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But hey. It's been a while since I did a sparks post, hasn't it. :)

Wild Roses:
ripple effect - Gideon; appears to be related to unexpected and unrefusable cargo 1

(interpret as liberally as you like) - early Crown Navy era, Ulysse and Lida

Putting one foot in front of another - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan (appears to be in the period between arrangements and arguments [where Dón knows Ruadhan's into the woods but has no idea whatsoever exactly where he is], and when Ruadhan actually shows up in Hernén's demesnes and starts being his irritatingly noisy self all over the woods.)
figures emerging from mist - Trickwood Unification, Evescha and Ioann
A thin layer of ice on everything - Trickwood Unification, Ioann and Evescha
second verse, same as the first - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan
swans - Trickwood Unification, Geoffrey, references unexpected and unrefusable cargo 2
"actually, that's their version of a friendly hello" - Trickwood Unification, unknown
bees in a glass jar - Some Kind of Love Song, 'Jack Gibson'
"I already gave you my decision" - Trickwood Unification, Jared and Hernén

=DDDD - Jonathan Sabaey and his Sense of Impending Doom

that godsdamned ticking - Alternate Earths, Yasha


Witches' Horses:
"Don't write THAT down" - Sibir, Stas
loss of vision/sight - Sibir, Nadya
passing the bottle around the campfire - Sibir, Nadya
working on 72 hours without sleep - Sibir, Nadya

Blue glass - Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair

Untapped amber - Falcons' Feathers, Irina
no really it will fit - Falcons' Feathers, Khenbish

The kind of soup one can only get at home - Swallow's Tale, Taarstad
"what's the fuzzball chewing on now?" - Swallow's Tale, Helena and Sascha


sparkling like water - The Morrigan
Clock tower - Julian De'Ath
Booby trap(s) - The Morrigan
insufficient resources - Deaths, Julian and Eduard De'Ath


The Mummy Series:
the gravitational pull of bed - Mummy postscript, Evie Carnahan
"what is my life what are my choices" - Rick O'Connell
pie - Evie Carnahan and Rick O'Connell
"Why am I juggling magicians?" - Evie Carnahan, Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan


tumbleweeds - Unknown
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It wasn't bad. Some awesome moments, some '...erm' moments, but I remarked to the Dormouse via email afterwards that I was still holding out hope for someone to crack and write the version of Sleeping Beauty where the puny humans invite both faerie factions to their eldest's Formal Presentation so as not to offend either, and suddenly the 'good' faeries are obliged to give real gifts, because the humans invited the 'bad' faction, too, and not only did the 'bad' side show up, it's somebody high up in the ranks who did.

She replied "..... Someone should be you. NOW. *STARES AT YOU*"

So I sketched for her. As you do.

And sketched another one a couple of days ago, because I realised I hadn't found her any fic where someone gets turned into a kitten in ages.

So, if you're interested. These are all slightly cleaned up and tweaked in comparison to their email versions.


The one with mention of infant mortality rates )

The one with an unexpected sense of drama )

The one with a really, really accidental consequence )
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Wait, no.

This is a sparks request post, not a Disney movie.

1-5 range, sweet spot on 3 so I don't get completely overwhelmed and fry my bad hand trying to do all the things. :)


Wild Roses:
Unexpected and unrefusable cargo 1 - Ulysse, some sailors, Gideon (~1k)
"What do we even *have* that lever?" - Trickwood Unification sketchy, Ruadhan and Hernén
goddamn rain - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan and Donel
Unexpected and unrefusable cargo 2 - Trickwood Unification, Hernén, others (a shade over 2k)
Unreliable lamps - early Some Kind of Love Song, Arianhrod
unexpected attack and glowering skies - Some Kind of Love Song, Takashi and Hernén (~1k taken together)
meeting your double - late Trickwood Unification, Geoffrey and Hernén
A place rubbed smooth on a thumb or finger - first war, Isael, a Trickwooder, Annaliese Sabaey
"And Daddy? They *took my boot*!" - first war, Fintain and Hazel

