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After a long relatively hot walk through downtown Victoria, which I'm slowly getting better about actually navigating.

(Despite my ten years of exposure, I've almost always had access to native guides for the bits that aren't 'drive to M's place/Sarah's place from the Tswawassen ferry'. Taking the bus from Sidney to downtown Vic was . . an experience. A double-decker 'good thing I'm not taller' experience.)

I actually really enjoy watching other people play video games, especially the high-graphics ones. It does make for weird 'Chapter 5 - The Intergumentary System [aka Human Skin]' reading background noise, but hey.

Tried a cider-whisky cocktail today. Somsersby and Jameson's. Started like a cider, ended in woody-whiskey notes. I spent some time staring thoughtfully at my glass, because what.

(Though it did give Alan an excellent chance to note that he'd only ever seen me drink ciders and whiskys, which I would protest but frankly, he's not wrong. >.> I'll go for ciders before white wines, even if Somserby is getting too sweet for me these days.)


Feb. 28th, 2011 10:30 am
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Hello, post-moving collection of small bruises! Always nice to see you again. :)

In related news, seeing [livejournal.com profile] youraugustine's living room devoid of furniture is a bizarre experience. Hurrah new house, though. :)
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One end of couch to other end of couch: "I now cannot think about the snap crackle and pop of your joints without immediately segueing into cucumbers"

Other end of couch: *griiiin!*

Armchair: *Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Face*

Couch: *starts laaaaaughing*

Armchair: *Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Face*

Other end of couch: Remember that post?

Armchair: OH! Right!
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So we get back from a lovely weekend in Victoria with friends! Slightly earlier than we were expecting, even.

(The border guard totally thinks we're married in Canada or something.)

The modem hates us. Like, power cycles to restore connectivity do Nothing. Well, the first one did something for ten or so minutes, but now the little 'internet' display light, it stays dark.

This'll be fun. >P

Thank whoever for unlocked local networks. Sheesh.

If it don't work in the morning, we get to call Qwest. My joy face.
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Vancouver Island's apparent desire to keep us is starting to get irritating. First, there was the Great Snow-In of November 2006, whereby we did, in fact, lose three days of work to being Snowed Out of the Country.

Then there was last month's trip, which had Wind, and BC ferries were canceling every other run. That one was not nearly as successful as the previous one, as we caught the Coho and went home via Port Angeles as opposed to I-5.

This month? Trip up was fine. No delays, no problems, we had time to stop for Starbucks before meeting people. The defined events of the trip were also fine--the spa was pleasant, the restaurant was excellent, and the opera was Fantastic. Getting between said events got a little exciting, and included a pack of seven moving just short of full-tilt running, six of them in heels, in order to get eight blocks in less than ten minutes. We made it. I am still stunned I didn't wipe out in my heels, which were close to four inches and not chunk heels.

But. Trip back? The Island had a Brilliant Plan. Traffic.

We meant to catch the three or four o'clock boat off-island. We made it on the seven o'clock boat. Oi. Got home at just short of midnight. All hail my roommate.

. . . . .

Nov. 27th, 2006 01:29 am
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There's eight inches of snow on my car.

And according to the light quality outside, it is six am.

It is, in fact, one twenty-six am, I am in Victoria, British Columbia, and I will not be arriving at work today at seven thirty in Kirkland, Washington.

This was not, exactly, how I intended on migrating.
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. . six hours. Counting a nearly-hour wait in line at the border, and a rough hour and a half ferry ride.

It is possible I speed. Slightly.

(Don't ask about the random bitching about not having a z-axis or the 45s to play with. Is possible one od'ed on battlestar galatica.)

hands hurt. did not drive into anything, they let me across the border.

life is relatively good. just have to get up motivation to go to work tomorrow. =P
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Apparently four hours of sleep (despite having no visible cleavage, and wearing the engineer!boots) makes one deeply attractive to the opposite gender. Or at least the whistles and comments downtown yesterday afternoon would imply such.

'Why did you get four hours of sleep, dumbass?' I'm sure you are asking, with possibly other descriptors?

Heh. My apartment ate my passport. (This after lunch with my father after a hand therapist appointment [me and typing are not so much with the getting along currently. Left-side pinky and ring fingers occasionally go numb. I'm left handed. I went and got exercises to attempt to combat the downward slide] on Wednesday, and me having a Brilliant flash Wednesday evening. My brother had two cell phones, you see, one of them he was no longer using. I drove up to Victoria by myself, sans roommate's cell phone [she's flying to Hawaii at Ungodly Early tomorrow morning, so she and the phone stayed home]. There aren't all that many pay phones around anymore. So Thursday evening, I met my mother off a boat, and got my brother's cell phone. Then I went home. And tore my apartment apart looking for my passport. Then I had a minor nervous breakdown and the Radish drove us to my parents' place, where I picked up a Very Expired ['93] passport, a birth certificate and a registration-to-vote card. We got back home a little after two in the morning, and I went in to work at 7:30 to cut down on my vacation hours. Liz, M, and Sarah can attest that I am even stranger when sleep deprived. . . oh, and of course, they didn't even look at my driver's license or assorted paperwork before letting me across the border. *facepalm* AND the phone doesn't work in Canada. Eternal roaming.)

