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But hey. It's been a while since I did a sparks post, hasn't it. :)

Wild Roses:
ripple effect - Gideon; appears to be related to unexpected and unrefusable cargo 1

(interpret as liberally as you like) - early Crown Navy era, Ulysse and Lida

Putting one foot in front of another - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan (appears to be in the period between arrangements and arguments [where Dón knows Ruadhan's into the woods but has no idea whatsoever exactly where he is], and when Ruadhan actually shows up in Hernén's demesnes and starts being his irritatingly noisy self all over the woods.)
figures emerging from mist - Trickwood Unification, Evescha and Ioann
A thin layer of ice on everything - Trickwood Unification, Ioann and Evescha
second verse, same as the first - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan
swans - Trickwood Unification, Geoffrey, references unexpected and unrefusable cargo 2
"actually, that's their version of a friendly hello" - Trickwood Unification, unknown
bees in a glass jar - Some Kind of Love Song, 'Jack Gibson'
"I already gave you my decision" - Trickwood Unification, Jared and Hernén

=DDDD - Jonathan Sabaey and his Sense of Impending Doom

that godsdamned ticking - Alternate Earths, Yasha


Witches' Horses:
"Don't write THAT down" - Sibir, Stas
loss of vision/sight - Sibir, Nadya
passing the bottle around the campfire - Sibir, Nadya
working on 72 hours without sleep - Sibir, Nadya

Blue glass - Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair

Untapped amber - Falcons' Feathers, Irina
no really it will fit - Falcons' Feathers, Khenbish

The kind of soup one can only get at home - Swallow's Tale, Taarstad
"what's the fuzzball chewing on now?" - Swallow's Tale, Helena and Sascha


sparkling like water - The Morrigan
Clock tower - Julian De'Ath
Booby trap(s) - The Morrigan
insufficient resources - Deaths, Julian and Eduard De'Ath


The Mummy Series:
the gravitational pull of bed - Mummy postscript, Evie Carnahan
"what is my life what are my choices" - Rick O'Connell
pie - Evie Carnahan and Rick O'Connell
"Why am I juggling magicians?" - Evie Carnahan, Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan


tumbleweeds - Unknown
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Especially for a sparks list that came to twenty pieces in the end.

On the other hand, I accidentally cleared ten thousand words doing it? And have several starting points for expanded/continued pieces.

Which, y'know, yay.

Just, huh. I feel out of practice.

And my hand is seriously mad at me. =\

(Mind, it's been a bad couple of body weeks in general, but writing hasn't helped it any.

In related news, ow. Stupid hip. Stupid sacrum. Stupid hamstrings. Stupid shoulders. Really stupid arm.)
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And sneezed in my face yesterday.

This should be interesting.

I'm still banging on the plate-clearing post. Still feel rusty as hell, but that's what you get when you don't write much. *makes face at self*

In physical news, I am contemplating peering at yoga. This is . . . scary. But pilates has been going well, and it's becoming more obvious which joints are not so gud at this stability nonsense, and yoga likes to work on that sort of thing. So.

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I actually have clue one for the meme requests for Falcons' Feathers and Chevalier de Grammont, the remaining many-request stories.

I also appear to have an inkling of clue one for the Trickwood Unification. (dear fuck, it's way more than one novel I could actually start Wild Roses here fuuuuuuck)

Clue One means chunks of jigsaw puzzle, not puzzle-pieces.

Because of that, I am going to stop trying to top my previous wordcounts in the excel doc; it's giving me writer's block because my brain keeps going '1500 words or gtfo' and then I can't string words together. Not useful, that.

So! I am going to try for 50-500 words of meme response for most of the List, to clear the plate. If you would like to leave sparks, please do.


Ian Sansoucy - (yes, there is a pattern here, hush.)
Trickwood Unification (LOTS 2) - barter (Belladonna), wet feet (Hernén), trap time (Hernén again), reinforcements (still Hernén, this is getting to be a pattern), arrangements and arguments (Donel), honour guard (Hernén), breakup (Ruadhan), yelling's done: time to sing (Ilne)
early Some Kind of Love Song (2 1) - sharp knives and shouting cooks
Ulysse (4 2) - guest, tangled in a net
Temir Black Rocks or Sidonie Two Rivers
Ruadhan and/or Donel (3 1, see Trickwood Unification links)
Fintain - calm before the storm
Last One Standing (3 1) (I starting thinking about one of these and it tried to turn into fifteen thousand words and I broke. >.>) - cats' cradles, cards at the corner table
Alternate Earths (2)
adult!Hazel - "Screw what they said, this is the problem right here"