Witches' Horses:
Providing the alibi - Sibir, Nadya, Stas and a captain (~600 words)
Soft stories on dark nights - Vasilisa, sketchy
seven pounds sterling - Sibir, Nadya and Stas
a bone heap being picked over by dogs - pre Chevalier de Grammont, Sinclair
Just the right tone to make crystal vibrate - Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair

delayed by an unexpected flock of sheep - the Morrigan
more manipulative than one likes to pretend - sketchy Eduard and Julian De'Ath

yearned-for comfort - The Mummy, Evie Carnahan
DO NOT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING :D - The Mummy postscript, Evie Carnahan, Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan
"Have you ever killed someone?" "We're getting off the subject." - The Mummy universe well post movie, Evie O'Connell, a small boy, and Rick O'Connell (a shade under 1k)
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I actually have clue one for the meme requests for Falcons' Feathers and Chevalier de Grammont, the remaining many-request stories.

I also appear to have an inkling of clue one for the Trickwood Unification. (dear fuck, it's way more than one novel I could actually start Wild Roses here fuuuuuuck)

Clue One means chunks of jigsaw puzzle, not puzzle-pieces.

Because of that, I am going to stop trying to top my previous wordcounts in the excel doc; it's giving me writer's block because my brain keeps going '1500 words or gtfo' and then I can't string words together. Not useful, that.

So! I am going to try for 50-500 words of meme response for most of the List, to clear the plate. If you would like to leave sparks, please do.


Ian Sansoucy - (yes, there is a pattern here, hush.)
Trickwood Unification (LOTS 2) - barter (Belladonna), wet feet (Hernén), trap time (Hernén again), reinforcements (still Hernén, this is getting to be a pattern), arrangements and arguments (Donel), honour guard (Hernén), breakup (Ruadhan), yelling's done: time to sing (Ilne)
early Some Kind of Love Song (2 1) - sharp knives and shouting cooks
Ulysse (4 2) - guest, tangled in a net
Temir Black Rocks or Sidonie Two Rivers
Ruadhan and/or Donel (3 1, see Trickwood Unification links)
Fintain - calm before the storm
Last One Standing (3 1) (I starting thinking about one of these and it tried to turn into fifteen thousand words and I broke. >.>) - cats' cradles, cards at the corner table
Alternate Earths (2)
adult!Hazel - "Screw what they said, this is the problem right here"


Falcons' Feathers pt 1* (3 2) - unexpected
Falcons' Feathers pt 2 (3 2) - sudden stabbing muscle-twinges in one's back
pre-suns Sibir - never, ever mess with the sergeants
suns Sibir (2)
Chevalier de Grammont (7 1) (fuck meeee I refuse to give timing context for these. =P) - hissing wires, reading wet paper, an intermittent fault, onset of winter, icy liquid, boiling away, coloured glass
Swallow's Tale 3+1
Witches' Horses (2)


Death & the Peddler era (3 2, would be 1 if Jean-Baptiste would talk to me. . . ) - Death & the Peddler 1
after the loss
campaign era (4)
post-campaign Edmund De'Ath

*: goddammit grad student let me have those reference texts on non-Mongol Eurasian steppe tribes!
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In other news, I think I need



Edit: Since LJ no longer allows us to have comment titles at all, here's what's been done so far. :)

Wild Roses:
Cat's eyes, or something else, in the verge of a darkening forest. - early Trickwood Unification, Geoffrey, Hernén, several wolves
new and interesting ways to give yourself a headache - Trickwood Unification, Hernén and Ulysse
a full breakfast spread, extending beyond expectations - Trickwood Unification, not long after reinforcements, Donel and Usoa
explaining the family, Donel and Usoa, follows previous.
A hundred broken barrels of twenty year whiskey and that's the good news - Trickwood Unification, unknowns
nonplussed fox - Some Kind of Love Song, Takashi and Arianhrod
an expression that says "totally love-struck" - late Trickwood Unification, Genevieve Vesna, Geoffrey Sabaey, bebe!Sara Vesna-Sabaey

a mild comment - pre-wars, Hernén and Sean
"are you the good one or the batshit one? And how is someone even supposed to TELL?" - pre-wars, several unknowns and Felix Vesna-Sabaey
I don't lunge--I know you don't like that! I was coming in smoothly and obviously! - pre-wars, the second Joceline and a teenage Conall

too tired to think straight - early wars, Sean
totally and completely failing that one opportunity to look really cool - a teenage Hazel

