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Sparked by the discovery of a pair of Random Bruises on my left arm:

*cheerful* I almost got dropped on my head at Saturday-class last, 'cause my training partner assumed I was heavier than I am.

Ooh, ooh, and I got to go shooting last Friday. Hee, punching holes in paper with bullets! *glee*

Randomly, light-loaded thirty-eight single action revolvers are fun. Though not as much fun as my rifle.
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Randomly, the hall outside smells like seaweed.

Friday, I saw . . mm, three Interesting Things. A thistle, taller than I am, over by the greenhouse, all purple flowers and thorns. A white Acura with the license plate 'STRGZR', and a older clone of [livejournal.com profile] goshawk on a bicycle.

Saturday was Silat. This, as usual, leads to ouch today. But hee! Got to practice throws and leg locks.

Today, saw III. Is it too much to ask that the characters have something better than wooden direction?
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. . . . you think tai chi can't be aggressive?

Have you seen what those pretty airy movements translate to at speed? Have you seen the weapons that tai chi users have come up with? Star Trek based the Klingon weapons off tai chi work!

Reactive martial art, I will grant you--the tai chi user reacts to someone else's action. But not aggressive?
taennyn: a girl sitting in front of a field of fallen leaves (dancing _is_ fighting)
Even 31 hours later. But ooooh, that was fun. Leverage and the proper use of elbows and open-hand strikes to avoid splitting one's knuckles and why survival is far more important than bull-headedness, and why awareness is the first thing a martial arts student must learn.

silat = !!shiny!!, in case you can't tell already.

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Minor note to self:
[eta] Skunk Anansie (who did Weak); band broke up in '01, frontwoman is Skin. albums on order.
[eta 2] Dar Williams spelunk hard drive, was apparently given [eta 3] FOUND IT!
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