Jul. 12th, 2016 09:01 am
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Exactly one minute after my registration window has opened, and I have my fall schedule, at the times and spaces I want.

Care and Prevention of Injuries, Exercise Physiology, Human Sexuality.

Rec Letter Writer 1 [also not a bad toolkit addition], Last 3 credits of prereqs, Rec Letter Writer 2 [and, you know, why not]

Still cross that Delightful Psych Prof's class is at 8:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I'm taking it anyway. She's delightful and also one of my academic recommendations--it's hardly going to hurt me to reinforce her impression of me as a student. =P
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Finished my fourth of four exams for the term half an hour ago. I expect to do Well in the anatomy lecture exam (I already know I did Well on the anatomy lab exam), quite well on the human motor behaviour exam, and less well on active health, because aaargh.

*cracks wrists* yaay done first full term for stakes since 2005 (although summer '08 came real close).
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Technically I hit the stage of 'can no longer muster the energy to vibrate my way through obstacles whoops hello wall oof' last week, which is why no post. Well that and train-tripping a whirlwind visit to Veggie and the Beast so I could strand Veggie at work while I drove down to Seattle to see the neuro-doc for a followup. And register for next term*, because of course my time ticket for registration opened at 11am the same day I had an 11:30am doctor's appointment. In the country I don't have data or saturated wifi in.

*: One would think first year second term required HKIN classes wouldn't have a direct overlap on scheduling. One would think wrong, because now I have to take another 8:30 am class two days a week. (Tuesdays and Fridays, because this makes sense.) =|

I have the schedule I built when the course catalog was posted a couple weeks ago, which gives me a 10am start Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30am Tuesdays and Fridays, and Thursdays off completely (wooo, I can maintain a consistent schedule with the volunteer facility).

Much to my annoyance, I'm taking a beginning psych course instead of a junior-level history course because of course the history course meets on Tuesdays from 8:30-11:20, exactly the same time as Biomechanics and Anatomy. *throws things at schedule*

Aaaargh. That looked like an awesome course ('Disasters and Catastrophes') that would give me one of my two remaining 300+ class needs. But no. No cultures in crisis for me.

Harrumph. At least I'll make progress on the grad application package anyway.
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I remembered to check to see if my grades from the online stats course had been posted.

A+. *victory dance*


Aug. 24th, 2015 03:46 pm
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I am done with the distance learning stats course!

Turned in the last assignment on Saturday (and got grades two hours later, thank you tutor?) and did the exam this morning.

It is really, really nice not to have a daily quota of Pages I Must Get Through.

... Classes start the 8th of September, but I bet actual in-person classes are going to be slightly less bonkers than me on a deadline. >.>

I'm registered right now for Anatomy and Physiology (non-preferred section due to how late I was able to register, lab on Mondays at 4pm and lecture on Tuesdays at 4pm), Active Health (again a non-preferred section, ugh 8:30am is an uncivilised class start time), and Human Motor Behaviour 1, because oooer.

I've been granted credit for English 100 via two classes from community college when I was sixteen, yaaaay, have submitted "detailed course outlines" for Chemistry 101, Physics 101, and Biology 203 (all intro level science courses) in the hopes of not having to take intro classes again (we'll see), and plan to submit the stats course for a math requirement as soon as I have final grades.
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Had to go to an office supply store to get it scanned, but whatever, it's done.

Last exam on Monday, then I plan to collapse for a couple days, so as to recover for the Last Pilates Teacher Training Course next weekend.

(I'm definitely not going to pull off a Cat Walkover, but I'm going to give it my best effort. I'm definitely stronger than I was before I started doing pullup progressions whenever my brain cramped up doing stats.)

And I have to figure out a student ID card, Orientation, and the like for the classes starting the 8th of September.

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My elbow is not so thrilled with me. Not a surprise, had to get through 43 probability practice-problems and the notes for the actual chapter/example problems.

Basic probability (even stacked-odds probability) is not so intimidating after surviving a genetics class back in the day.

Waaay less counting fruitflies involved, too. =P
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No, really. I went from scraping 90s at best on the 102 tests to doing 95s with no extra credit on the 103 tests. (Now if only I'd left my guesses intact on that one test--would've had a 98 on that'n with the extra credit.)

I am finally done. DONE! HAH!

I'd celebrate, only my elbow decided it'd had enough of this shite late last week (to the point the teacher asked if I was okay one afternoon) and massage etc has made only a light dent in the angry.

Fortunately, I have PT this afternoon and I won't be going and aggravating it by taking notes and doing composition exercises this coming week.