Slipping in an unexpected spill. - Last One Standing, Aodh and Strider
mist close to the ground on a bright day - Last One Standing, Aodh and Strider

Cocoa and salt. - Alternate Earths, Dutch and Yasha
Renewed awareness of being watched only when the feeling suddenly goes away. - late Alternate Earths, Yasha

Witches' Horses:
jade ornaments in his/her hair - Falcons' Feathers early part 1/prologue, currently-Khenbish
Reluctantly handling something extremely fragile without breaking it. - Falcons' Feathers Part 1-A, Irina, around the time of talking airlock
A horse, a rider, and a clever jeweler - Falcons' Feathers Part 1-B, Irina, members of her family, eventually her many-named
finding comfort in the cold - Falcons' Feathers late Part 2, Irina and her many-named

forty minutes out from home - Sibir, Sergeievich around the time of bare shoulders and suns
a moment of "it's been a long day, and now there's you" - Sibir, Stas and Sergeievich, before new command, new responsibilities

prickling skin - Chevalier de Grammont, Sinclair
fan noise - Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair

Faintly yellowing bone with a crack in it. - Swallow's Tale [prologue], Sascha
never got around to fixing that - Swallow's Tale, 3 + 1 era, Helena, Taarstad, Sascha
different perceptions on an event, clash and discussion - Swallow's Tale, 4 era, Taarstad and Sascha

fur rugs underfoot - the Morrigan, and EVERYONE would like to know what she's up to. Me included.
differing reactions to a sensation - Julian De'Ath and the Morrigan

Ornate brass filigree on a darkly stained box. - early campaign era, Eduard De'Ath and the Morrigan, around the time of mutual bribery
Lessons in insults not to give if you can help it - earlyish campaign era, Eduard De'Ath and the First of China
the crunch of pebbles underfoot - earlyish campaign era, Eduard De'Ath and the Morrigan
" . . it's wet." - campaign, Julian De'Ath and the Morrigan
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This journal is currently accepting sparks.

Edited to add that I'm done for the day, I think. :) Thank you, all.


Wild Roses:
"the word "_____" is starting to lose all meaning to me now." (Ruadhan and Donel)
"more teeth than I want to face in the morning" (Ruadhan, Hernén)
"a beautiful hide" (Baroness Sidonie Two Rivers)
"struggling to repair the ripped lining of a coat." (Donel and Ruadhan)
"Mountain combing" (Donel)
"at least, that's the way *I* remember it -" (Ulysse, Donel, Hernén and Ruadhan)
"since last we danced" (Fintain & Katerina of Autumn)
"Let me see it?" (Fintain and wee!Hazel)

West by north
"the grey of the gloaming" (Ricard & the Morrigan)
war paint (The Morrigan)
To Charm a Firearm (Julian De'Ath & the Morrigan)
craving (The Morrigan)

Herding the Witches' Horses:
"Talking airlock" (Falcons' Feathers, Irina and Khenbish)
"beads in the hair" (Falcons' Feathers, Irina and Khenbish)
"accents of gold and black (Falcons' Feathers, Irina)
this house, it is not well (Vasilisa)
"Unfortunate blade placement" (Sinclair)
Luminescence (Sinclair)

restlessly looking outside when there's work to be done inside.
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*squints at appointments etc within that time* Flying across an ocean, tax appointment, physio appointment, possibly dinner on an island (assuming I can get there), and a weekend of hauling Stuff on another island.

Hmf. Looks like I need to do this right now if I want to get it into the usual pattern.

Well, hopefully some of you are around. :)

Sparks for the poor?

