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I've added the links, and the latter section was sent about seven minutes after the first, but otherwise, I typed this in bed, on the Widow.

To: Veggie

Guess who's still difficult to sleep around.

No, go on, guess.

He's trying to bend my forearm through sheer force of purr so he can cuddle my head instead of charging. But wow, shades of the past.

.... The snoring is much cuter when it's not conducting into your forehead. Or drooling.

The sleep purring is kind of cute, though.


Aug. 24th, 2013 12:54 pm
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You know you did something right when your now-former landlady half-jokingly asks your roommate if you'd consider being their professional cleaning service.

(They can't afford me. NOBODY can afford me, you'd have to put in broadband 'net, low-scent cleaning products, and schedule therapeutic massage hours for afterwards just to get me to consider it.)

ETA: They called to ask if we'd had the carpets shampooed because of the lack of pet smell after three years of residence. Which, nope. Just not a very pollute-y cat and a good vacuum cleaner. :)
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So. Our landlords want to show their soon-to-be-vacated unit (I hate moving. Above and beyond it, leaving this place is going to suck, because the landlord's been awesome and that's really not something you can count on), and since the landlord in Seattle basically accused me of keeping a dirty enough house to attract wildlife, I tend to get . . . motivated to tidy the place before landlords come by anyway.

And now there will be people opening cabinets and looking for signs of water damage and Weird Stains, because you want to know what you're getting into with a rental, yes?

Cue neurotic cleaning of the things. All the things.

(I'm sure you think I'm kidding. Ask Zach or K, they got drafted for some of the tidying. >.> I had to ask Zach to stop defurring the vacuum cleaner* so we could finish vacuuming before the deadline.)

We had the first showing last night, and went out to dinner to get out of their way. Today Veggie's headed to a coffeeshop and Zach and K and I are going to Two Guns for the duration of the open house.


*: The Lord of Fluff sheds. So do I. Mine are easier to see in the rollers of the vacuum; his are easier to see on . . everywhere else. Behold the joys of a dark cat and not-immensely-dark everything else.
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In the event you'd like to see me babble about something, ask me questions?

As otherwise I got:

Visceral Manipulation humans: thaaaaaat's a little creepy (she found everything but the left arm zappy stuff blind).

Standard PT humans: ".... so that's not normal? 'cause the other side's like this, too." "--This feels like a post surgical rotator cuff. O.o;" (Who knew shoulders were supposed to have motion that direction?) (Answer: Not Me!)

Also, cat accidentally crunched one of my fingers along with his feathery toy today. Oops. (I can still slice mushrooms with my right index finger out of commission, we're fine. =P)


Feb. 23rd, 2013 06:41 pm
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The cat is SINGING in his box. SINGING.


He has got to be murdering something in his dreams.

Also one suspects that in his dreams he is a big black lion.

. . . and now he's sleep-purring. I'm going with he got whatever he was after. O.o;
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The Beast approves of baked sweet potato/yam (the orange insides and brown exterior). I caught him leaving a divot in my breakfast material yesterday.

The Beast also approves the biodegradable peanuts Lush shipped us. He just ate one outright in front of us.

They admittedly taste kind of like rice cakes, unless you get one of the contaminated-by-soap ones.

No, I'm not telling you why I know that.
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And sneezed in my face yesterday.

This should be interesting.

I'm still banging on the plate-clearing post. Still feel rusty as hell, but that's what you get when you don't write much. *makes face at self*

In physical news, I am contemplating peering at yoga. This is . . . scary. But pilates has been going well, and it's becoming more obvious which joints are not so gud at this stability nonsense, and yoga likes to work on that sort of thing. So.

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See if you can avoid breaking another hairclip on the cat's head when he's being obnoxious.



Dec. 6th, 2011 01:02 pm
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Guess I am getting stronger.

Got home from an errand, found the cat perched on the edge of the sink drinking out of a buttery measuring cup we'd filled with water to soak*. Grabbed 'im by the scruff of the neck and carried him over to his carrier, stuffed him in it for a few minutes.

