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So I've complained, at length, about the stupid security tab in the Subaru.

It directly contributed to the problems starting the car, not least because it was gradually corroding to the point that we'd graduated to needing to turn the key in the ignition while at the same time leaning down to not just press the security tab to make contact, but actually twist the tab so the most-corroded portion made contact.

No more.

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Mmkay. I expect to switch either to a sub-account on Veggie's new T-Mobile plan, or to grab a pay-as-you-go off T-Mobile, sometime during October 8-10th, when I'm next south.

I really want copies of Sept-2010-current phone records before I leave E's Verizon plan, for the permanent residency application. 
Everything I can gather to demonstrate my relationship is worth adding to that application, apparently.  (And I talk to Zach considerably longer and more often than I talk to anyone else, so my phone records will be helpful for that.)


Sep. 15th, 2013 11:34 pm
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Zach talked me into going for a very low-level offroading expedition today. I'm not entirely sure how, but he did.

He's got a picture of me standing on top of his Jeep trying to get a picture of the elevation gain we'd made in the last twenty minutes (impressive. The Widow* couldn't capture the right angle for scale, in part because we couldn't stop at the best viewpoint. Stupid sheer dropoffs).

We pushed my hip uncomfortably far before we reached our halfway point, which is good knowledge to have if very uncomfortable . .

And then there was a serious accident on the Sea-to-Sky highway on our way home. A 'turn off your vehicle, you've got a 90 minute wait for one lane of traffic to be allowed through' level accident, and no other way to get home.

I wound up curled hatefully in the back seat squinting at the Widow's screen and thanking whoever cared to listen that we were back in cell/data range.

*: I'm still convinced my phone is building a SHIELD dossier on me, okay?
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I put K on a plane yesterday, and today Mom and I have been working on Cleaning The Fairhaven Place. Mom very kindly worked on kitchen, laundry and bathroom floors, because having to put weight on my hands is still not my favourite thing, and the damned vinyl in this place looks dirty even when it's scrubbed, because of how the plastic gets marred. =|

I've been working on the kitchen--including the tops of the cabinets, even though the landlord's only got a couple of inches on me, because I like him and I want to return this place in as-good shape as I can.

Pilates, yoga, and physio have made a massive difference, even in just the last year.

We tried to break for sushi for lunch--couldn't, because Blue Fin's day-closed is today and Wasabee is open for dinner at 5:30--and wound up eating deli salad samplers at the local grocery store, and I was driving. After a solid four hours of handwork.

And then we went back and did some more. Mom went through and shopvacced baseboards, and I started going through the fridge.

The internet in Ferndale isn't up--the modem got misdelivered, and the redelivery process is going awkwardly--which is annoying as hell.

Mom had a reservation for the train heading south in the evening, and when time was coming due Veggie was on the phone with the internet company, and I was on the landline doing a WA State Health Survey (long story. We got a randomly selected letter about a month ago, and I wanted to participate, because I may have had just a little participation in the health care system here. I think I may have skewed my demographic. >.>), so Mom wound up driving herself down to catch the train. Which was kind of embarrassing. Went fine, because Mom's a trooper, and Veggie drove me down to collect the car when we were done, but oy. Timing.


Aug. 11th, 2013 01:47 pm
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*squinting Dubiously*

So I have a smartphone now.

My husband is cooing at it.

I am sincerely concerned it is gathering information for a SHIELD dossier.
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Oh, great. The big computer (the one we use for the business) just spontaneously rebooted.

Veggie and I were on the couches. We both looked up when it bonged.

New phone!

Jan. 24th, 2010 10:44 am
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Thank whoever. I actually hated the phone I had between the Evil Device and this one more than the Evil Device (used Blackberries: evil little bastards, even before you drop them in the bathtub).

I'm now on a Verizon plan, as a second line on my brother's plan instead of the fourth line on daiv an [livejournal.com profile] billradish. The reason I switched to this method, instead of just replacing the evil little thing, was because the phone my brother had actually worked for my hand issues. Best I've ever seen for it, actually. And it was Verizon-only. =|

After some research, it turns out to be cheaper to add me to my brother's plan (and the radish, come May, when her phone contract expires so we avoid the $200 early cancellation fee), than to start a new plan, so. It'll be interesting seeing how we really sort out who's paying for what.

But! New phone! :)
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Thank all the gods of engineering that dad likes to leave extra phone wire when he's adding jacks.

Rats had chewed the fax/dsl cord bare between the downstairs main jack and the dining room jack, but there was enough cord to clip off the gnawed section, bridge, and get the 'net working again. Now I just have to call an exterminator to deal with the underlying problem so they don't get the wires again.

If the landlord tries pecking me about the kitchen again I'm yelling at him.

Happy birthday, Tae! Have further evidence of rats as a present! Fuck you too, house, fuck you too.
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So we get back from a lovely weekend in Victoria with friends! Slightly earlier than we were expecting, even.