Final count: 36 over two days and somewhat over ten thousand words. Stop moving the goal posts, brain.

brocade couch (Sun Queen era; unknown and Arianhrod)
an expression of complete aplomb in a situation another finds Overwhelming. (Sun Queen era; Ulysse and Arianhrod)
unfamiliar books (Takashi, unattributed time)
misplaced needles (Hernén, unattributed time)

Trickwood Unification: muscle aches (Donel and Ruadhan), hauling water (Donel and Ruadhan), a leap into the dark (Hernén and Belladonna), unexpected territorial marking (Hernén), contingency planning (Hernén, Ruadhan, Donnel and Fintain)

being rushed through getting dressed only to get the clothes All Wrong. (Trickwood, before the wars; Fintain, Caitlyn, Toal and Hernén)


copper ornaments (Falcons' Feathers; Khenbish, Irina and Yevgenia)

Vasilisa: assembly required, small rebellions, missing part, at the other end, no way home, coffee, computers and song

Sibir: faulty wiring (Stas, Sergeievich), the worst of it (Arkady Gregorovich), silver spoon (Stas and Nadya), an unexpected and unwanted message and a doubletake (Stas, Sergeievich, others)

ornate binding lending a relatively unimportant book more gravitas. (or conversely, plain/battered binding hiding an important book in plain view.) (Chevalier de Grammont)
an unexpected safety ([Sweden], with the witch who helped Sinclair)
not wanting to move, for heat and humidity (Swallow's Tail; Helena and Taarstad)


Campaign era: always between the lines (Ricard, looking towards the Morrigan), buying new glassware (Eduard De'Ath and the Morrigan), combination lock (Eduard De'Ath, Julian De'Ath, the Morrigan), no light (Julian De'Ath, Azrael, the Morrigan)


feeling of sunlight on skin (Nataraj; Rita and Luke)
finding an end (unknown scholarly gentleman and knitter niece)
the sound of someone else breathing (Mummy fanfic, two parts because it ran overspace)
mocassins (unknown gentleman who approves of classical things and irate feminine companion)
A plaid something that SHOULD NOT BE PLAID (unknowns)
"I look like a demented pirate." (unknowns)
blue glass bottle(s) (unknowns)
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Spark me, please!


Wild Roses
an introductory/cover letter so over-the-top ridiculous that it actually serves its purpose (Jared)
a smell so bad it's almost impossible to work around (Trickwood Unification, Hernén, Donel, Ruadhan)
toothy grins (Trickwood Unification, Hernén, Donel, Ruadhan)
confessions! confessions! (Some Kind of Love Song, Arianhrod and Takashi)
melancholy (James)
unfamiliar stars (Niamh and Aodh)
"I will nom you, right in the face mister!" (Sascha, Fintain, Katerina)
misplaced trees (wars-era, Hernén and Ruadhan)
"where the breathing of the vanished lies in acres round your feet" (wars-era, Conall)
Barefoot Aodh (Last One Standing, Strider and Aodh)
playing "identify the stain" with one's clothing. (Alternate Earths, Yasha, Aodh, Screen)
ephemera (Alternate Earths, Yasha, Aodh, Strider)
perforating time (Alternate Earths, Yasha and Aodh)

Herding the Witches' Horses
a star shining brighter (Falcons' Feathers, Irina)
signature (Sibir, Stas and a sergeant)
a giant, unrepentantly pink bow (Sibir, Nadya)
a ridiculously adorable couple that is not being annoying/obnoxious (Sibir, Katiusha, Nadya, Stas)
voices of the sea (Vasilisa)
brambles (Vasilisa)
boxes (Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair)
strange battery (Chevalier de Grammont, Martin and Grammont)
"What the hell happened to my clothes?!" (Swallow's Tail, Petrovich and Helena)
an annoyingly persistant leak that refuses to be found. (Swallow's Tail, Sascha)
"Did you hear that?" (Swallow's Tail, Petrovich and Sascha)
*gets jumper cables!* (Witches' Horses, Ilya, Katya, Dima)

thick, heavy air full of warm wet earth smells. (pre-campaign, brothers De'Ath)
sand between one's toes (Julian De'Ath, the brothers)
a mouse in one's hair (pre-campaign, the Morrigan)
noises in cave(s) (pre-campaign, the Morrigan and Edmund De'Ath)
forgotten (pre-campaign, the Morrigan)
"No?" (early campaign, Eduard De'Ath and the Morrigan)
unexpected hacking (campaign, Ricard, Julian De'Ath, the Morrigan)
"What just broke?" (campaign, Julian De'Ath)
appreciation (post-campaigns, the Morrigan and Theo)
snow caught in eyelashes (post-campaigns, the Morrigan)

a pumpkin charm or trinket
functional keychains (Nataraj, Samuil and Luke)
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I'm burning a ridiculous number of CDs to fill the last order for today, so have some time on my hands.