... at least it waited until week 8 of 9 to go off. =\ Hail extensive physio and prescription medication.

Now, to sunny Vancouver!

Where I will huddle under a beach umbrella and hiss back at the daystar while boys scramble around on rocks. (Me scrambling around on rocks with my elbow like this is a very short road to homicidal-with-pain Tae, who nobody likes.* And the daystar is evil.**)

*: I suppose she might be entertaining if pointed at someone else...

**: sunscreen is the hobgoblin to the daystar's devil. No, really. You can watch the freckles bloom for the five minutes it takes before the burn starts. And almost all sunscreens make me break out. =|
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This should be interesting. Different prof for this term (unlike the previous two where we had the same slightly wired instructor). She's Albertan by origin, did French Immersion through most of her school career (including the last two years of high school in Quebec).

Lot more emphasis on writing--no final oral project, but composition exercises through the term and a final open-book writing assignment that should include examples of the grammar from the five chapters we're hitting. In three weeks.

She's real upfront about this portion of the book being both badly laid out and a bastard to work through because we get to meet All the grammar. My joy face.

We get a half-hour break instead of fifteen minutes, though, which is slightly nice.
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Should it be screaming? Should it feel okayish? WTF??????

My triceps, on the other hand, want to know what they ever did to me to deserve that.

I think my hamstrings may actually be hissing at me. It's hard to tell past the stream of questionmarks.

101 had an ending interview. 102, upping the ante, has an ending 10-12 minute skit in French, with rules, and points given for things like comprehensibility and creativity.

My joy face. Fortunately I semi-accidentally grabbed two high school drama geeks who've been going oooooer the last couple days.

I may wind up having had a duel with a giant chicken last week. *solemn*
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Dormouse? You appear to have missed local cherry season by about two weeks.

Also that garden plot with All the Peas?

Yeah. All the peas. Including English shelling peas. I went for a small mound of the snap peas. Le nom. (doom nom nom, doom nom nom...)

In other news, and to a wider audience, I am in week 2 of 9 of first year French. We had a test Monday. We have a test tomorrow. French still likes to fail to pronounce half its terminal consonants. I may be drowning in adjectives, interrogatives, and the proper conjugations of questions. (Colours, not so much. -ir verbs, not so much, aside from the 'put in ALL the 's's?' moments.)

My elbow plots my demise. Now with tingles!
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Unsurprisingly, given the length of time involved (three weeks to cover ten weeks' material, three times over!), class is conducted entirely in French.

I am so going to blow my audio processing. @.@

Moar. )

In only slightly related news, I may have sunburned right through a long sleeved shirt. O.o; I suppose at least the longest-day has nice weather to go with it?

Tonight's movie is How to Train Your Dragon in French, with French subtitles.

The subtitles can't keep up. It's kinda hilarious.

Hokay, so.

Jan. 1st, 2009 07:16 pm
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Here's the Earth--nice earth, round--anyway!

I am, despite appearances, not actually dead.

Just freaking out over stuff; while useful to know, it's still unpleasant to find out that given long or lax deadlines, I procrastinate until maybe-just-barely-too-late, and then freak out. Lots.

Yeah. O-chem flashbacks, I can has. =\ I am so lucky I'm not predisposed to ulcers.

babble )

I am crap for human contact right now. I'm sorry. The combination of academic freakout and winter downturn means I'm not saying much and what there is tends to be very superficial.
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was considering babbling about one of the witches' horses stories, but ended up going out to dinner (and cleaning some of the house previous to that) instead.

First grade back from the summer; kind of disappointed in the 3.7 for accounting--didn't do nearly was well on the final as I did on either midterm. Oh, well; median score was a 2.8 (by mandate of the business school), so I didn't exactly do badly. Here's hoping the other two are comparable or higher. >.>
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Note to self: B-term class is Dumb Plan. Business picks up dramatically two weeks before the term ends. Headless chicken dance, can haz!

still to do )
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Accounting midterm today. About as epic as the initial sketch was, despite being only thirty six questions and all multiple choice.

I've gotten used to exiting a handwritten exam aching and sore, but the shaking, the shaking is new. And disapproved of.

At least I ate this morning. >.>

The [livejournal.com profile] yi_sen was dropped off at the airport this morning, too. He will be missed, and I'm rather sorry his visit coincided with the Busy Term, but this is how things sometimes work out.