On the other hand, I hit downtown Victoria at 4:30, after leaving Kirkland at a quarter to 11.

Sarah pwned her recital. My hands hurt just watching--me attempting to get near a flute would end, no doubt, Incredibly Tragically--but oooooh, the shiny.
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Or, to put it another way, past purchase and pending purchase, because our current wok my parents had before they had me. Also, hee, weaponry!

There’s a story to go with the earrings, naturally.

Read more... )
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Nay for the Very Thorough Customs Officer, who neglected to zip the massage chair and my clothes bag back up.

Yay for being able to see the [livejournal.com profile] merditha and the [livejournal.com profile] goshawk. Nay for their work schedules and being awaaaaaay from computers (my addiction pwns).

And oh, my god, their little fluffy ball of fur turned into a slinky long black cocktail dress thing. Pretteh.

So yeah. No computers on a regular basis until Moday night, I think.
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One is in Victoria. Messengers/internet access will be sporadic until Tuesday afternoon.

Go, thou, and have a good long weekend. :D
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For a day that began with me belatedly realising that I was down to seven pink and green jewel cases for burned CDs, friday wasn't too bad. We mildly traumatized the border crossing guard (she went all blinky at the identically toned 'visiting a friend' in answer to her 'what's the purpose of your visit to Canada?'), there wasn't more than a one-ferry wait at Tsawwassan, and the roads behaved this time. They were allowed to live. *solemn nod*

Saturday involved the photographer!brain of [livejournal.com profile] billradish having first a *squee* and then a *flail* moment at Butchart Gardens. Which is very lovely and in bloom, all the interesting climbable trees are roped off, and the battery on the digital camera died. Hence the flailing. *amused*

We also made an effort to adopt [livejournal.com profile] sarahdarkes. We were only half-successful, her sense of responsibility to her schoolwork prevented us kidnapping her the entire weekend.
That said, Pitch Black still makes me twitch. Fortunately, teh Sarah was agreeable to being used as a security human.
Chronicles of Riddick, director's edition, is pretty shiny.

Sunday, now, was Mother's Day. As such, there really wasn't a restaurant around that had anything open, so we lunched at . . cafe/tea shop/lunch? Murchie's, in any event. The retail side has an incredible smelling Imperial Silver Tip tea (that they were OUT OF, worse luck) that I am making a note to purchase some of, next trip.

It was only my third time through Kung Fu Hustle. Really. I still have another three times if I'm going to beat my previous theater-watching of movies record.
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Chapters = v. dangerous bookstore: They have Earthsong (a book of Georgia o'Keefe style removed-from-context images of water, desert, and the like. Very spectacular natural patterns) and a National Geographic book on religions that really, really needs to check its facts better. I mean: Who kidnapped Persephone?* What is Shiva the god of?**

Murphy: hates our collective guts. Or really, really loves us. Timing to many events was almost-but-not-quite late, two hour ferry waits in both directions, and Traffic. In Odd Places, and at Odd Times. And roads that refused to be where they were supposed to be.

FRUITS: dangerous book of utterly nutty young japanese fashion. Especially in the midst of a two hour ferry wait and two visually oriented brains. *eyes coalescing Story*

Waist length scruffy blonde hair: Remarkably distracting when paired with a bright blue dress at a voice recital (especially when the other two performers were wearing pale pink and White (l'Merka, who pwned) ).

The redhead who crawled into a backseat of a car in front of us: Did you have any idea that you look Remarkably like one of the dragontwins? Also, the bumper stickers. (Yes Mom gay can mean happy; Kangaroo Crossing next 25km, etc.) You amused us greatly while we were lost, thank you.

We did not go in Starfish Gallery this trip (for a, reasons of brokeness, and b, reasons of time). Radish's father inquired if the Radish had acquired any glass while in Victoria. He was distracted with the description of La Tienda Folk Gallery on 42nd and University. Jellyfish lamps, anyone?

*: Hephaestus, obviously. No, really. He lives in Hades.
Grace and good luck. Oh, but he has another manifestation as god of the dance, drumming the world into existing with one hand and destroying it by fire with the other.

. . .

Mar. 3rd, 2005 04:07 pm
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Oh, I'm brilliant, I am.

Found the passport. And the headphones.

In the pockets of the leather jacket I wore home from Canada and haven't worn since.


Mar. 1st, 2005 06:51 pm
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Where in the name of . . someone. o.O;; is my passport?

Not in the laptop bag. That's where the ferry tickets are.

Messenger bag has the checkbook, two pens, a letter and three notebooks.

Blue-fronted notebook doesn't have anything in it but paper.

Desk has lots of loose papers, two computers, one external hard drive, a scanner and a slew of CDs.

I don't think I left it at the house, I looked on the catchall desk there, 's not in the box that had the teas from Meg Davis, or in the bag Radish gave back . . . did it get left in Radish's car?

le notice

Feb. 4th, 2005 06:15 pm
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Wandering up to Victoria for the weekend. Will v. likely not have much in the way of internet access.

Will be back, though. Plan not to throw self off ferry. :)

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