Spark me, people!

I make no promises as to what you'll get in response. :)


35 sparks, split as:

Deaths (8)
precampaign, "wolves and plaid" (the Morrigan) which expanded to old feuds and is still growing.
precampaign, "almond biscuits" (the Morrigan)
precampaign, "steel coins" (the Morrigan)
early campaign, "accurate" (Eduard De'Ath)
campaign, "Wait, you actually traveled in that?" (Eduard and Julian De'Ath, the Morrigan) which expanded to Troy
campaign, "DUCK!" (Julian De'Ath, the Morrigan) which expanded to heat of the moment
postcampaign, "upside down and annoyed raven" (the Morrigan) which expanded to caw to you too, darling
postcampaign, "velvet or silk in dark forest green (Julian De'Ath, the Morrigan)

Herding the Witches' Horses (Falcons' Feathers: 2, Sibir: 2, Swallow's Tail: 4, Witches' Horses: 2)
Falcons' Feathers, "accent" (Irina and Sajal)
Falcons' Feathers, "acceptance" (Irina and Sajal) which expanded to unwelcome

Sibir, "battlefield communications" (Katusha, Nadya) and "the wrong trap" which became raiding the stores

Sibir/Swallow's Tail, "actually effective armour" (Helena, Lev Petrovich)
Swallow's Tail, "a piece of metal with no discernible purpose" (Lev Petrovich, Sascha)
Swallow's Tail, "a sudden loud clatter" (Sascha, Lev Petrovich) which expanded to fishing for tools
Swallow's Tail, "the smell of hot metal" (Sascha)

Witches' Horses, "goosebumps on foxes" (Ilya, Katya)
Witches' Horses, "ancient tourist book" (Ilya, Dima)

Wild Roses (12)
Trickwood Unification, "lapses in translation" (Hernén, Ettore)
Trickwood Unification, "intricate carving out of boredom" (Donel, Ruadhan) which expanded to another winter afternoon
Some Kind of Love Song, "brown sugar sand" (Arianhrod and Takashi) which expanded to dawn
Some Kind of Love Song, "stolen kisses under starlight" (Arianhrod and Takashi)
Some Kind of Love Song, "annoyingly sticky fingers" (Arianhrod and Takashi)
Trickwood Unification, "tree speech" (Thérese Manannan)
Trickwood prewars, "bad time to magic" (Conall)
Trickwood wars, "feathers of unusual size" (Isael, Conall)
Post wars?, "bad tea shipment" (Madame Lehseet)
post wars, "blue cotton candy" (Jonathan and Sascha)
Alternate Earths, "elemental" (Yasha)
Future Forward, "accentuate" (Hazel and Lin)

Nataraj (5)
"cold fried chicken that's gone slightly soggy" (Samuil)
"friday pie" (Rita)
"sugar scrubs" (Rita and Luke)
"oatmeal" (Samuil)
"last good shirt" (Samuil, Luke)

Please let me know if I mucked up a link.

Also, please forgive my typos and word substitutions--I normally catch those before posting but in a hurry (as with sparks), I don't catch 'em all in time.

Spark me?

May. 8th, 2009 10:53 am
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Name, story-universe, word, phrase, situations, all good*.

*: The more specific you are ('Arianhrod, "You must be joking", blue cup') the more likely it is to be Very Short.


