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Had a followup appointment with my PT, a week and a couple days after getting and using an ankle brace. I've mostly been wearing the brace when I'm leaving the house/expecting to walk for a while, sort of like how I've been treating the crutches.
PT wants me to discontinue with the brace and start doing an ankle challenge series. My whole mid and back foot is pretty stuck and continued bracing won't help me regain the mobility i need in the ankle.

Which is nice, because it is incredibly difficult to wrap the brace in a way that doesn't piss off my tarsal bones.

Also today I totally left my crutches in a classroom, so I stopped by the place we rented them from to trade them back (just short of a month after renting them in the first place) and get a cane.

Turns out we'd accidentally bought those crutches (for $20, which is kind of weirding me out), and I almost accidentally got sold the cane I rented, too, due to processing system quirks at the store.

Man, canes are harder to use than one might expect. O.o;
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Two hours and twenty-five minutes this time around, and I'm way less oh dear fuck why.

Ice chips and iron make a big difference. >.>

I mean, I knew the ice was going to help (and yes, I did hike almost the entire Grind with an ice cube tucked into my hair). The iron was a bit of a surprise.

See, at my followup appointment with the doc in Seattle, we talked about my baseline iron. I'd started supplementing a while ago, so my blood levels looked okay-ish on my initial screen, but he wanted a ferritin test to see where I actually was.

Turns out my iron store levels--which ideally should be somewhere in the 75 range--were a bit low. (33. I shudder to think what they might have looked like if I hadn't started supplementing.)

That explains a few things.
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I mean, it took me three hours and eighteen minutes when the average time to completion is around two hours for 'novice hikers', but fuck, I made it.

Mostly because I knew I had a wobbly knee and thus lost it around the three-quarter mark instead of short of the one-quarter mark, and at that point you might as well drag yourself up the rest of the steps of doom.

Oh my god that is a lot of steps.
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Wedging a roll of quarters firmly crosswise did wonders for the left foot fit (not that the spray sunscreen can and old glasses case + roll of quarters wedges didn't help, 'cause they did, but gaining the couple mm at the width of the big toe helped more).

I cleared two of my three bouldering problems from last time, and made it a hold further on the last one (argh). Read more... )

Watching other people climb and boulder is fascinating. I watched a woman climb a 5.11 (my personal best so far is a 5.8, bigger numbers increase difficulty) two different ways, one of which involved an enormous 'imna leap off the wall to grab the next hold' jump and the other involving using the texture of the wall surface to get where she needed to, which was neat, and a Russian guy boulder calmly up and down (and climbing down a bouldering problem is harder than getting up one) everything up through the oranges and possibly the whites with two fingers taped together and a lot of wingspan.

My bouldering is not exactly calm yet. At least not on the ones that actually give me trouble. It's a bit more 'get back here you goddamned hold' than graceful.

But then bouldering tends to involve a lot of '*SPLAT* *stare up at undersurface of problem one just fell off going 'well THAT didn't work'* *peel self off mat, try again*', so, y'know. At least I'm not alone.
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I just went from a 27-cross braid (with the last seven-plus crosses ratty and split-ended and narrow) to a 10-cross. =\ I'd been hoping to go from sacrum-length to waist-length, but apparently leaving Tendrils wasn't on.

On the plus side it's going to be harder for my hair to tickle the insides of my elbows, what with the whole 'only just past ends of shoulderblades' thing.

She remembered me, and I got to rub the ears of her teenage beagles lots (they're very cute when they mostly want their ears rubbed and to try to climb into your lap, as opposed to baying at stray air currents).

Definitely going to be weird to turn my head on the pillow and not see the tendrils for a while.


Slipped my neck yesterday afternoon. Not the worst slip I've ever had, but bad, and I was incredibly grateful I not only had prescription sunglasses but that I'd remembered to take them with me. I got errands done on the way home! :)

I may have even pinpointed exactly the circumstances for a bad neck slip: moving from deep flexion into extension when my head and neck are roughly parallel to the floor (so gravity is pretty much at maximum for my neck muscles trying to hang onto my skull). So leaning far backwards into open space and then looking at the floor (hello neck slip during reformer ii class!) is a 'use extreme caution' affair, as is propping my thighs on an arc with my hands on the floor and playing teeter-totter with my feet and head, then choosing to look up when my head's nearly at the bottom of the arc (hello yesterday. Ow).

Stupid neck.
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Setup, to save eating reading lists )

I was expecting a rather needly appointment. Instead we wound up talking about the limbic system* and how breathing pattern/depth/speed and eye movement/blink rate can tell an observer how someone's doing.

*: I know this term is getting outdated, so if anyone has an update, please let me know!

