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"... but that's partially because I suspect Everett is actually some sort of civic flytrap."
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"Well, yeah, but you walk like a velociraptor."

(She does. Nice epic knots in her calves, too.)
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Zach, out on a walk: "[picture] Rhodos make black berries?"

me, on the couch: "That's not a rhododendron.
"Also don't eat those unless you're sure they're not laurel"

Zach: "That's what they are.... So... What if I ate them?"

me: "Depends on variety"

Zach, while i was typing: "(I didn't)"

me: "Cherry laurel berries are kinda cyanidey"
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"..... *disgruntled* The Air is hard to bite."
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"Vikings were kind of the herpes of Europe. Almost everybody had them, and you were never sure when they were going to come back."
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"I guess I can't do yoga while I'm wanted by the police . . . "

"Actually, you can be a little bit pregnant."
"Like, Schrodinger pregnant!"

"Ooooh! Are we french braiding his dreads? We could do a coronet!"
"... I've never worn that look before. . . "

"Where's a guy gotta go for entertainment?"
"... Davie Street?"
"*pause for massive snerk* I don't think I can bring Edmonton to Vancouver."

"Carolyn, extract yourself from the pineapple and come get stuff!"

"I've never had antlers before."

"I could be Skeletor for you . . ."
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"Salt, salty salty salt salt--"
".... Please tell me I don't have to worry about you preserving eggnog in salt now."

"I've got traps and barbarians."

"Okay, we have two chickens. The first has salt, garlic and thyme, and the second--"
"--is covered in eggnog?"

"No, no, that was my ear throwing something at me."

"Uh. . you've won the game."

"I've got these great rooms, but I can't lure anyone into them."
"Yeah, that was my problem. Then I got clerics."

"Eat my chicken butt, Veggie."

"You don't really have a box to waggle, do you."

"This isn't the boy, this is a middle-aged man!"
"Oooooh, another boy!"

"My tongue was helping me reach!"

"Why are your boobs space-dead?" .... "Why are your boobs randomly spaced?"
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I've added the links, and the latter section was sent about seven minutes after the first, but otherwise, I typed this in bed, on the Widow.

To: Veggie

Guess who's still difficult to sleep around.

No, go on, guess.

He's trying to bend my forearm through sheer force of purr so he can cuddle my head instead of charging. But wow, shades of the past.

.... The snoring is much cuter when it's not conducting into your forehead. Or drooling.

The sleep purring is kind of cute, though.
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Did you know the stove partially disassembled? 'cause I didn't.

Also at some point there was a catastrophic soy sauce failure.

Also also ew.

(cleaning the things, cleaning more of the things than I thought . . cleaning the things. . . )
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Lis (5-something): Any plans for socializing tonight? I'm leaving Burnaby not long from now.

Tae (5-something): I think our major plans (after collecting an airmattress from M) are heading south, unfortunately.  My mom's coming up from Seattle for early tomorrow to attack The Move and it's mean to abandon Veggie to my mom with no buffer. Stupid logistical planning.

Lis (6-something): Hokay; I'd love a chance to say bye to K. 

Tae (6-something): When are you expecting to be back on the shore?

Lis (6-something): Landing at Waterfront at 6:30. 

Tae (6-something): :)  Hop up to ours, then?

Lis (6-something): Delayed until 6:45. When are you going to M's?

Tae (6-something): When she lets me know she's home, really.


Tae (7-something): Swinging by M's place for the other air mattress, then heading south.

Veggie: So you're talking more 10-ish arrival, now . . .

Tae: People wanted hugs and shit, I don't even know. =\

Veggie: *dying* Heartless.
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"Skynet appears to have usurped my seat."

"You can just move it, it's not actually poisonous."
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Tae: The hydrogens are bonding about early generation PC games (Quake vs Doom vs which version was that again?).

I'm slightly weirded out.

Dormouse: ...me too.  *passes you the popcorn*
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Monkey 1: What's your schedule like today?  Veggie's in town until tomorrow morning, and Despicable Me 2 is out, in case you're interested.

Monkey 2: I would love to!! But i'm in kamloops!! :(

Monkey 1: Troubling.  Too bad the teleporter is on the fritz.  <3

Monkey 2: I know! When are we getting that fixed??