Realised as I was doing it that my bad shoulder and wrist weren't even bitching at me, despite carrying 18ish pounds of cat one-handed well out from my body.

That's kinda neat.

*: Let him out, he hopped back up on the sink to look for the cup again (which I'd put in the dishwasher while he was in the carrier). Back in the carrier with you!

Let him out again, caught him checking the tinfoil [livejournal.com profile] billradish made biscuits on this morning . .
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So, we made two dishes to take with us to the Aunts'. One was green bean bundles, and Radish did nine, for a guest list of seven.

While she was upstairs--Sarah and I downstairs with the dishwasher running--the cat opened up the tinfoil covered dish we were going to transport these things in, and ate three.

Outright. Green beans and all.

What the hell is in my house wearing a cat suit?
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We board the cat when we're away (hello, Vancouverites), and we've always been very upfront about the fact that the large black lump in the carrier is a Jerk.

This morning, when I went up to collect him, the front desk said he was a total sweetheart. No problems whatsoever.

(Yes, I got the correct cat back.)

I also got to meet the front desk's personal dog, a brindled young pitbull who'd apparently come out of a puppy mill's breeder side. Says good things about a couple's ability to work with a dog when you have a happy wriggly girl pit going 'Oh god yes love meeeeee!' when she's less than six months out of a Bad Scene.

(Now they just have to get her to be a bit more okay with a closed door between her and her human. Small steps. Apparently utter glee at meeting a human was New today, and made the front desk go eeeee!)

In weekend-related news, my long distance walking tolerance has increased considerably, [livejournal.com profile] goldjadeocean might be in fact be visually obscured by a full grown sea otter standing in front of her, NOBODY gets drilled enough on marching to satisfy the inner cadets-sergeant, small children should be kept on THIS side of the glass divider between the monkeys and the belugas and also if you're invested in staying dry you might want to sit over thatta way, dogs that look a bit like coyotes make [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics' brain all poofy even if they are on leash, North Vancouver continues to have better takeout Chinese than Bellingham, and the kitten in residence at M's place is Tiny, Puffy, and Made of Rubber. Also quite blase about going to sleep while lying backwards in someone's hands. It's almost enough to make me consider leaving the pool of Giant Fluffy Cats and dabbling my toes in the Fluffy Cats pond.
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The cat bagged a robin this evening, bringing his house total to two moles and what appeared to be an adult robin.

He's on track to top his previous house total (the Seattle house), given in three years' residence he bagged a sparrow and 2.5 rats, and we've lived here less than a year.

Behold teh mighty hunter.

I think I need a cat icon.

(Edited to note: finally added a beast icon 2nd December 2012.)


Dec. 29th, 2010 10:10 am
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Looks like it tried to snow last night (maybe an inch, already half-gone by the time I got downstairs).

I am a terrible influence (and example, if you count the fact that my alpaca armwarmers were Inspirational) and miss [livejournal.com profile] goldjadeocean is now the dubious owner of laceweight alpaca yarn, in a colour perhaps most easily described as easter-egg wisteria. Muwahahaha?

In related news, she is rather less nervous of the Beast these days. His improved sanity rating may be a contributive factor. (And yes, he's still missing a lot of sanity points. Mostly, he's an occasional jerk but not currently an active bastard. Which is a nice change.)

[livejournal.com profile] billradish and I have done Terrible Things to a calendar (we liked six of the images enough to want to keep 'em). So we have framed them. Now we just need to put them up....

I still hate my exercises. I am still doing them. I'm up to roughly twenty different ones for daily use (with up to five occasional ones). My physio assistant keeps going O.o;, but we haven't been able to weed them down enormously. Stupid body. *grumps*
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Not the peaches (the veggie) and raspberries (me), anyway, and since mom likes apples and my brother approves of anything with caloric content...

So yeah, farmer's market. I signed up for a CSA this year, which has been . . . interesting. Feel like I'm paying overmuch for the amounts we're getting (3/4 of an ounce of mint is Way Less than you'd think), but the enforced weekly visits to the farmer's market have been kind of good for us.