This is going to be somewhat babbly and nonlinear, since I can't find a good internet source to paraphrase from, and may be wrong in the particular tiny-level details of why this works because I wasn't taking notes Monday. That said, I did a pilates session before I saw her Monday, and a second session yesterday afternoon, and my body shifted between 'em.

By staring, breathing, and humming.

I wish I was kidding. I'm not: instead of pulling on my diaphragm and my pelvic floor to do ab work, I got a broader sense of less-ouchy work through more of my belly, and I could use my iliopsoas muscles like they weren't welded to my inner curves of hipbone. o.O

So, limbic calming. It's a thing.


Plotting against your lizard brain, a primer )


Related reading: A Dr Stephen Porges interview on his polyvagal theory and methods on using other humans to calm an Inner Lizard/trying to help calm someone's Inner Lizard.

a babbly post I made after reading the Porges interview talking about acoustic therapy protocols for anxiety, and noting a new term for the 'I'm driving a meatsuit with bad controls' problem: 'sensory processing dysfunction'.


Questions, corrections, links, and New People are welcomed to this post. So yes, if you want to link people here, that's cool. :)
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I was in getting needled* around lunchtime today, and the last one was a lateral-hip. She'd asked me if I was still feeling off anywhere, and I pointed, so whee, needle.

*: as you do

And then said "Oh, neat, that feels like you're on the back wall of the ball and socket joint!"

And even without my glasses I noticed her sort of blinking at me as she replied "I've never had a patient like you. Because I was on the back edge of the capsule. And you're describing exactly where I was."

Apparently most people don't get a feel for these things after five years of physio? I got nothin'.
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I'm having to spend less concentrated time focused on the hip stuff--I can spend five minutes stretching and moving around and the hip sort of . . . unknots. Which is all kinds of interesting. And very weird.

IMS 8 was good to me? O.o;;;;;

babble on IMS hereunder )
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IMS session 8 on the hip was. . exciting.

I saw her on Friday as well as today--my body does a defensive tighten-up around my cycle start, which is probably for the best considering I'd probably dislocate something if everything went even stretchier than normal--and we hit some way deeper, way, way madder spots today than we managed on Friday.

'Just lateral of the right hip flexor' deeper, madder spot. (I cuss about this spot a lot in person. It's what locks up my hip when I'm sitting for extended periods. Like, say, driving.)

This muscle worked its way up into full-tension twitching around the needle at least five times. Without her doing more than hang on to my hip and the needle so my hip didn't try to take it away from her. I was warning her about when it was going to twitch again. Oy.

I was kiiind of limping leaving the office and getting home.

Ow. Definitely not trying anything ambitious today, and I have to be down in Ferndale for Wed-Thurs for a meds represcription (Yup. Still being used for nerve pain. Still working. No change in side effects.) so no YYoga classes later in the week. Definitely trying for the mat pilates class Thursday afternoon, though. :D

Might make the Sunday YYoga pilates class again. Might not, Sarah's talking about coming in for the weekend.


Sep. 15th, 2013 11:34 pm
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Zach talked me into going for a very low-level offroading expedition today. I'm not entirely sure how, but he did.

He's got a picture of me standing on top of his Jeep trying to get a picture of the elevation gain we'd made in the last twenty minutes (impressive. The Widow* couldn't capture the right angle for scale, in part because we couldn't stop at the best viewpoint. Stupid sheer dropoffs).

We pushed my hip uncomfortably far before we reached our halfway point, which is good knowledge to have if very uncomfortable . .

And then there was a serious accident on the Sea-to-Sky highway on our way home. A 'turn off your vehicle, you've got a 90 minute wait for one lane of traffic to be allowed through' level accident, and no other way to get home.

I wound up curled hatefully in the back seat squinting at the Widow's screen and thanking whoever cared to listen that we were back in cell/data range.

*: I'm still convinced my phone is building a SHIELD dossier on me, okay?

..... Huh.

Sep. 4th, 2013 02:00 pm
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So I'm looking for physiotherapists in Vancouver. Saw one at a clinic in Kitsalano, and she suggested two other people at that clinic for the pelvic stuff.

Saw the one with a scheduling hole earlier today.

She's new enough to pelvic work that she listened to my history, made eep face, then paused, blinked at me, and asked if I'd ever tried IMS (IntraMuscular Stimulation).

I said no, was it that dry-needling technique one of my Bellingham PTs had mentioned a while ago, and she said yes. Asked if I was willing to try it, and I said sure. Why not. I have no needle problems.

Now my adductors are muttering 'wtf just happened here'. There's give. It's very weird.

I also really need to not try running right now. I'd fall on my damned face.


May. 2nd, 2013 07:49 pm
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Veggie and I came up to Vancouver this afternoon (I did not want to make the drive alone, but have jury duty starting the 13th so am weekending instead of spending two weeks up).

