Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:50 pm
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Sunday evening, I wrote (worldbuilding in two different places, around two thousand words in probable total). I think I'm still paying for that--though I may have changed unconscious sleeping positions or something as well. Am currently operating on something like two and a half usable digits on my dominant hand, and the wrist on the nondominant hand is getting bitchy about being used a lot.

I'm an office minion. This means I type, and use fine motor control at work a lot.

Mind you, I've apparently looked sufficiently out of it the last couple of days for my coworkers to tell me to go home, and take my plague with me. I'd wish it was closer to the weekend, but I made tentative plans for dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jenserai (first attempt was iced out. ARGH), and I don't want to flake out on her.

My brain needs to shut up. Interesting as it's being.
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We have one "You look reeeally familiar . . .", one "are you here for an inter--*stare!*", several double-takes (including ones that involve passing by a doorway, then backing up to look through it), one 'OMG YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!', a " . . Who am I looking at? *as addressed turns around, SCREAM!*", a couple of 'how the heck are you hiding your hair under there?' several more 'Dude, I thought you were the new hire!'* and one 'urrrr, we are the unbilled'**.

I'm thinking I like Red Light's sale wigs. It really helps sell the Agent 99 look.

*: We've got a new admin person starting tomorrow. Nobody knows what she looks like.

**: he was mocking accounting. They offered to duct-tape him to a wall to join the other decorations.
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Apparently my desaturated green 'cowboy' boots look rather like old-style engineer boots (the straps, squared-off toes and heels). The sort an engineer would tuck his pants into while standing in a swamp to build a dam, or blow up a mountain.


Dec. 9th, 2005 04:34 pm
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One of our geotechnical engineers just had a shiny moment over our tear-by-hand packing tape.
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Ph34r my ability to coherently answer the phone with a cheekful of skittles. (which I have, by the by, been washing down with caffeinated battery acid. Ph34r the spang)

Also, there is no love like that of telling someone they can have your purple skittles (unless, of course, you hate the purple skittles. Then it's just sharing).


Nov. 9th, 2005 03:33 pm
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Jawed staple removers make decent castanets.
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I've been wandering around in my sockfeet today (my wood-and-leather sandals being slippy on the floors here)as it's been chilly lately. These particular sandals have a divider for the big toe, so I wore my split toed socks.

Said geotech wandered in in birkenstocks and a teeshirt (he says he's not cold), and I pointed out my socks, as yay, sandals!

He described them as "crow socks".
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For lo, the six hundred and sixty sixth file of the year I am currently scanning is a biology file.
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Geotech (wearing a faded Hawaiian shirt): *blinks* . . . The thingy. At the end of your skirt.

Tae: *grinning* . .The fringe? The trim?

Geotech: The trim. With that pattern. And the flames on the leggings-- . . it's Wrong.

Tae: *trying not to LAUGH* *grins* Yes, it is.
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Herein fail not at your peril

. . Dude. Legal language is neat.

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