Now I need to go finish the readings for the second class of the day, and mutter about the library keyboard I'm using, because wow. Large and White and Definitely Hasn't Been Cleaned In A While. I'd forgotten how damn percussive these things are.
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(pronounced fill-o-sof-ss, thus conflating 'philosophy' and 'philosophers', because I'm lazy like this)

Now, I freely admit that I like the bendyness of the English language. (If I didn't admit this I would be a sparkling hypocrite, suitable target for empty plastic bottles and pedestrian rhetoric)

But when you get things like

True - Real
Historical - Everyday
Superficial - Internal

actually honestly used as differentiating ideas, I get a headache.

Thank whoever I'm neither a philosophy major nor an Enlightenment scholar. Gaaaah.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 08:52 pm
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I hate dealing with the sales revenue account. Especially when I have no logical reason to include it (cash transaction--inventory gets smaller, cash gets bigger), besides tracking sales.

/cryptic accounting homework babble

Hi. I'm done with my information ethics class (although he still needs to send out the second takehome exam and I've got a paper due sometime before the end of summer and preferably by a week from Friday)

The headache of death doom and destruction is finally backing off some. Just in time for me to give myself an accounting headache.



Jul. 15th, 2008 07:19 am
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Had a test yesterday in accounting, have a presentation in ethics thursday. Ethics ends the 22nd, and I have a paper for that class due the 24th (critical response to one of the articles we're reading for class, 7-10 double spaced pages). Secret Histories of the City starts the 24th.

mutter, mutter, mumble )

aaaand in brief: I tired. Also I ache. No time to write, no hand points for it either. Argh.

Hi, you. How goes?


Jun. 9th, 2008 09:12 pm
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Been a while since I had a proper enrollment sticker for my ID--three years this summer exactly.

I'm still a touch torn as to whether or not I think being back in school is quite cool or twitchy-making. This summer'll really be the testing ground, as I'm taking 14 credits. Only two classes at a time, as summer is split into two mini-terms, but still.

I have, starting the 23rd of this month, an introductory accounting class, and a seminar class on information ethics (in the program I'm planning to apply for, come next January). The ethics course ends July 23rd, and the next day a CHID (Comparative History of Ideas) class starts, on Secret Histories of the City, Seattle edition.

Should be an interesting summer.
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Science classes make you paranoid for years afterward. I was expecting a percentile grade in the middle to low nineties, based on the information I had previous to the final and how I felt coming out of the final.

On looking at my unofficial transcript and seeing a little 100% marker for last quarter? My reaction was not 'EEEEE!' but ' . . er, what?'.


Chaos loves my laptop. It was back in my possession briefly (for the first time in five weeks), until it decided that randomly shutting down was fun, really! My impressed face. =P Even more so since the tech support field appears to be in full effect and they can't reproduce the problem. Sigh. Here's hoping they can either reproduce it or the field holds once I get it back.


I wrote nothing in March. I'm not going to ask what you'd like (ie what you'd comment on/really like to see more of), because odds are I'm not going to write anything until after I get my laptop back again.


It's mildly weird to run into people who've known you since you were six (but you probably haven't seen in five years). Like shrugging into an identity that doesn't quite fit anymore, with resonances that stick oddly. (The exchange "Yeah, I carry tension in my shoulders."/"You always have." really shouldn't still be getting thought about.)
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The class this quarter is a senior-level discussion of Chernobyl as a disastrous impact on a society, and evidence suggests the teacher is a bit of a minimalist in regards to syllabus prep (I can't call her a minimalist in regards to her sources; I think the course packet weighs more than my laptop. O.o;).

Surreal is watching a 1986 era newscast (recording) on Chernobyl. For one thing, same newscaster as 'now'. For another, the iron curtain was not only down but effective--the newscaster and the experts being asked questions were none of them expecting much direct information (and general consensus was made that the only reason the USSR said ANYthing about what was going on was that the prevailing wind direction meant Scandinavia was going O.o;;; a couple of days after things went 'splody in the reactor).
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it is entirely possible to babble for 2.5 hours at a slightly o.0 roommate about the seven topics of my final exam. my academic is perhaps not as rusty as i thought.

enough caffeine in my system messes with my balance somewhat [increased tendency to lean on things in order to see them/focus on things past them], and exaggerates my startle reflex.

fortunately the doorbell rang while i wasn't close to anything.

school really does bring out the inner college student; grocery run recently netted a 12-pack of beer, a 12-pack of red bull, a case of caffeine-free diet dr. pepper, and five vitamin waters. should've gotten more ofthe waters; i made the roommate make tea today so i wouldn't drink a third red bull in the space of three hours because i was thirsty.

also we just ordered pizza, hence the doorbell thingy. mmm, carbohydrates.

the idea that context is everything is really serving me well in this class; everything's linked to everything else and you can't ignore sociopolitical contexts for 'science'.
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Hi, internetz. It's recently been pointed out that I can be Really Bad about letting you lot know what my near-future plans are.