I haven't been posting much; fell off the wagon a busy weekend and never quite got back on in July. So, I'm just going to babble a bit, try to get myself back into the habit--

The Beast's getting somewhat less obsessive about the Big Blue Room now that he gets a certain amount of access to said, though we're still a little concerned because he hasn't had his second immunization shot for feline leukemia yet. Work in progress, as is his continuing quest to make himself silver through self-shaving. Neurotic cat, us? Surely you jest.

We need Moar Bookshelves. I'm thinking starting a new wall in the guest bedroom, and seeing what I can do to keep books from escaping the top of my dresser, for starters. Bibliophiles, us?

I continue to struggle with the jigsaw puzzle approach to storytelling, especially with the damn!epic. Massive story is massive. Small pieces are small. Frustration level: Climbing . . .

Me and Ruadhan need to kill a bottle of wine together sometime, see if we can't get over the blank spot in the river baroness expansion. I'm hoping to get a 2400 word piece and a 3600 word piece into a pair of 5000s, or if I'm feeling ambitious a pair of 6000s before posting, but I need Ruadhan and Sidonie for it and neither's being particularly cooperative at the moment (with Sidonie this is hardly surprising, as the sequence details some of her final poor planning decisions).

While I'm banging my head on that, there anything you'd really like to see me write? I acknowledge that at least a few of you have trouble narrowing down requests ('but it's ALL shiny!'), but specific requests get filled way, way faster than generic 'yay tae writing!' approaches. =\
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I started doing sparks over at [livejournal.com profile] darthneko's, and then [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney needed bribes. There's twenty one, all told, and I'm posting them in [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme as they're edited and expanded from sparks (anything from three sentences to two hundred words) into puzzle pieces (between 100 [almost always the deaths, I have no idea why] and ~500 words).

Think I've posted 11, so far; comments are very much appreciated--they feed a positive cycle that keeps me writing.

I've been reading a written-in-the-twenties treatise on the Russian Time of Troubles (roughly the transition between family Rurik and family Romanov, for Tsar) in the 16th & 17th centuries. For having a forward expressing the writer's desire to simply present the facts and let the reader draw their own conclusions, the bias is . . hysterically funny, really. There's some really interesting history I haven't run across elsewhere, though, so I'm having a grand time.

Damn!cat has chin bumps again, worse than before, and those combined with some other stuff means his self-shaved bum is getting hauled in to the vet on Monday.
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Neither a percussion instrument nor a salt lick. Please stop that. =P

It's been a while since I was the monkey left home with the Beast--last time was when [livejournal.com profile] billradish went to Kauai with her parents in '05. Apparently when I'm gone, he gets all snuggly and upset.

Evidently it is All My Fault the other!monkey is gone, and he's going to hold a grudge and be snippy about it as long as his attention span lasts.

My amused face. *snickering*

In other news, the occasional!monkey will be getting in late tonight (we're going to see Up after he gets in), for to do oddjobbing for my parents, help me move furniture, and celebrate his birthday this weekend.

I fully anticipate the Beast's tiny brain will explode. :D
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I -- ow. *rearranges icepack on back* Well. The physio agrees with me--aside from my hips (which are a knotted mess. If you ever have kids? Make sure they crawl. Life can get pretty damn interesting otherwise), I am definitely hypermobile.

I think one of my knee joints slipping lightly out of place (I only noticed because a muscle fiber near it was randomly twitching--like a cat shaking/fluffing its tail against your leg, only the cat was on my chest at the time, assisting in the dislocation of my collarbone and sternum, and he's not actually long enough to be on my chest and have his tail trapped between my leg and the couch at the same time) might have had something to do with tha' agreement.

I need to remember to look up exercises for the hypermobile; more muscle mass helps hold things in place.

In other news, I am now a quarter-century old (as of Monday). I can now rent my own damn vehicle, and be listed as a driver the next time we have a need for a rental! Yay!