Wild Roses
Phoebe, Lehseet, "what is it NOW?" (Sun Queen era)
unexpected rain (Queen-era, Arianhrod, Ulysse)
a metaphorical weather-vane (Jared, pre-Rosenthal)
mud under grass (Trickwood Unification, Hernén and Belladonna)
odd-coloured light sources (Trickwood Unification, Hernén)
"Sometimes the wolf is just a distraction." (Trickwood Unification, unknown)
something to do with monkeys (Some Kind of Love Song, Arianhrod & Takashi)
thick light (Hazel, second war)
Hazel, Fintain, "Why THIS one?"
(post wars)
Isael, Conall, the kitten (post wars)
a sense of resignation (the sense of resignation had while working with a partner who is having a gleefully immature and destructive "YAY!" moment) (Jonathan, Sascha, post wars)

" . . . she's squished." (the Morrigan, Edmund De'Ath, pre-campaign)
melted candle wax and iron (the Morrigan, pre campaign)
a cheshire grin (Eduard De'Ath & the Morrigan, on campaign)
frost in the air (Eduard De'Ath & [Telas], on campaign)

Everything Else
bad motor (Witches' Horses, Ilya, before the beginning)
cold metal (Witches' Horses, Ilya, around the same time as this.)
"Yes. Waitresses always come to the table when your mouth is full." (Nataraj, Luke and Samuil)
"If I visit the restroom will the delivery guy get here faster?" (Nataraj, Luke and Samuil)
someone getting EATEN (Time Enough, Laz and Lor and Dora)
an ominous light (Vasilisa, the doll)
the smell of burning hair (Swallow's Tail, Petrovich)
diplomatic immunity (unknown)


Jan. 19th, 2009 10:29 am
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Sparks for the poor?

Wild Roses:
The difference between timely and just in time (Phoebe & a young Ulysse)
a match struck in the dark (Takashi, Rock God days)
Fire-aligned at -40 (somewhere in the Trickwood)
family relationships (somewhere in the Trickwood)
changing assumptions
half-rotted leaves
tall grass
I eets ur hed (the ambassador from Autumn & her daughter)
secondhand boots [2] (Isael)
fuzzy scratchy blankets (Fintain & Hazel & Sascha)
red stripes (Hazel & Sascha)
piano scales played slowly (Aodh)
bear trap (Hazel & Lin)
a little grey kitten (Isael & Conall)


Herding the Witches' Horses:
a broken instrument (Falcons' Feathers, Sajal & Irina)
tasting smoke (Falcons' Feathers, Irina)
secondhand boots [1] (Sibir, Sergeievich)
reoccuring dreams (Sibir/Swallow's Tail, Helena)
nitrogen snow (le Chevalier de Grammont, Sinclair)
cats (le Chevalier de Grammont, Sinclair & Grammont)
the feeling of walking into the middle of an argument, even tho nobody's actually saying anything. (le Chevalier de Grammont, Martin & Sinclair & Grammont)
large fluffy falling snow (Swallow's Tail, Petrovich & Sascha)


Death be not Proud:
mackeral (the Morrigan)
a partially destroyed, crucial record ([Telas] De'Ath)
brass taps & oak (Eduard De'Ath & the Morrigan)
self-indulgence (the Morrigan)


the smell of salted meat frying (Nataraj, Luke & Samuil)
polished marble (Nataraj, Luke)
incandescent joy (Nataraj, Luke & Samuil)


Heroes are irritating creatures.
just hanging on 'til tomorrow
sometimes healing brings its own sort of pain
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Spark me, people!


Wild Roses:
the feel and/or scent of wet earth: Wild Roses, the Trickwood, in the wars ties in with muddy water, which was written for the forty-in-four in January
wool in blended sea greens and blues and purples: Wild Roses, Sascha & Hazel
light and spirit--or a bottle of spirits, whichever appeals more: [Andeliin], sketchy
tornado sky: Wild Roses, probably actually Sebastien, Trickwood first war
pounding, heavy, november rain: Wild Roses, Fintain

Herding the Witches' Horses:
orange (color, fruit and/or scent): Swallow's Tail, Taarstad & Helena
a drastic change in appearance: Witches' Horses, Grammont
gold teeth: try 2 (Sajal & Irina, Falcons' Feathers)
try 3 (Swallow's Tail, Helena, Sascha, Petrovich, some idiot)
white dreadlocks: 12 Brigands/Falcons' Feathers epilogue
exposed steel, like broken bones: Witches' Horses, Grammont, Sinclair, Ilya
the last few cards of a strange old deck: Falcons' Feathers, Sajal
rusted out, gutted hulk: Falcons' Feathers, Irina
red hot steel: Witches' Horses, Sinclair