So, I let you know!

I have a two hour final Monday morning, which aside from being closed book and closed note (I can't take any notes or books into the classroom) is also handwritten.

Yes, I considered trying to get some kind of dispensation for my hand issues, but this has been the only potential problem thus far in the class, so I haven't discussed the problem with my professor. I have instead arranged to see the acupuncturist a few hours after the test and will be taking anti-inflammatory medication before the test.

I am going to be less present commenting/entry wise until probably Tuesday (the weekend spent studying and Monday spent actively insane if I'm any judge of these things). I will still be checking e-mail and probably lj as well, but I need to do my best to conserve hand capacity so will be avoiding making long replies, and will not be on messengers.

Hope you have a pleasant weekend. :)
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So I was whining at [livejournal.com profile] dormouse_in_tea last night about how I dun wanna write an essay on Darwin (not for lack of interest or material so much as pure dun-wanna). I've already turned in two essays (I have options for three, and the prof takes the highest two grades), and the one I'd got back was 95%.

She sensibly inquired if I'd had any sense of Foreboding and Doom. I replied that aside from a great deal of muttering, no. (Seriously, you can look back in the tag and see how very much I dislike the Enlightenment)

This morning I got back the Enlightenment essay. My prof was talking about how he kept getting interrupted while he was working on grading 'em, and that he put more comments on papers that seemed to need it more and that some of the really good essays got very little in the way of comments.

below find more, and my grade )
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Have I mentioned that I hate the Enlightenment? Because I hate the Enlightenment.

Am roughly 300 words into a 1500-1700 word essay (into second page of maximum six), need sources for my introduction, and kind of want to go argh a lot.

Am arguing, roughly, that the idea of a whole century eating the ideas of a previous century wholesale, using the ideas, but not affecting them is absurd! difficult to defend.

I'd still rather be writing Witches' Horses. Even if I am technically tacking the russo-chinese dispute re: siberia onto the end of the nineteenth century for Sergeievich's war.
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Either that or I'm having trouble writing an essay (Topic: "Was natural science really affected by the Enlightenment in any fundamental way, or did the Enlightenment depend on science while science itself pursued an unaltered course, fixed by the Scientific Revolution?" --I think the professor is fucking with his class) based on a week's worth of lectures, a twenty-three year old text I don't care for, in a unit focusing on a time period that makes me want to smack the relevant scientists and philosophers upside the back of the head with a haddock.

I was obviously not meant to be an Enlightenment scholar.

I am also really not looking forward to writing a takehome exam on Thursday, before I fly to the other coast (my other options are to take my textbooks and etc with me, and write the takehome while I'm in the swamp visiting friends, or write the exam the morning it's due).

Example questions (there are four, with a two-hour time limit):

"What would you nominate as the classic 'Enlightenment science,' and what makes it so?"

"Hankins points out that upon becoming controller general of France in 1774, Turgot told the King that the nation was 'a society composed of different orders badly united . . . . Almost no one bothers to fulfill his duties or know his relation to others.' Did science provide a model for addressing these concerns, what was it, and did it work?"

My resources for said exam: two weeks of lecture notes, a textbook I don't care for, two primary sources and two secondary sources (one technically in the 19th Century and thus not terribly useful here).

My argh, let me show you it.
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. . It's amazing the difference four years makes. O.o;

This thought brought to you by wandering over to my professor's office hours, sort of accidentally in the company of another student who also wanted to ask the professor about something.

Said other student (if he was legal to drink I'll paint my nails pink) talked slightly too fast, brought up references for various ideas from other classes as they related to the question he was asking, and was surprised by the relative lack of complicated in his question. He also kept up a conversation on the way to the office, largely to do with the other reason he had for being in the building. . . . four years ago, I would've been him, not amused by him.

Kind of interesting to note. Guess I do change with age. :)
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Gnah. I really hope he doesn't ding me for not using all of the sources.

Yeah, takehome exam, four questions, requested limit of two hours. Could've easily used three--I didn't touch half of the secondary sources and barely mentioned alchemy as a sticky point in question one ("Was the separation of science and religion part of the establishment of modern science?").

Green oolong--at least this green oolong--is really, really floral. I feel a bit like I'm drinking an infusion of jasmine petals.