My parents gave me my own weight in alcoholic chocolates, my wife roommate took me out to dinner and encouraged a visit from The Rum, and the monkey my boyfriend bought me stockings. :)
Thank you to those of you who extended birthday wishes, and if you didn't, hey, no harm no foul. :)


Jul. 24th, 2008 08:42 am
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My cat is Insane.

(Not that this is news, but) he's not quite skateboarding through the house, careening off walls and scrabbling madly with his claws for purchase. Demented snare drum for the win?

In other news, I woke up hungry.

Step 1: cookies.

Step 2: two kinds of cold roasted ham and a generous wedge of dill havarti.

Step 3: boggle.

Hokay, so.

Jul. 1st, 2008 01:44 pm
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When we describe the cat as The Beast, and/or the giant monster cat?

We're not kidding.

pictures )
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purring maniacally in my ear.

Possibly the cat felt loooonely?

In other news, I made a doctor's appointment late last week for this afternoon (my shoulder had flared on a weekend trip up to see the boy and hadn't stopped or substantially changed in a good five days when I called. It of course started getting less angry once I'd made the call, but that's a muttering for a different time).

Bellevue has a medical district. Who knew?

The office door is cleverly labeled as something else, but I had a native guide to help me (hurrah for picking up doctors from roommates).

I didn't particularly have a desire to eat the doctor, which is a good sign, and the x-ray center he referred me to had an opening about 20 minutes after I walked through their door.

(Entertainingly, one of the wall art pieces in the x-ray clinic is a raven-stealing-the-sun design. Veggie apparently nearly burst into giggles the first time she saw it.)

Next appointment's Friday.

We'll see how this goes.


Apr. 25th, 2008 10:15 am
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The cat knocked the Evil Device into a full bathtub several days ago, and the effects are beginning to be visible. As such I'm getting a lot of 'call failed' notifications (when I'm trying to call voicemail due to missed call and new voicemail notifications [when the phone didn't ring in the first place]) and severe delays in text messages.

I have my sibling looking into replacement options, and in the meantime e-mail for the house line number (which will only work when I'm in the house, of course, but is a decent option) if you expect to need to get in touch with me via phone.
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Following in a fine and grand tradition . . .

1. I miss the samsung. Even if I now have the privilege of earworming myself with a Bach prelude as an alarm. I miss the daisy-chained alarms, and the fact that I didn't have to turn the phone off and back on in order to get a signal once I'm out of a building.

2. The cat is Filled With Static; he looks like he's got a mohawk on his lower back. I'm faintly amused that of the three mammals in the house, the one most affected with dry skin and static isn't the mammal who zaps herself on filing cabinets at work, nor the one who manages to work up enough charge to zap herself in the ears on bad days, but the mammal with fur.

3. I couldn't tell you if my eternal glee at Percival Blakeneys and Peter Death Bredon Wimseys is due to internal semi-parallels, or if my glee at such gentlemen is what resulted in me getting pwned by one. Although I think Percy was better at it--Peter broke persona in a cricket match and pwned the field, after all.

4. I should really update my address with the DMV and the voter-registration people. Which was what I actually started this post to remind myself about. Lo, I am a goldfish.

5. I'm debating continuing the current Witches' Horses sequence, or poking around something for Wild Roses--if you have opinions either way, speak up; I do it all for the comments. *solemn* Either way it'll be late this afternoon or tomorrow--I've got a takehome exam to get done before I spend mental energy on worldbuilding or storytelling.
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I have a [livejournal.com profile] darthneko on my couch. We has had fud, and are now lying around in the living room. I am committing random music, the Radish has a book on photography, and Rose is doing terrible things to the cat's tiny brain with her cellphone's jingly thing*.

*: this is a highly technical term, you understand.

I live!

Jun. 2nd, 2007 04:00 pm
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sorta, anyway.

Thought-thingys in no particular order:

Allergen testing is probably a good idea. Thursday and Friday Sucked. Friday to the point that I actually stayed home from work.

