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Quite deliberately, Mom would have let me have the other bed.

But the idea of waking up in the middle of the night in my own bedroom surrounded by my mother's bedroom furniture from my adolescence seems like 'I woke up in the wrong fucking reality' nightmare fuel.

So I'm sleeping in what used to be Veggie's room in the house in Bellingham, and gaaaaaaah.
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My parents' house on the island I grew up on has been offered a price they've accepted! Closing date is June 27th.

Which is very exciting, considering how long it's been on the market, if only half-heartedly.

It also means Mom was looking for a place to live, and eventually asked me for my old landlords' contact info in Bellingham. Which I freely gave, because I loved living in that place and they were the best landlords I've ever had.

Turns out they had an opening in her timeframe.

Specifically, the townhouse at the corner.

Where I lived between 2010 and 2013.

My childhood address is disappearing from family hands for the final time, and my mother is resurrecting my adultiest address (thus far).

.... As one does, I suppose?


Aug. 24th, 2013 12:54 pm
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You know you did something right when your now-former landlady half-jokingly asks your roommate if you'd consider being their professional cleaning service.

(They can't afford me. NOBODY can afford me, you'd have to put in broadband 'net, low-scent cleaning products, and schedule therapeutic massage hours for afterwards just to get me to consider it.)

ETA: They called to ask if we'd had the carpets shampooed because of the lack of pet smell after three years of residence. Which, nope. Just not a very pollute-y cat and a good vacuum cleaner. :)
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So. Our landlords want to show their soon-to-be-vacated unit (I hate moving. Above and beyond it, leaving this place is going to suck, because the landlord's been awesome and that's really not something you can count on), and since the landlord in Seattle basically accused me of keeping a dirty enough house to attract wildlife, I tend to get . . . motivated to tidy the place before landlords come by anyway.

And now there will be people opening cabinets and looking for signs of water damage and Weird Stains, because you want to know what you're getting into with a rental, yes?

Cue neurotic cleaning of the things. All the things.

(I'm sure you think I'm kidding. Ask Zach or K, they got drafted for some of the tidying. >.> I had to ask Zach to stop defurring the vacuum cleaner* so we could finish vacuuming before the deadline.)

We had the first showing last night, and went out to dinner to get out of their way. Today Veggie's headed to a coffeeshop and Zach and K and I are going to Two Guns for the duration of the open house.


*: The Lord of Fluff sheds. So do I. Mine are easier to see in the rollers of the vacuum; his are easier to see on . . everywhere else. Behold the joys of a dark cat and not-immensely-dark everything else.
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"So you typed until it hurt. =|"

"In my defense, I didn't know there was a problem until it started hurting."

(I was transcribing old, old notes from hardcopy to text docs in the interest of not moving papers I didn't really need. Also, I hurt all the time; it's only noteworthy when my symptoms change.

Yeah, you can flatline face at me. Just be thankful I didn't follow up on last night's impulse to see how many of the forty-plus responses to a poll from March I could hit today.

Seventeen more days until I'm allowed to take standard painkillers. Coincidentally that's also the day the house in Seattle is officially no longer ours.)
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Rearranged bedroom furniture this weekend*; while I can recognise all of the individual pieces (in some cases with cussing--my current clothes dresser is kind of evil), and the room they're in, the shift in configuration is enough that it feels like I'm looking into someone else's room. =|

*: My parents' china cabinet is migrating over here, so I needed to find a space to put it. My mother's father's old desk has been living next to the kitchen essentially as a horizontal surface, and it's roughly the size of the china cabinet. So I rotated my bed ninety degrees and shoved it into a corner, swapped the wall the dresser was on, and put the grandfather desk where the head of my bed used to reside. Yay space for a china cabinet! augh there's an empty space on the living room wall!

I took pity on the front pot-plants and the grass in the postage stamp (our back yard, it is not large) and watered last night. >.> Some of the herbs were a bit crispy leaved from the heat wave we had last week. Hail darwinian gardening?

I am now pondering where to put the DVD and CD racks; theoretically speaking they could stay roughly where they are now, but it's not a very efficient location.

Veggie gets home tonight, from her sojourn into the land of teh Swamp, which was apparently kind (ish) and was imitating the typical weather here more than the humidity of doom.

I was born in Maryland. Don't ask me to approve of the humidity. =P

.... and that's the end of the sustained hand points for the moment. I'm going to go see what I can scrounge from the kitchen for two points or less. >.>
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House 18 worked.

We now own a '97 honda accord, in colours that alternate (depending on ambient light) between two shades of dark red.

Two prompts left, two months short of two years later. I think I'll try to tackle them tomorrow.

If you have questions re: previous (in worldbuilding or character sense), they are welcome. I reserve the right to break down in hysterical laughter if you accuse me of having a 'kelts r kewl!' moment.

The girl who will be taking over my job starts her training Monday. Despite the amount I've accomplished in two years, I feel a touch guilty about the things I haven't done. Eh.

Yes, I'm alive. No, I still don't really exist (in terms of chat appearance, all metaphysical queries aside).
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Which is to say that Great Big Sea's ZooTunes concert last night was a marvelous amount of fun, filled with Nova Scotian Rock Gods and one of the very few accordian Rock Stars (appropriately enough wearing rock star sunglasses for the very prosaic purpose of Not Being Blind, Thank You). I actually clapped hard enough to bust a blood vessel in one of my fingers, which is bruising up quite interestingly.