My roommate had the misfortune of calling me within the first two minutes of finishing the takehome. I sincerely hope I was vaguely coherent and didn't tell her that mead was indicative of the pitfalls of renaming 'the scientific revolution' 'the establishment of the mechanical philosophy' (which would be the main gist of question four).

Since no-one else replied, I will go forth and poke at the continuing sequence for Witches' Horses as opposed to anything else.

. . . after I've come down off the 'oh my god must get something down for all four, can I add this bit, where the hell is that page reference' adrenaline rush.
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The actual proper panic re: going back to school today hit last night. I think I got maybe four hours of light doze. >.>

Interestingly, I had a summer class with this professor a few years ago--that one was on the interaction between science and religion, while this one's the history of science from roughly 1500 to roughly 1900 (emphasis on European, as he teaches another class on US science development).

I may have reintroduced myself to his hindbrain by finding a typo in his syllabus. >.> He took it well, though.


I owe my landlord a 1099 form (for Canadians, this is a form that the revenue service Likes To See for any independent income amounting to over $500), because the business is paying slightly over half of the monthly rent on the house.

As such, I need a govermentally acknowledged identifying number for my landlord. Unfortunately, my landlord appears to be playing the 'if I don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist' game. Which means I can't mail out the carbon copies of the group of 1099s to the IRS. My unimpressed face, let me show you it.


In more snerkworthy news, I was yesterday mistaken for an employee at Nordstroms while coat hunting with the roommate. (Again, for Canadians, think something like a department store sized Smart Set, or The Bay)

Admittedly, I was wearing a knee length pinstriped light gray skirt, black leather knee high flat boots and a 3/4 sleeve gray turtleneck with the sleeves folded up to the elbow, with my hair up in a knotted bun. I'd been trying on coats, so my coat (with wallet and phone, etc in the pockets) was in the veggie's hands.

The bits worth snerking over? The turtleneck was from Old Navy (cheap knockoffs of a semi-rival department store), the skirt from JC Penny (hail $30 jeans and skirts), and the boots from Moscow. As in the November, 2000 trip to Russia. Nothing I was visibly wearing was younger than a year. Also both my tattoos were showing (although the right one was mostly obscured by a wrist brace).

And I got politely asked by a middle aged lady if I worked for a nice department store. Bwahahaha. (I totally thanked her for it, too, after telling her sorry, no. :D ) This is going to keep me entertained for months.
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Alright. I am going to go to the undergraduate library and run article searches, see what I can come up with for an entomology paper, ideas for topics and paper references to be e-mailed to the instructor today (he having requested topics by this week).

Then I am going to find a place to sit (there's a rather comfortable looking coffeeshop down the street from my apartment), and I am going to try to write.

This message brought to you to warn you of possible spam later today, and to explain why I am not on messengers.
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I am vaguely weirded out by this. Why, do you ask? Because it took me less than two hours to FIND said apartment, it's two blocks away from the university (two DOORS away from Anime Kingdom and less than a block from Magus Books, just the temptations I needed . . .) and it's costing my monetary units six hundred a month. My manager is . . a NCO. Older, graying man, who, despite the owners' strict No Pets policy, Does Not Know about at least two cats in the building. Reminds me disconcertingly of a real-life version of Hope's Otto.

*eyes Felix* I really wish you'd warn me before you started Playing, my friend. I'm grateful that you do, make no mistake of that, I'd just like some warning.

In other news, I got to spend yesterday afternoon and most of today with Hope--I [heart] that woman. I really do. Even if she is evil and made me watch the Utena movie. (@.@ Braaaaaaaaaaain hurts.) But we MST'ed Samurai Deeper Kyo --oh so easy, that. 'That's MISTER Psycotic Redhead to you!' "Oh, look, Prozac-boy's back!"-- and snorted at the not-so-subtext in Berserk. Well, at least I did. She giggled at me more than the series. And, as a direct result of her DVD player refusing to play Saiyuki, we went browsing today . . which netted her a keychain Gojyo, so t'was not a waste. ^.^ He's in this pose that would be cute/innocent on anyone BUT him. *grin*

And, naturally, on the ferry, heading home, my cold decided that it had had Enough of This Nonsense, and declared war. Menya baleet golava . . . *whimper*

In short, with the ouch. And the Sudafed. And the sleepy. *yawn* Non-drowsy Griffith's arse.

Aodh: And a very nice arse it is. Go to bed, boss.


Aodh: *sighs, picks up his semi-conscious human and heads into the back of the 'space* See y'all.

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