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So we're packing up to head out for calories (whether grocery form or restaurant form), when several people remark "Holy shit!" and Zach starts scrambling for the kitchen.

Our sink was Erupting. White, chlorine-smelling foam, frothing over the confines of the sink and going for the floor. Zach got the kitchen stopper in place, now elbows-plus deep in Foam and working on his ankles.

(There was some bailing, for obvious reasons. I used the tub, because biggest receptacle, and the biggest of the mixing bowls.)

Our current theory is that someone on one of the floors above us put dish-soap liquid in their dishwasher.

Because foam Erupted from our kitchen sink to the point that it hit the ceiling.

No, seriously.

More pics available if anyone likes, though I didn't realise posterity was calling until I looked up and realised there was foam on the ceiling, so had already mopped up the floor and the lower cabinets, the counter, and splashed water around in the tub and the sinks.

Well played, water gods.
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So we got married today.

Original plan was to do a lunch afterwards at a chain restaurant about two blocks from the park we got married in.

Due to a water main issue, we moved to a different member of the chain a bit farther away.

Love you too, sky gods. :D
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I mean, I had one more post planned, detailing the fact that the washing machine had been doing a slow leak for some time and one of the two-by-fours next to the laundry area had gone Spongy.

Oh, and that the water heater had got bored, too, and sprung a visible leak.

No, really. Our last week of the lease and the water heater goes.

So! Today's entry in Water, Water Everywhere has to do with the new tub faucet having a drip and mentioning this to our new landlord.

Who came by today to beat it with sticks check it out and change out the washers and hopefully fix the problem.

He thought he had the house water off.

Note crucial verb.

Fortunately when the shower through the vent started we only had the East Face of the Mountains of Cardboard in the laundry area.

Also my habit of opening everything let me tell my landlord where the real water shutoff was (coat closet, if you're curious, down at the bottom).

I am wet to the elbows from mopping up the vent cover, we ended up digging a few towels out of the book boxes in the garage, and we're not done. :)

'cause the hardware store sold our landlord the wrong piece.


Nov. 16th, 2009 01:30 pm
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If I had (or should have) your phone number, please either comment here (comments screened) or email me at a.rogues.gallery at gmail.

No, I don't want to talk about it. Suffice to say that the Evil Device is no more.
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Because sure, I needed something else that could go Interestingly this week.

I don't even know how my sink is spitting at me--I turned off its supply of water when it decided it didn't want to turn completely off anymore!

Usual culprit is a worn or misplaced washer, which is lovely to know, but seeing as how I can't take the faucet apart (plastic facing, no obvious screws, etc), and there's drips down into the sink cabinet so something is obviously whacky somewhere, knowing this does me no good.

I have called and left a message for my landlord to the effect that the kitchen sink won't turn completely off and since I can't work out how to take it apart, can he recommend a plumber.

This on top of earlier this week's Uninvited Visitor (email me for details if you don't know already and really want to, but suffice to say I am Not Okay with the fact that it got into the house) is making me think about moving.

We just signed our second lease renewal, backdated to September 1st, a couple of weeks ago.

House, you couldn't have made noises about us going away before I renewed a lease on you?
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So I have a contractor currently (suprisingly) not cussing in my bathroom, ripping out the Warped floorboards (we're blaming the wax seal around the toilet and the heat wave in June) so as to make way for a new lino floor. I think my landlord's afraid of what's going to happen next. :)

In other news, I've been doing some writing (some writing, she says. I think I took the deaths from twenty-odd pieces to thirty odd last month). If you're curious as to where things currently sit in the chronologies, here, have some indexes!

The process kinked among you may have a considerable amount of glee at the number of drafts involved here. I'm starting to think that the Wild Roses mess is getting frightening. >.>

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I wandered out to the front room about an hour ago, and was extremely glad I had bothered to throw on an article of clothing, as there was a sea of construction orange in my street.

That reminds me. *goes to take med*

Anyway, they're from the Water Department, and playing hunt the leak. Current evidence suggests that it's us, so we get to be waterless for a while.
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I swear, us and this house and water. =P

Got up, idly intent on murdering my sibling (no-one should have to wake up to a mashup of Footloose, the Summer of '69 and Gotta Be Rock'n'Roll Music. Gaaaaaah.), wandered into the kitchen to caffeinate myself for the endeavour, and discovered a small lake on the floor.

My joy face, allow me to share it.

*flail!* )

I can be surprisingly coherent pre-caffeine. I do not, actually, recommend testing this.
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So, last December, we had the rainstorm from Monsoon (it says something that we got off lucky with 5/6 of our downstairs flooded--the next door neighbours hauled out their downstairs carpet and the two-doors-up neighbours gave up and moved, taking their shopvac with them).

This weekend? Forget coyote got lucky rain (blame [livejournal.com profile] ursulav for the phrase--rain while it's sunny). No, we were pushing coyote hosted an orgy snow.
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Fun with muscle spasms!

Only not really. Ow.

Read more... )

My right shoulder's not actively flared, though. Yay for that, at least, I can breathe. =P

I've got two orders to fill, a bunch of reminder notices to figure out, and theoretically speaking a company called Affordable Joes (landlord's initial call) coming by to look at downstairs.

Hello, flist. How's you, this gray-ish morning?
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See, it's been raining. (Shocking, I know, this bein' winter-ish in Seattle)

Just before the american thanksgiving weekend, our house drain rebelled. That one, I can honestly say was mostly my fault--I'd let leaves build up in and around the drain.

So, having been pecked by the landlord sommat, I've been keeping an eye on leaf buildup, etc.

This morning I wandered out to check, and the drain'd backed up some, so I bailed it out (small garbage pail and juice pitcher ftw), and the drain started Draining, so 's all good.

Our neighbours up the street were shopvac-ing, and, being a believer in enlightened self-interest, I wandered over to help 'em bail. I was already soaked anyway, and if we have a problem again, they'll almost certainly let me borrow the eighteen-gallon shopvac, went my reasoning.

So after we'd bailed their water down enough to identify the worst problem (sprung leak in the concrete near a downspout that was overwhelming their drain), I wandered back to put away the rake and bucket and stuff I'd been using.

To find my driveway flooded, and water all the way up into the house. (It hadn't yet hit the spare bedroom, where the library is; another five or ten minutes and it would've)

The cat's litterbox was floating, o readers.

So I called my landlord, and my acupuncturist (the first to say 'um, pumping companies?' and the second to say 'iiiii ain't gonna make a 2pm apointment, will call to reschedule') then went back and borrowed the shopvac, and started bailing.

The drain was behaving again by the time my esteemed roommate got home from a test and went O.o;;;, which meant that there was still a half-inch of water in her bathroom and wet carpets Everywhere.

I'm going to ache, tomorrow. My fingertips are still doing the painful pins-and-needles of warming up, despite soaking for a while in the bathtub.

The drain monkey is now here, and I am just now getting properly started on my day of work. (plz note time of post)


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