Other stories:
sherbert pink (or pink sherbert): the Morrigan (includes a present-sketch! Eee!)
sand in the teeth: I have No Idea.
gold teeth: try 1 (brothers De'Ath)
silhouetted in a cloud of golden dust: Nataraj, Samuil & Luke
heirloom tomatoes: Not sure; may be wee!Luke and his dad
robot, human: Pallas Athene & the whiplash twins
someone arguing in defense of a completely ordered mess: Nataraj, Samuil & Luke
phantoms of the mind; apprehension without any particular cause being because there wasn't any cause: Nataraj, Samuil
crisp cool cotton blowing against the skin on a hot day: I have No Idea
the pattern of light made by the sun shining through a woven straw hat or basket: Nataraj, Samuil & Luke
having sore, slowly focusing eyes, upon waking: I have No Idea


Oct. 13th, 2007 04:06 pm
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Wild Roses spark-responses:
A welcome mat. (Phoebe, Ulysse)
"But is it worth it?" (unknown)
Something belonging only to [me] (Hazel and Lin)
The only safe space in the world. (Liare, Lin)
a worn-unrecognizable stuffed. . . uh, something. (Sascha, Jonathan, Hazel)
A bottle of black dye (chaos!twins)
Crumpled sheets of paper (Sean)
Waking up and realizing it's below freezing and you're under a lot of blankets and just do NOT want to get up. (Sascha)
The taste of salt right after drinking orange juice. (Niamh)
Fault lines. (Isael)
Warm sand - texture/feeling (Sean and a Hand)
A broken mirror. (Conall and Isael)
Chess (or approximate equivalent) (Hazel and Lin)
cumin up one's nose (the docks)
A non-threatening but irritatingly incapacitating illness. (Sascha)
Liminal spaces (Yasha)
Doldrums (Niamh, Aodh)
Foreboding weather (Trickwood)
needing a haircut (Conall)
"here we go for the hunderedth time, hand grenade pins in every line" (second Joceline)
nervous waiting (Sean, The Lady)
mist and sunlight over water (unknown)
Rainbows of many different silk brocades. (Phoebe, Granmere Lehseet [the Shopkeeper])
Intricate knotting, weaving, and colored cords. (unknown)
the bite/tingle of something spicy (Isaac Gabriel)
A blanket that's still warm (Fang Yin, Aodh)
A warm bath (Hazel and Lin)
COVERED IN BEES (chaos!twins and their great-grandmother)
reflexively whacking someone with a big stick (second Joceline and Conall)
deceptive sunny blue sky coupled with shocking cold. (Trickwood)
gold leaves in a wind funnel, like gold flakes in a stream of water. (Sebastian)

Witches' Horses spark-responses:
A broken window. ([Swans])
Magma (Vasilisa)
"You sure of that?" (Witches' Horses)
a job well done ([Swans])
the sound of wind against windows (as yet unaffiliated)
polished steel (Witches' Horses)
The sound of rain against windows after a victory at great cost to you and yours. (Witches' Horses side arc [Ruslan Sergeievich])
Reflections on antique black lacquer (Falcons' Feathers)
a bone windchime (Vasilisa)
autumn sunlight through red tinted leaves (Vasilisa)
Soup of the day (Witches' Horses)
Carousel. (unknown)
Non-sequitor ([Swans])
Mushrooms (unknown)
Oppressive heat and humidity ([Swans])
bottled, over-processed & sweetened tea (Witches' Horses)

Death be not Proud spark-responses:
A painted wooden box (brothers De'Ath)
The age of rocks. (the Morrigan)
Thin ice over shallow water (the Morrigan)
a watch that won't start (the Morrigan)
the smell of wood smoke (brothers De'Ath)
wind in your hair, moving at speed (the Morrigan)

Other/unattributed/etc spark-responses:
The top of a mountain.
refractions from raindrops standing on greenery after a shower.
the abrupt realization that the old friend you have run across has, in the intervening years, spawned. (Pride, Mota)
The sounds and smells of a major industrial workshop, (hot steel, oil, hammers on hot steel) (Tanith)
the catloaf
The faint scent left in a discarded garment.
a picture frame
attack of the mosquitos
wind blown sand (Mirages, Isha, Fire-eyes)

Thank you all. Also, good lord.