(The border guard totally thinks we're married in Canada or something.)

The modem hates us. Like, power cycles to restore connectivity do Nothing. Well, the first one did something for ten or so minutes, but now the little 'internet' display light, it stays dark.

This'll be fun. >P

Thank whoever for unlocked local networks. Sheesh.

If it don't work in the morning, we get to call Qwest. My joy face.


Nov. 16th, 2009 01:30 pm
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If I had (or should have) your phone number, please either comment here (comments screened) or email me at a.rogues.gallery at gmail.

No, I don't want to talk about it. Suffice to say that the Evil Device is no more.
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Hello, '08. I now own a black macbook (and thus need to figure out some way of covering the glowing apple on the back. Because that's taking corporate branding a tad too far for my tastes, thank you), running Leopard.

I am Coping. (Don't ask me if I'm happy, yet. We're still getting used to one another.)

I made a mistake. If I'd bitten the bullet earlier--declared the old one dying/dead and needing replacement--I'd actually have all of my bookmarks*. As it is, I will be attempting to recreate my collection of fiction archives, webcomics and shiny things from scratch.

Also my iTunes playlists. The music made it. The arrangement didn't.

In other news, the lungsquid are retreating from the house at a slow yet observable pace.

Just in time for the boy to start coughing. :)

*: The old one crashed hard last week. Previous to that you could actually get the computer up and limping along, assuming you treated it as a desktop and didn't move it much.


Apr. 12th, 2008 10:30 pm
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We've now wandered past the 'i'm bored, i think i'll shut down now' stage; last crash was a gray screen 'you need to restart your computer now', which didn't restart the computer. Removing the batter got it to actually shut down, but rebooting didn't result in an apple boot up screen.

Time to replace the computer, one suspects.

Am not pleased.


Apr. 8th, 2008 08:54 am
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Battery is definitely contributing--the laptop took longer to get warm this morning with the battery out, and was actually cool to the touch when I first opened the clamshell.

However, I set it on a table, let it get warm, then experimentally picked it up.


Some sort of anti-drop/motion sensor that gets way more sensitive when it's too warm?

(My notes for the tech monkeys are going to look surreal. 'Stress test for 1 hour or more on a level hard surface (or open iChat, iTunes, Firefox, have iTunes playing [can have it muted]), until computer is warm at QWERT. Then pick up the computer.')
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Three-ish hours of okay behaviour (even tried changing position several times, shaking the case--seemed okay, didn't crash), switched from my lap to the coffee table and zap, gone.

Initial tests for run/boot on battery alone, power adapter alone, both together. Agitation, lifting/setting down didn't cause problems. Fan came on when opened forty files in Photoshop, so it's not that the fan's dead.

Had it with both battery/cable in, connected via wireless internet; applications: ichat, firefox & itunes open (itunes playing). Was on my lap for something more than an hour, with minor adjustments in position, I got up to get something to eat, tried to set it down with the battery not touching the table, and blam, gone. So crashes appear to happen as related to both temperature (case is warm to the touch; warm just above surface in places--NOT the hard drive or battery area) and change in surface (lifting from support or setting down on support).

The replacement battery doesn't sit flush with the rest of the case--possibly related? Some sort of heat-warped connection that slight changes when warm result in crashes.

If so, I've got no idea what can be done to fix that. (Besides swapping the hard drive to a shell that's not warped.)
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. . So, I post about the problem, and start taking notes as to what I've got open and what I'm doing with the laptop, and it refuses to faint.


I mean, really. There's chaotically inclined processors, sure. You get used to semi-sentient electronics (witness the Evil Device). This is just flat out contrary.
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We've been playing laptop-on-a-yoyo. It goes away, it comes back, either Working or 'We Can't Replicate The Problem'*, I use it just long enough to get comfortable, and poof, gone again.

Argh. Dad thinks the latest problem (the battery not charging issue got resolved, as did the not drawing from the power source. The new one appears to be 'I'm bored. *faint!*') may be related to the fact that he upgraded the memory. Flaky memory, possibly.

One can hope. As the other current options are one, stealing the Agave, swapping out the keyboard and the hard drive and rendering my roommate laptopless, and two, temper-snapping, going and buying a floor model with a decent keyboard and getting the hard drive swapped out.

Grr, argh.

*: I can only blame the Tech Support Field. Person qualified to repair it gets within a meter radius of the malfunction and the device starts working Perfectly. Then they go away and the problem has a 50% chance of reappearing.
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Science classes make you paranoid for years afterward. I was expecting a percentile grade in the middle to low nineties, based on the information I had previous to the final and how I felt coming out of the final.

On looking at my unofficial transcript and seeing a little 100% marker for last quarter? My reaction was not 'EEEEE!' but ' . . er, what?'.


Chaos loves my laptop. It was back in my possession briefly (for the first time in five weeks), until it decided that randomly shutting down was fun, really! My impressed face. =P Even more so since the tech support field appears to be in full effect and they can't reproduce the problem. Sigh. Here's hoping they can either reproduce it or the field holds once I get it back.