The Beast is grooming furiously in the living room, and also Hates Us, A Lot. Though he's pretty amusing looking damped down and rucked up so he doesn't keel over from heatstroke. =P Long-haired black cat + only partially open windows so he doesn't do a header into the Big Blue Room + June saying 'Booga!' => wet, deeply unamused cat.

They warn you about tattoos hurting, and that it's permanent, omg. There is, however, very little mention that it Itches, afterwards. Whether it's healing skin or the shaved hair growing back in, it's still tempting as hell. I am, however, more stubborn than my skin, and have yet to scratch.

I wear my hair up in a ponytail (as opposed to gathered at the nape of my neck) so rarely that it feels banner-y when I do. Slightly odd-feeling on a breezy day.

It's going to be interesting to watch how perception of tattoos changes over the next twenty years or so.
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no writing for you lot. Have been working closing at work, as Reception has been in Florida this last week.

Also, there is a [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics in my bed.

Frustratingly, I am not also in my bed. :)

(We do have a couch. However, we also have an 8.95 kg cat [19.69 lbs] who likes to test the directness of food sources by sleeping on them. Preferably over breathing apparati. I decline to feed my houseguests to my Beast, so whenever we have people visiting my room becomes the guest room and I play 'nope, not a food source yet, cat--off my head' in the living room.)
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I? have a moderately huge cat. (warning for dialup users=776k image)

picture taken by ~larathia. :)
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Y'know, it's interesting that the first mental image that accompanies one muse throttling another muse and issuing Very Definite Threats is me getting fed up with my cat's attempt to eat my monkey skull. >.>

Another interesting thing is that a lot of fiction that involves cats who can turn into humans deals a lot with the Grace and Majesty. And totally forgets that sometimes the predator hindbrain gets the better of their actual thinking brains and launches them at ten-to-eleven times their body weight.

Dear Beast:

Mar. 2nd, 2006 06:53 am
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Are my whites that fascinating, or is it just the laundry hamper? I ask, you see, as you've launched yourself twice this morning, from the doorway across the room. I suspect that the hamper will not be so foolish as to move, what with the Pouncing.

the theoretically sane!mommy.
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If I am still breathing, I am not a food source.

No, not even the edges of my ears.

Despite your delusions of being a stole, you are not a garotte, and it's unlikely you could make me into a food source by lying across my neck.

Do you have a head cold? The back-beat on your purr's all raspy.

It's remarkably difficult to hear anything else if you're lying on my exposed ear and Purring.

Crawling under the covers with me is not an option, even if you are cute and fluffy. You bite in interesting locations. (should we have named you Stitch, instead of after a werewolf and a fledgling drakthos?)

If you stick your paw in my eye, expect to be evicted. If you bite my nose, expect to be evicted. If you attempt to eat my hair, expect to be evicted.

Dive-bombing my abdomen from the windowsill is not appreciated, o fluffy one.

With utmost sincerity,
the not!food-source.
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also known as good morning, have babble )

I either need more caffeine or I need to stop drinking my tea, my ability to stay on one topic is disintegrating rapidly.
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In a gesture of supreme contempt, my cat airs his balls at the universe.
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I challenge anyone to sleep through an adolescent male cat charging their face.

(this happened, of course, during the ten minute window between the roommate first poking me and when she got out of the shower for second poking. I was Definitely Awake when she came out of the bathroom.)


Nov. 12th, 2005 05:24 pm
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He hugs my neck. Stands in my lap and puts a foreleg on each side.

. . . then he licks my earlobe. Definately my cat. Especially considering the sour cream spoon incident. :)

Black cat, orange-gold eyes, Fluffy tail, male (possibly unneutered), guessed to be between a year and a year and a half old. He purrs. A lot. And his meow is a positive peep of a soprano.

Inherited him (with a stop in the garage of one of work's geotechs) from a family that apparently moved and didn't want to take him with them. Supposedly they named him Bandit.

As he doesn't respond to said name (and he is so not a bandit personality), we are considering names. 'Nilitael' and 'Chernovog' are the current favorites.

ETA: Deke Vaskiltan. :D Because we are trolls.

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