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Title: Familiar Stranger
’Verse/characters: Wild Roses; Phoebe, the second Ian
Prompt: 060, “Drink”
Word Count: 1050
Rating: PG for slightly warped family dynamics
Notes: . . . long history short: Phoebe and the first Ian never had anything happen between them—he was married to someone else when they met for the first time. Both would have quite liked for something to have happened between them. First Ian’s been missing, presumed dead for something like sixteen hundred years, when this is set.

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speak here, the dead who know that we are dead, who cannot/will not turn back time to live again. We are nothing more than memories and echos, voices in the dark of midnights past. We are the pieces torn from patterns, the holes left in functioning our legacy unwished. We are your sisters, your brothers, your nephews and nieces, your history undone and wars unfinished in our wake. We were your stability, your trappings of empire, and we are here no longer.

What faerytales, for such as we?
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Someone request babble on someone/thing. or a snippet.

[ETA] there is no time limit on this. You are free to request more than one babble and/or snippet.

[ETA2] Snips and babble so far:
Thaddeus, babble and snip (ignore the perverts down the thread, they're bad!werewolves), snip
Phoebe and Aifiric's wedding day
Isael (and Loki-horse), babble and snip, snip
The Morrigan (goddess and person), babble and snip
pre-teen Aodh, snip
baby!Dante, snip
Ian, first worldwalk (Celeloriel is trying to break my BRAIN)
Life in general with the family De'Ath babble
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An attempted quick-and-dirty timeline for Wild Roses, Ian's time to the Rosenthal Betrayal

mostly events; motivations are not as forthcoming )
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Though I'm not entirely happy with it.

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