I wrote nothing in March. I'm not going to ask what you'd like (ie what you'd comment on/really like to see more of), because odds are I'm not going to write anything until after I get my laptop back again.


It's mildly weird to run into people who've known you since you were six (but you probably haven't seen in five years). Like shrugging into an identity that doesn't quite fit anymore, with resonances that stick oddly. (The exchange "Yeah, I carry tension in my shoulders."/"You always have." really shouldn't still be getting thought about.)
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Well, the eastern seaboard failed to blow up. Unless I just failed to notice, which is possible.

I'm being good and actually going to class today, despite feeling like chanting 'braaaaaaaaains'. Beware of teh Swamp. Also two days of red bull breakfasts when you don't actually have any in the house that isn't in the swamp.

In reverse order, because I'm brilliant like this:

Detroit tried to keep us (first the plane was late, then there was a security breach in the airport; naturally both were announced right after people had gone in search of 'ack, we have fifteen minutes before boarding can start and it's bad to eat other passengers' food). We were unimpressed.

The group used up [livejournal.com profile] celeloriel's year's worth of video imaging with a viewing of Hot Fuzz and three (might've been two) episodes of the first season of Babylon 5. It was moderately funny to watch her spring wind tighter in tandem with Sergeant Angel's. :)

It's possible to melt [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney's brain with headscritches.

Six other people helping you jeans-shop is Interesting. The 75% clearance rack is frightening. And incidentally located in the Land of Pink.

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More later. Must go to class now. And not kill anyone. >.>
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Following in a fine and grand tradition . . .

1. I miss the samsung. Even if I now have the privilege of earworming myself with a Bach prelude as an alarm. I miss the daisy-chained alarms, and the fact that I didn't have to turn the phone off and back on in order to get a signal once I'm out of a building.

2. The cat is Filled With Static; he looks like he's got a mohawk on his lower back. I'm faintly amused that of the three mammals in the house, the one most affected with dry skin and static isn't the mammal who zaps herself on filing cabinets at work, nor the one who manages to work up enough charge to zap herself in the ears on bad days, but the mammal with fur.

3. I couldn't tell you if my eternal glee at Percival Blakeneys and Peter Death Bredon Wimseys is due to internal semi-parallels, or if my glee at such gentlemen is what resulted in me getting pwned by one. Although I think Percy was better at it--Peter broke persona in a cricket match and pwned the field, after all.

4. I should really update my address with the DMV and the voter-registration people. Which was what I actually started this post to remind myself about. Lo, I am a goldfish.

5. I'm debating continuing the current Witches' Horses sequence, or poking around something for Wild Roses--if you have opinions either way, speak up; I do it all for the comments. *solemn* Either way it'll be late this afternoon or tomorrow--I've got a takehome exam to get done before I spend mental energy on worldbuilding or storytelling.
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Now, me and cell phones have an interesting relationship. The first one buggered off about a year ago--hopped out of a pocket during a shopping trip and didn't reappear, so I got to pay for replacing it. Cheap red flip-phone motorola replaced with a cheap black flip-phone samsung (I have yet to develop company loyalty to cells).

That one held out alright, aside from going a bit bitchy about being carried around in my back jeans pocket (I clipped its outer screen at some point, which resulted in me needing to flip the phone open to check time or who was calling me--no big deal, this can be worked around).

Until today, y'see.

My brother came over, so far as I can determine to give me a belated birthday gift of a slightly used phone. Specifically, a blackberry pearl.

Now, my brother likes bargains--I can only assume he found this phone on eBay somewhere and had noticed that my phone had a cracked outer screen and had a 'oh, hey!' moment. He didn't really have a problem with me hesitating about whether I'd use it--me being a touch resistant to New Things and also preferring flip-phones generally--said he'd be around until Sunday if I wanted to give it back, and wandered off.

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Oct. 5th, 2006 09:01 pm
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Laptop less ded than they thought. Have laptop back.

They updated iTunes on me. It's all . . flat and gray-blue at me. *pokes it!* Strikes the brain as Quite Wrong.

Ah, well. Laptop!
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Okay, data packet 'panic' was a new one to me. And involved more cussing than panic, but whatever.

(ETA: I could handle--sort of--the random shut-offs. Ended up getting a laptop stand when it first got bad, which helped the problem.

Then it started getting worse. It'd stay on for a half hour or a bit longer, then switch itself off. Trying to reboot within the first ten minutes would get it to crash again.

Then it gave me a packet of gibberish in place of the apple logo, for the third crash this morning. And wouldn't get any farther than that. *SNARL*)

My laptop is in the repair shop, probably for at least a week. My desktop does not, as yet, have wireless capability, and my esteemed roommate will occasionally be demanding access to her own computer.

All of which adds up to: I don't exist, it's not that I don't love you, but the computer gods are having fun with me.

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