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Zach's coming back from an SCA event tomorrow to pick me up and take me back to Canada; I've got an anatomy lecture exam on Monday.

Very . . end of era, with the car. Mom gave it to me when she moved to Hawaii, when I was living in Seattle. I'm giving it back because it's that or Officially Import It to Canada, and giving it back after that would be unnecessarily complex, and she's been interested in having it 'when I'm done with it' since moving back. So. Here, mum. Have your car back. <3?


Apr. 20th, 2013 01:41 pm
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Tried starting it again today, and this time it took!

Even more pleasantly, running it for a while took care of the weird shimmy and it's started better every time we've tried it.

Thank you, car gods. I appreciate it.

(and hey! clean house.)
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But, y'know. Tried to start a car that had been Sitting for a while due to a minor electrical problem (fixed a couple of weekends ago) . . and it made a really interesting noise, but did not actually engage the engine.


(Stupid occasional-use '94-era car* . . )

Poking the internet proved that there's not much I can do in isolation to work on this.

... So I cleaned the house. And weeded the deck.

The husband may blink when he gets home.

*: It is excellent to have a second vehicle available! It has come in very handy at times. And it is not like I paid money to own it in the first place, given that my mother gave it to me when she moved to Hawai'i. But ay, yi, yi, the driver's side door needs eyeing up when it gets closed to make sure it's completely closed so that when it's sitting for two weeks it doesn't kill the battery, there's a slow leak in the driver's side window seal so the seat'll get wet, the automatic door locks don't, it's got those annoying '90s era automatic shoulder belts, the cabin's noisy . . yeah.
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House 18 worked.

We now own a '97 honda accord, in colours that alternate (depending on ambient light) between two shades of dark red.

Two prompts left, two months short of two years later. I think I'll try to tackle them tomorrow.

If you have questions re: previous (in worldbuilding or character sense), they are welcome. I reserve the right to break down in hysterical laughter if you accuse me of having a 'kelts r kewl!' moment.

The girl who will be taking over my job starts her training Monday. Despite the amount I've accomplished in two years, I feel a touch guilty about the things I haven't done. Eh.

Yes, I'm alive. No, I still don't really exist (in terms of chat appearance, all metaphysical queries aside).
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Which is to say that Great Big Sea's ZooTunes concert last night was a marvelous amount of fun, filled with Nova Scotian Rock Gods and one of the very few accordian Rock Stars (appropriately enough wearing rock star sunglasses for the very prosaic purpose of Not Being Blind, Thank You). I actually clapped hard enough to bust a blood vessel in one of my fingers, which is bruising up quite interestingly.

A vast improvement, on the whole, over yesterday just-before-lunchtime. We'd gone out to a quite decent breakfast, and on the way home, a minivan decided she was turning left-goddammit . . in a gap that didn't actually exist.

Her insurance company has accepted full liability, and Tic-Tac was today declared totalled. Sixteen months since we got Tic-Tac, after having been rear-ended on an offramp in February of '06. I could do without this becoming a cycle, really. =P

Still househunting, of course (14 houses so far this year, and the best of the lot was #3, the one we lost ten days ago due to runaway cellular growth*). We're seeing #15 tomorrow lunchtime, and a potential replacement car tomorrow evening.

It's fortunate I have a mutual fund stash, but ye gods I'm going to owe taxes come April.

In other news, a very sweet young thing met a classy older english gentleman and together they produced a positively glorious port-y raspberry wine. If you ask me nicely, I might even tell you what farmer's market I bought it from. :)

*: owner decided not to move to Berkeley due to a diagnosis of severe-enough breast cancer she went in for surgery a month after being diagnosed and six days after making the decision re: moving and informing her would-have-been-renters).

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