Monkey 1: They keep telling me they're waiting on parts. Mind you, they've been saying this since 2005 . . .

Monkey 2: Well bugger
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"Why do you hate my singing?!"

"Because you beat the key up in a back alley and left it for dead."
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"I dunno, it's like I'm an acceptable amphibian."

Context keeps me from getting stabbed: someone in this house hates being moisturised. Haaaaaaates, will attempt to flee hates.

There may have been a recent purchase of jojoba cream.

There is much WTF-face.
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"Why would anyone want to kill a bunch of entrepreneurial hipsters? ...Wait."
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Context: we've called cop cars 'sharks' for some time, to the point my brother's adopted the usage
Context 2: we've been watching River Monsters lately. It's worryingly good research for the Trickwood.

"*squinting up the freeway* Now, is that a distressed fish, or a shark?" *beat* "Shark. ... wow, I have been watching too much River Monsters."


"'The Black and White Shark's natural habitat is the freeway, though they can also be found on bystreets and residental backwaters. They are a sight hunter, attracted especially to visibly distressed fish and fast-moving prey. Threat displays include wailing and flushing along the dorsal ridges. Regional variations include blue and white, and red white and blue. If evaded or angered, this shark will school and give chase.'"

"..... *sporfle*"
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"But then I don't need my wallet--"

"You don't need your wallet to pee anyway."
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Monkey 1, 9pm: "I'm just done with class. Can I get a ride, or are y'all drunk? =P"

Monkey 2, thirty seconds later: "...... sobriety may be asking a lot."
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" . . . Is the back seat quacking?"
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First, the complaint, which is only sort of a complaint. Mostly, due to the responses from yesterday's poll*, I have eleven index tabs open, and considering how big the Deaths index has gotten, it should really be fourteen. Augh.

Related to indexes, I quotes:

Tae, who has recently admitted she's afraid of her story-index html files (again): I should really get Radish to introduce me to Scriviner.
Dormouse: Scriviner is awesome even when all you use are baby features. Scriviner is GOD, bow before it. Use no false idols.
Tae: . . my current writing tools are TextEdit, Word Count Tool, occasionally excessive open tabs or alternate text windows, and pillows. I don't think I'm even at the false idols stage.
Dormouse: ......oh my GOD. HEATHEN. :P
Tae: yes?

*: I really, really need to stop offering you lot Chevalier de Grammont as an option. I've run out of things I knew happened in that period, and am now feeling about like I'm in an unfamiliar living room in a blackout, and you lot want six more pieces. Yeek.
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"I can heat my hands with my face!"

(No context for you. My left optic nerve is trying to escape my head.)
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"What is the simplest explanation here?"

"\o/! AFRICA!"

(Context: tobacco derivatives [including leaves + beetle] in ancient Egyptian mummies. Yes, really.

I have no problem whatsoever with the Norwegian coin in Maine. That's not even a stretch, given where Newfoundland is in relation to Maine. Same--largely--with the Lost Romans and the Lost Japanese, but the mummies are making me go whut.

Obviously the easiest explanation is an African relative of tobacco that's been lost between the mummification period and the present. Hence exchange above. :))
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Initial context: Monkey 1 has headed upstairs, presumably to go to bed; Monkey 2 is still flopped on the couch in the living room.


Monkey 1: *emails* #occupyblankets: I'm in ur ruum. Stagin protests.

Monkey 2: *does not notice email*

why on earth are you protesting my sheets? )
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"See, you're actually in my house. I'm going to need a little more context before I decide you're going to be bad: if it involves property damage, no. There's no longer a two state buffer zone!"
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"If it's going to be below freezing WHY DON'T WE GET SNOW."
"Because the gods HATE US."

*: So The Losers and A-Team came out the same year and Happened to the same port, and their opponents are the same government agency, which can also be referred to as The Company. There are a few stories out there that cross the two movies over. At least one story involved hacking the digital billboards leading down a major Los Angeles highway to read, alternating:

Fuck the Company!

We're Sorry, Port of L.A.!

This may have been adopted as a household Phrase Exchange.
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"You groped me with your helicopter!"

and, later:

"I just groped myself with my helicopter. O.o;"

Why no, [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics didn't have a new toy to play with as of yesterday afternoon at allll.