My body and I have been skirmishing of late. It is not awesome.

I had sort of gained the lead, as of today (two and a half hours of physical therapy this week. Ay yi yi). Even went to a pilates class this afternoon and had a good time.

My body retaliated by having me clock myself a good one on the top of the head getting out of the car.

Apparently my pupils are different sizes right now.
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And on the surface it sounds so 'woo~ooo, I feeeeel the energy of your booooody'.

Doesn't help that one of the big names in the field is really, really French.

That said, when you walk into a physical therapy appointment, the therapist puts their hand on top of your head, and then they say 'Wow. Isn't that interesting' and put their other hand on your back, brush their fingers up and down a bit and then add 'So that big judder goes away if I've got my hand on your liver..' you kind of have to pay at least some attention, y'know?

So there's this French osteopath by the name of Jean-Pierre Barral.... )

That said, I can totally buy an organ getting out of whack and not being able to untangle itself getting pretty ugly, no problem. I mean really. I know people who've had emergency gall bladder removal surgery. I have acid reflux and medication-induced intestinal issues. Unhappy organs? Not awesome.

People who know how to coax unhappy organs into functioning better? Rather more awesome!


Have some links.
The Barral Institute: Discover Visceral Manipulation and their article database

The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (a professional network of more than 100,000 therapists who have taken continuing-education classes from Upledger, Barral, & IAHE affiliates)' find a therapist page.

I'm trying out a massage therapist in North Van sometime next week, because while the MT I already see is great for the muscular and joint issues, she's not anywhere near as comfortable digging around in some of the other stuff. If the new one's good, I'll pass info along for the locals.

I chose her specifically because she's done all the visceral classes the IAHP has listed, with classes in neural work, manual articular and cranio-sacral as well. There was someone else in the clinic with my current MT, but their specialty is cranio-sacral, and that's not what I'm after.

In general my criteria would be looking for the people with as many classes taken as possible, because there is some really fascinating new work in the field and people who are keeping up with it are going to be better-equipped to poke monkeys with chronic and recurrent troubles in new ways.

Which lord knows a few of us might just possibly be. <3


Nov. 19th, 2012 10:56 pm
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Glasses got broke today.

Story boring: tried new physio office, person with sufficient weight to mobilise the properly Stuck bits of my spine accidentally kicked chair glasses were on, then stepped on glasses. Has offered to pay for repairs, no idea of what kind of money that means on their end.

Monkey is driving me home in time for physio tomorrow, will use old glasses (woo headache!) until get replacement/repair/etc.

Am sure this comes as shock to all: considering laser correction more strongly than in past. Impressionistic blurs are Not Awesome.
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You run out of internet you have brain for, and instead of watching a movie or rereading something familiar, you go 'Eh. Kitchen needs cleaning.' and do the handwashing dishes, load the dishwasher, and wipe down the kitchen counters.

In other news, my quest for a good moisturiser continues. This includes, much to my vocal disgust and the laughter of people who find out about it, distillations of wild roses going on my face.

My skin thinks it's funny.
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So, initial context: at my regular physio office, I alternate therapists (between an expat Aussie who I love for not warning me when she's going to do Things to my joints--yes, really, not warning me is a plus in this case oh my god that was terrifying--and an assistant physio who does more visceral stuff), and I was looking forward to seeing the expat Aussie today.

I got a call just before 8am that she'd called out sick.

Now, ordinarily I'd try to get into the assistant's schedule, but this office has been slammed since one of their senior physios is out following a total knee replacement surgery. So there ain't no way--I'll see the assistant next week.

This would be fine except that I've had a headache for a couple of days, one of the ones that really only responds to someone playing with my neck.

So I called the specialist's office and left a message, and texted a massage therapist to see if either of them had openings today or tomorrow. Massage therapist got back to me first, appointment tomorrow at 4.

Specialist office got back to me a couple hours later, tried to offer me tomorrow at 3. Yeah, no.

But then today's 3pm appointment late canceled, and with twenty minutes notice, I came in to see the specialist.

She asked what I wanted to work on, and I said neck and arm, and if we had time my hip was behaving badly, too, but neck and arm first.

So she laid me out and started the physio version of the laying on of hands, and then went 'wow, judder, judder!' about the left side of my skull, and started working on things, with a certain air of 'ye gods'.

Asked me what I'd rate my headache.

I told her a 2.

She kinda blinked at the top of my head, said 'really?', and I replied that she hadn't seen me on a 7 day.

We kinda agreed that chronic pain messes with your perception levels, dug around for a while longer in my neck and shoulder, poked the giant hip knot, then strapped me to Tony Stark's Kittens for half an hour.