A vast improvement, on the whole, over yesterday just-before-lunchtime. We'd gone out to a quite decent breakfast, and on the way home, a minivan decided she was turning left-goddammit . . in a gap that didn't actually exist.

Her insurance company has accepted full liability, and Tic-Tac was today declared totalled. Sixteen months since we got Tic-Tac, after having been rear-ended on an offramp in February of '06. I could do without this becoming a cycle, really. =P

Still househunting, of course (14 houses so far this year, and the best of the lot was #3, the one we lost ten days ago due to runaway cellular growth*). We're seeing #15 tomorrow lunchtime, and a potential replacement car tomorrow evening.

It's fortunate I have a mutual fund stash, but ye gods I'm going to owe taxes come April.

In other news, a very sweet young thing met a classy older english gentleman and together they produced a positively glorious port-y raspberry wine. If you ask me nicely, I might even tell you what farmer's market I bought it from. :)

*: owner decided not to move to Berkeley due to a diagnosis of severe-enough breast cancer she went in for surgery a month after being diagnosed and six days after making the decision re: moving and informing her would-have-been-renters).
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Primary coping mechanism one: Heatpack across shoulders and the back of my neck. This simultaneously works on the areas I carry stress (and the shoulder that has a history of assaulting nerves), and fries my brain. (I don't overheat well, y'see. My brain tends to shut off in self defense.)

Primary coping mechanism two: clean things. Well, empty out, sort through, repack and clean things. I shoveled the fireplace this morning, for example, and sorted through one of the tubs we use to keep the Beast from knocking over the trash so he can inspect it for crinkly objects and Q-tips. Under some plastic baggage it was determined to be cleaning supplies. W00t!

. . I also packed two boxes of seldom used kitchen utensils and am compiling another box of small appliances.

Thus: my inability to sleep past seven currently (well, six fifty-seven this morning and yesterday), and my massive, massive jitters about househunting (craigslist is Not Updating Fast Enough, and the classifieds are unhelpful) may very well combine to get us geared up to Move. Ph34r. >.>
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Busier weekend in the works than I was initially expecting, but I wander past journal because I'm conscious now and the bank doesn't open for another half hour.

I considered replying to the pay-it-forward meme starting to go around, then paused, and remembered that while I have done many crafty-things in my time, I'm not currently doing any*, and don't really have the option of doing any for the near future. Yet another mildly unpleasant realisation. Sigh.

In other news, personal territoriality is, at best, non-impacting, and at worst is an intense back of brain Problem. I also get territorial over some very odd things (names among them).

Hi. Still here.

*: to the point that I own no stone cutting, silversmithing, jewelry-assembly or calligraphy gear. Oh, well. Things pass.
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Read too many cookbooks (especially websites, like this one), and you may find yourself in the mood for experimental cooking.

This gets awkward when most of your dry goods are in a box (just one--our TEA box is the same size!), due to moving the weekend after this one (argh!). *

But! I have emerged triumphant, as my roommate neglected to pack the bulgar wheat. I also caused a container of mozarella balls to be purchased sometime in the last five days, and we had a bit of minced garlic left in the jar.

I fried the minced garlic in butter and dark mushroomed soy sauce, then stirred in the cheese until it started to melt. Pulled the cheese out, and dumped the remainder of the sauce-thingy into the pot with the simmering bulgar wheat.

It's interesting. The wheat's still just a touch crunchy, and it melds nicely with the cheese.

(and yes, o my roommate, that would be WTF happened to the stove.)

*: yes, we've been inside. Kitchen is significantly better than our current one. I have nefarious plans regarding the laundry-alcove slider [which STICKs] and my closet doors. I will be losing between ten and fifteen square feet of space--no attached doom!closet in the downstairs bedroom--and the roommate will be gaining significant space. She's getting the upstairs bedroom, which, when you add in a doom!closet and a bathroom (with walk-in shower), comprises the whole of the upstairs. We plan to put the library up there with her, and to put in panel-dividers to give her defined space that isn't bookshelves. Twenty-one boxes of books, so far, and we're not done yet. Oi.
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So, the roommate (having the day off today for the sake of her mental health) wandered down to office management at our apartment complex to check in about renewing our lease, as we hadn't heard anything about it yet.

Apparently our lease was up this last Sunday.

Oh, and our rent's gone up, by roughly sixty dollars a month, and they sent us a letter in July about this. Really! It's in our file and everything. Nevermind that they haven't heard from us about it.

*growl* If the layout in the apartment complex closer to work is atrocious, I'll push for staying where we are (as hell, the hassle of changing my mailing address AGAIN, EVERYWHERE, and probably changing phone numbers, too, not to mention moving in/out costs and paying a different rent increase . . although 1100 square feet would be nice).

Good going, guys. I'd nearly talked myself into sticking around another year to be able to save for other things, despite the kitchen and space issues.
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Next time you feel incredibly tired while propped up on your elbows on the floor?

Move your elbows before you fall asleep so you don't wind up body-pressing them into the carpet.

'cause a forty-five minute nap is going to leave them aching.
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Even 31 hours later. But ooooh, that was fun. Leverage and the proper use of elbows and open-hand strikes to avoid splitting one's knuckles and why survival is far more important than bull-headedness, and why awareness is the first thing a martial arts student must learn.

silat = !!shiny!!, in case you can't tell already.

more babble )

Minor note to self:
[eta] Skunk Anansie (who did Weak); band broke up in '01, frontwoman is Skin. albums on order.
[eta 2] Dar Williams spelunk hard drive, was apparently given [eta 3] FOUND IT!
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