Comments still very much appreciated.
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Though I need to stop thinking about the Bone-Witch for a bit*.

So, we have the reappearance of the meme:

Sparks, please. Responses may be slightly delayed if the Witch or a spark eats my face.

*: I'm determined to finish before the end of October. Originally projected to be about six thousand words, but I'm at five-ish now and need at least another two to finish the tale as it's been progressing. Oiigh.
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Title: breath and shadows
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Conall, Isael, Aodh
Prompt: 054 – "Air"
Word Count: 763
Rating: PG
Notes: some months after the as-yet unwritten events following the expansion of Summons; if a reminder's needed, Conall's a werewolf.

A pinch of familiar tobacco )
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Title: Four becomes Three
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Ulysse Manannan Sabaey, Arianhrod Sabaey
Prompt: 030 "Death"
Word Count: 1013
Rating: PG-13 for dead body
Notes: Rough draft of what may eventually be the second or third chapter of the full second war arc (the first being the tying up of a loose end from the first war in very . . final fashion. Etienne, from the last prompt, manages to get away, at the end of the first war.). Do not read if you're spoiler shy. Comments very, very much needed.

Find Ruadhan )
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Title: Not a Kid
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Hazel, Isael
Prompt: 069 “Thunder”
Word Count: 853
Rating: PG, for non-detailed war
Notes: First prompt set during the course of the Second War. First was very much politically based, persons unknown struggling for control and the throne. Second war was much more . . metaphysical. And not in the new-age sense.

She woke to thunder. )
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Title: Familiar Stranger
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Phoebe, the second Ian
Prompt: 060, “Drink”
Word Count: 1050
Rating: PG for slightly warped family dynamics
Notes: . . . long history short: Phoebe and the first Ian never had anything happen between them—he was married to someone else when they met for the first time. Both would have quite liked for something to have happened between them. First Ian’s been missing, presumed dead for something like sixteen hundred years, when this is set.

knock knock knocking . . . )
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Played on horseback.

several links here

Just in case any of you needed inspiration. :D
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Title: Earth
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses, Ulysse Manannan Sabaey
Prompt: 050 "Spade"
Word Count: 482
Rating: . . erm. Dead body. No blood left. PG-13?
Notes: this will be continued. Fairly major plot point of the Bastards' War, however--please do not read if you're spoiler shy.

Ulysse did not like the land )


Oct. 7th, 2005 09:24 am
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Mmn. I'm aware that I owe [livejournal.com profile] billradish a snip (or babble) on the Murphys (y'want all four, or can I stop at two?), and [livejournal.com profile] dormouse_in_tea a snip on Snake (did we ever figure out why they both have a fixation on Alice?). My apologies for the long wait.

I am feeling an itch to write, but have no sparkpoints.

So I throw open an arena for requests: who haven't you heard about, in too long? Who sounds shiny, but you haven't got nearly enough details? Who belongs to a particular detail?


Query re: Thaddeus (and his mother), here
Minor Phoebe and Arianhrod babble
Minor Fire-eyes babble
Aodh: purple bootlaces and in a formal kitsune setting
taennyn: a girl sitting in front of a field of fallen leaves (storyteller - writer!self)
Someone request babble on someone/thing. or a snippet.

[ETA] there is no time limit on this. You are free to request more than one babble and/or snippet.

[ETA2] Snips and babble so far:
Thaddeus, babble and snip (ignore the perverts down the thread, they're bad!werewolves), snip
Phoebe and Aifiric's wedding day
Isael (and Loki-horse), babble and snip, snip
The Morrigan (goddess and person), babble and snip
pre-teen Aodh, snip
baby!Dante, snip
Ian, first worldwalk (Celeloriel is trying to break my BRAIN)
Life in general with the family De'Ath babble
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Though I'm not entirely happy with it.

Narr. )

A coda

Apr. 11th, 2005 10:50 pm
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Death walked. He waits. )

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