Gotta say I'm feeling better than when I woke up this morning.
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Yes, really.

No, the only things I'm on are prescription.

So I've been reading a book lately (emphasis sadly on the past tense, given that French ate my skull) on trigger points, and one of the therapy tools recommended for home treatment (in addition to superballs, golf balls and a small monstrosity called a Theracane) is a tennis ball.

You smush it between you and a wall, or between you and a floor/bed, and roll it in small arcs over something that's bugging you.*

Say, the back of a right hip: you start with the ball smushed against the right edge of your sacrum, and roll/squirm around until the ball is hanging out in an ouchy spot, work there for a bit, then move on.

You will likely wind up working everything from your lower back to the upper area of the back of your thigh as a result, and drop the stupid ball two or three times in the process**, but when you walk away from the wall your hip will, well, move.

This process will either make you look like a truly demented belly dancer or someone attempting to become one with a wall (let's just say working on a pectoral muscle is ouchy and weird looking, shall we?).

On the other hand, I haven't had to ask my physiotherapist to specifically unknot my hip in two weeks.

It's not as effective as I'd like on my arm, though it does seem to help with the lateral knot--I occasionally idly think if I didn't already have ink in the general area I should go for a Celtic- or Gordian-inspired series of knots along my lateral elbow, the angry little bastard--and I can't take the time necessary to properly work on my rhomboid because the ribs under there start making rattlesnake noises.

The book also sounds a bit like my dad right after he's found a New Shiny Thing and it is obviously the answer*** to everything, so I'm having a bit of trouble taking it entirely seriously, but it's definitely interesting reading.

*: Yes, you can do this to your feet, too, though the book claims a golf or superball is more ideal because they're smaller and can zero in on deeper muscle groups. Don't use a wall. The floor will work better. =P

**: Apparently trapping the ball in a tall heel-less sock helps with the escapee problem, but I imagine that mostly works for upper back areas, where you can hold the end of the sock.

***: The book does not consist of one page labeled 42, I promise.


May. 2nd, 2011 03:02 pm
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So I haven't posted since the 11th of April.

In large part this is directly related to various offline things happening, including what would have been, previous to this year, a truly gnarly flare. (sing the praises of nerve medications, lo)

Suffice to summarise that my body decided to have a Warranty Expired week plus. My physiotherapists were both going O.o; o.O;;; when I saw 'em Thursday.

It's calmed down some now, just in time for the early stages of a streaming cold. Certain root vegetables are regularly inquiring as to whether I've misplaced a bridge and some fog.

My joy face. But that's not actually the body of this post!

Well, it could be, but I wanted to remember something else. I was up in Vancouver this weekend, and yesterday [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics and I went out to a late brunch with his parents. It was a lovely day, so I was in half-sleeves and there was a line, but we were seated in relatively short order.

Our waitress introduced herself to our table by bouncing down on the bench right next to me and touching my left tattoo (yes, the one in the icon).

Fortunately for all involved it was the section down by my wrist and not very hard, and I doubt she had any idea I was anything but friendly and showing off my ink in response to her interest. I even managed to ask about hers as she was bouncing away ('happy' in Thai down the inside of her left forearm and something I'm remembering as 'all for one' and 'one for all' in English on either side of her right wrist).

While not exactly thrilled with this turn of events, some people are just like this--I'm not going to write off a restaurant for that alone. (Actually, given Very Particular circumstances this sort of friendly behaviour in waitstaff can be a selling point--though I'd warn people before taking them there)

The coffee was slightly glorious, and the food was decent--apparently the truffled hash is Delicious--but I wouldn't recommend this place.

Y'see, our over-friendly waitress kinda forgot to come back and get our food orders. Three parties seated after us got their food and left before we even got to order. =\
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So among other things, my neck is somewhat ridiculously flexible (for those playing the home game, jot down 'hypermobility is not our friend', will you?). I have several exercises that target this weakness.

One of said involves me lifting my head off the floor and holding a position. I started off with a pillow's help, and only holding for a count of three. I'm now up to a straight lift and holding for five or six seconds. Months later. =| Endurance, shall we say, is slow to arrive. And in the meantime I can give myself awesome referred headaches by tweaking bits of my neck.

Yesterday I'd been planning to write today. Mr. Headache, who has called in reinforcements from my shoulders and bad elbow, sez no dice.

Instead, I will be spending a fair portion of the day sulking on the couch with a heatpack.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] illian? You're absolutely right. Pick a bloody tense and stick with it--and if you're going third person present with this monster there's a LOT of descriptive tweaking to be done. *pokes 33 pages of doublesided printout* You want circles on the verbs, or just marginalia that says 'present' or 'past' with arrows to sentences?

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