.

*: because the Bottleneck's menu is a PDF, an English Garden is 'Gin, St. Germain, Sauvignon Blanc, cucumber, lemon'
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M wound up daytripping down to see Kate-the-MT, so both her and K got a chance to meet/get worked on.

Kate continues awesome, in that '... it's going to take me a minute to recalibrate and sit up, dude' way. :)

Ye gods. Wedding party this coming Saturday.

(Liz came in on the 30th, but Canada Post failed to render her passport up in good time for her to come down for any of this weekend. Cel's coming in Wednesday the 7th to YVR, and Mom's coming in the same day to Sea-Tac--my brother's collecting her and they'll be coordinating their getting to the party, yaay--and Veggie's parents already have a Plan and directions . . )
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And Zach needed to move money to pay for it, so he fished out his phone.

There was an extra grand-odd sitting in his chequing account.

. . . . .

His tax return for 2012 came in.  O.o; 

I can start The Paperwork.

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*eyes sites* Okay. Basic import done, openID settings waiting on Livejournal banging on their end, crossposting appears to be working correctly.

This does not include indexing posts/links on this journal on the dreamwidth side. I have yet to even attempt to bang on ~named_by_rhyme and the sheer horror of attempting to re-index everything.

(And yes, the primary tipping point was K losing the ability to comment on livejournal. Importing the jigsaw puzzles of doom may be the tipping point of introducing me to Scrivener because dear god the html was already terrifying and that was with mostly complete links.)
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I mean, I have a no-longer-familiar-prescription glasses headache, but I can see.

I also still love these frames. Goddammit, Nine West, why did you stop making frames? These are lovely. Except for the rhinestones. I could have done without those. (so you can try to spot the rhinestones, should you desire. I have these in a black and turtleshell and they're showing their age.)

The ones that got broken were a set of Kate Spade Pati's in black with white and brown accents. They did alright, not quite what I wanted (but frankly what I wanted was a non-glitzed Attitude, so really there was no way I was going to get what I wanted).

I'm still going to peer at vision correction surgery, but after calling the optometrist in Seattle tomorrow to get my prescription information (and hopefully asking them in re: surgery), I'm thinking these in the blue or the black. Thank you Hope. <3 Not spending $140 at the bottom end! YAY.
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So I have an appointment to treat the medial side of my bad elbow! This is good.

Trick is it's the day before the Great Big Sea concert.

This clapping thing. Perhaps it will not be happening.

Also I am going to look up what we're allowed to bring in for ice and drinks, as lord knows I'm going to be needing ice. >.>

Hunh. Ow.

Jul. 7th, 2010 06:10 pm
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So this is more uncomfortable than I remember last time being; it may be that's it's just been long enough to dull the memory--last time was December '08, after all.

(Yes, I'm typing solely with my right hand, yes, I am much slower than normal.)

Got another ultrasound this morning, though this time was both lateral and medial images (outer and inner sides of the elbow), as opposed to last time's lateral.

The doctor had to turn down the gain on the machine when he was looking at the medial side due to small seas of visible inflammation. (Yes, Alex, I'll take Medial Epicondylitis for $400, please...)

We treated the lateral today; once I heal up (for those without inflammation squicks, there are macbook and cellphone shots of the elbow as of a couple hours ago here) from that but before we move, I'm headed back in to get the medial area shot full of blood, too.

Because I'm nuts.

In the meantime, ow.


Sep. 1st, 2008 03:46 pm
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I am mildly caffeinated (hurrah for codeine and black tea), and thus pondering the universe at speeds slightly unsafe.

Says something when the guy giving you the invoice for your car half-jokes that he had to leave the room to allow his technicians "freedom of expression".
(I may have texted [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics shortly afterward with "$ of parts, $$ of monkey cursing. Ow my wallet.")

Still need to call two orthopedic clinics, one to request copies of x-rays, the other to schedule an appointment. My joy face.

In order to cheer myself up, or at least distract key portions of my brain, o flist! What should I write this month?

Suggestions can take the form of 'name!', 'universe!', 'expand [link for reference]!'. 'Whatever you like' will net everyone extremely short cryptic fiction with little internal context, and considering that's a bad habit of mine anyway . . .

I mentioned the caffeinated. It makes me maniacial, too. At least I haven't gone the rooftop and doomsday device route.

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