The Beast took to smacking it out of the air if it held a hover at the appropriate height. [livejournal.com profile] billradish took to catching it as it flew by.
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"It's not really fair to our kids* if I'm the normal parent."

*: We joke about future tiny Greek choruses frequently.
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"... I swear Etsy can smell steampunk and foxes on me."
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"This is what happens when you don't lock your knees! Cats can push you off-balance!"

"..... *covers face with hands*"
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"And hey, everybody tries invading Russia once. (If you're lucky, you keep most of your toes!)"
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"Unexpected massage was unexpected."

"Trigger point massage? ... *sniffs!* Spa massage! You smell like a Buddhist temple!"

Why yes, yes I do. And now need to wash my hair the day after I washed it. Having my scalp massaged was lovely, but my hair's now trying to either channel Medusa or Hermione Granger and neither of those tends to end well.

Tomorrow is the last day in instruction for French 101. We have a test (and oral interviews) Monday, and then Tuesday we start up 102.
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"Monkey, you're supposed to kill the pig first."

"I DID kill the pig first! How was I supposed to know Whatcom County had a problem with undead pork?"
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"Yes, but your parents will drink anything nonsentient!"

(You'd think there was a guest in the house or something.)
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Monkey 1: *sings* You loooove me

Monkey 2: I'm going to set you on fiiiiiiiire

Monkey 1: Bringing new meaning to 'putting the spark back in the relationship'
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One end of couch to other end of couch: "I now cannot think about the snap crackle and pop of your joints without immediately segueing into cucumbers"

Other end of couch: *griiiin!*

Armchair: *Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Face*

Couch: *starts laaaaaughing*

Armchair: *Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Face*

Other end of couch: Remember that post?

Armchair: OH! Right!
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"I need more information to facilitate shipping. Names, while lovely, are not addresses."
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"So you typed until it hurt. =|"

"In my defense, I didn't know there was a problem until it started hurting."

(I was transcribing old, old notes from hardcopy to text docs in the interest of not moving papers I didn't really need. Also, I hurt all the time; it's only noteworthy when my symptoms change.

Yeah, you can flatline face at me. Just be thankful I didn't follow up on last night's impulse to see how many of the forty-plus responses to a poll from March I could hit today.

Seventeen more days until I'm allowed to take standard painkillers. Coincidentally that's also the day the house in Seattle is officially no longer ours.)
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"I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact that you can use your joints as castanets."

Edited to note: The Comments Contain Suggestive Misuse of Cucumbers and Creative Misinterpretation of Protests re: Leeks.

Also, Tentacles.
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"Vivre le tomat libre!"

(I'm aware the french is probably Wrong.) (*corrects verb*)
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Monkey 1: "I reject your logic and refuse my own!"


Monkey 1: *tries to beat Monkey 2, who is still laughing like a hyena, to death with a bolster pillow* "There is no logic!"
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"it's a pleasant fiction to think that orca are pleasant, respectful animals."

"wolves of the ocean come in fashionable black and white death!"

"... yes, if wolves were... more death on legs. if we had... carnivorous giant rhino's that had amazing eye sight and a tendency to teach their young with the bodies of their prey...
... actually those would be pretty sweet. change of plans babe, I'mna get a degree in genetic engineering."
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So the living room has wandered from cage matches to board games involving Cthulhu. Y'know, Rising From The Depths And Taking All The Pieces. Game Over!

"You could play it with kids! 'Ssssh! Don't wake Cthulhu!'"
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"Eat or your computer starves!"
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"I already know 'oppress'! It relates to Monty Python! Go back to 'linsey-woolsey'!"

Ladies and gentlemen, my roommate and her screensaver.
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"The landlord's got a staplegun, the rats aren't using artillery, promise."
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"Imperious gestures are TOTALLY communication. I don't know what you're talking about."


"Bah! *points!* Proper storage technique!"

"It fit in my bra! *shrugs!*"
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" . . . I think independently you would never have invented cryptography."
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"Electrocuted hedgehog is not the look I'm going for."
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Original context here, for those who have access to it.

Tae: Braaaaaaains?
Caro: No brains, only Zuul.
Veggie: But then what will Zuul eat?
Tae: Tentacles!
Veggie: Okay, so maybe the tentacles were different.

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