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So. Our landlords want to show their soon-to-be-vacated unit (I hate moving. Above and beyond it, leaving this place is going to suck, because the landlord's been awesome and that's really not something you can count on), and since the landlord in Seattle basically accused me of keeping a dirty enough house to attract wildlife, I tend to get . . . motivated to tidy the place before landlords come by anyway.

And now there will be people opening cabinets and looking for signs of water damage and Weird Stains, because you want to know what you're getting into with a rental, yes?

Cue neurotic cleaning of the things. All the things.

(I'm sure you think I'm kidding. Ask Zach or K, they got drafted for some of the tidying. >.> I had to ask Zach to stop defurring the vacuum cleaner* so we could finish vacuuming before the deadline.)

We had the first showing last night, and went out to dinner to get out of their way. Today Veggie's headed to a coffeeshop and Zach and K and I are going to Two Guns for the duration of the open house.


*: The Lord of Fluff sheds. So do I. Mine are easier to see in the rollers of the vacuum; his are easier to see on . . everywhere else. Behold the joys of a dark cat and not-immensely-dark everything else.
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And Zach needed to move money to pay for it, so he fished out his phone.

There was an extra grand-odd sitting in his chequing account.

. . . . .

His tax return for 2012 came in.  O.o; 

I can start The Paperwork.

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Now she's just making string.

Unsurprisingly, the beast and I are both Fascinated.

Catching you up in ten lines or less:

Did not get into grad program. Not crushed.

Parents home from Guatemala. Dad still drives me nuts. However, can be useful.

New physical therapist; seeing some progress. Craving tattoos.

Coughing fits suck.

Have tax refund coming, first time in decade. Kind of surreal.

Cat still evil, despite nearly being healthy weight (still over twice fighting weight previous cat).

Finally found stupid charger for ipod; now just have to find ipod again.

Drinking tea again; naturally, tea supplier closed for Easter Weekend during last visit.

Would joke about running away and becoming pirate, but suspect members of acquaintance network would take seriously.

am done

Jan. 15th, 2009 10:31 am
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70% in math (560/800), 78% (630/800) in verbal.

am . . cautiously pleased?
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Content is on vacation until at least Friday. As lo, I take teh evil test of doom Thursday.

I am not nearly as ready as I could have been, and it is entirely possible the math section[s]'s going to kick my ass. I'm pretty good at language; math in my head, not so much. Grah. At least with accounting I was allowed a calculator. =P

Hokay, so.

Jan. 1st, 2009 07:16 pm
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Here's the Earth--nice earth, round--anyway!

I am, despite appearances, not actually dead.

Just freaking out over stuff; while useful to know, it's still unpleasant to find out that given long or lax deadlines, I procrastinate until maybe-just-barely-too-late, and then freak out. Lots.

Yeah. O-chem flashbacks, I can has. =\ I am so lucky I'm not predisposed to ulcers.

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I am crap for human contact right now. I'm sorry. The combination of academic freakout and winter downturn means I'm not saying much and what there is tends to be very superficial.

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