Falcons' Feathers pt 1* (3 2) - unexpected
Falcons' Feathers pt 2 (3 2) - sudden stabbing muscle-twinges in one's back
pre-suns Sibir - never, ever mess with the sergeants
suns Sibir (2)
Chevalier de Grammont (7 1) (fuck meeee I refuse to give timing context for these. =P) - hissing wires, reading wet paper, an intermittent fault, onset of winter, icy liquid, boiling away, coloured glass
Swallow's Tale 3+1
Witches' Horses (2)


Death & the Peddler era (3 2, would be 1 if Jean-Baptiste would talk to me. . . ) - Death & the Peddler 1
after the loss
campaign era (4)
post-campaign Edmund De'Ath

*: goddammit grad student let me have those reference texts on non-Mongol Eurasian steppe tribes!
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I'd meant to keep going, see if I could hit twelve for this month, but no go. Shoulder's gone off again.

Not severely, I don't even have the raging headache portion of the new trick, but I'm losing fine motor control. Gross motor--driving, most of pilates class tonight--has been fairly okay, at least over short periods, but oy.

Argh. I'll just have to do fourteen in June. I should be able to manage that, right?

(In other news, in the ten pieces I did finagle this month, I cleared twenty-two thousand words. My 'whut.' face.)
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If we have to try taking over the world with cheese again, I'm eating some before it's all confiscated by the UN!

So my intended goal for the current writing was to clear around 500 words a post. That seemed reasonable, would cut down--slightly--on the jigsaw puzzle of DOOM index posts.

. . Yeeeeah. The shortest one, thus far, is just over a thousand words. I just posted an eight thousand word monster. Featuring Aodh, who is not exactly easy to write.

Most of the remainder are between fifteen and eighteen hundred words.

I think my brain heard 'five hundred' and set the bar at 'fifteen hundred and up'.

Also, I want a drink now.
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(In case you're curious, Scotch is awesome.)

Two more things:

I've written three thousand words today, and no you can't see them. Expansion of old sketch that turned into six internal parts, and I only have 1, 2, and 6 written. No post for you yet.
Also, ye gods.

I'm experimenting with dropping the nerve med dosage back to 75mg. Mostly because on 75mg I wrote 35,000 words in a month, and on 100mg I can be physically active to an unprecedented degree, but I appear not to write much at ALL. So we'll see if the physical sticks around and the creative picks back up.
If it doesn't, I got the 100mg 'scrip filled as 75s and 25s, instead of the usual oceans of 50s, so I can get back up if three weeks of experiment does not go awesome.


May. 1st, 2012 01:09 pm
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We all knew I was nuts, yes?

[Poll #1837617]
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To-do list building time!

Hi, you lot. Please give me a list (as short as one, as long as seven, let's say, to keep things manageable) of timestamps, story-universes, or characters you'd be pleased to see.

Combinations are fine, but please don't actively try to make me expand stories to encompass a request ('The Morrigan, long after the story' had me stumped for yeeeeears, for example).

If enough people shout about it, I can put up a poll to accompany this post. :)
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I put up what I thought would be a poll for a two-for-twenty sort of affair the 31st of March 2010, and posted the last of the forty eight (consolidated post here) pieces last night.

As usual, all the indexes are up to date, although the Wild Roses ones are getting unwieldy enough I'm strongly considering trying out Scrivener and starting to post (and index) much bigger pieces. O.o;;*

*: You know I'm afraid of the html when I'm actually contemplating something New. My current writing tools are TextEdit, Word Count Tool, and whatever I can finagle into letting me write as long as possible before my hand gives out on me.

During the two year period this poll covered, I got diagnosed with a second nerve disorder, went on a nerve medication that actually worked (witness the roughly 35,000 words I wrote over the course of last February**), moved almost a hundred miles, took a first-year French course in nine weeks, and started being able to push myself physically.

**: o.O;;;;;;;

Writing took more of a nosedive than I was anticipating; I blame a combination of self-competition--I started tracking wordcounts partway through the poll of doom and the totals immediately skyrocketed--and spending a lot of brain and hand points on physical activity.

. . . . Let's see if I can get back into a writing schedule that results in O.o; inducing half-yearly roundups. One of these years I may actually have a novel or four to work with. :)


Feb. 11th, 2012 05:53 pm
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I wrote more than I expected to yesterday (I was hoping for something in the 500 word range for all three of the remaining pieces of the poll of doom), and now my brain won't give me a line in on either of the remaining two.


But hey, a little more than thirty-five hundred words isn't to be sneezed at, especially when you're starting with under three hundred words of spark and a brief sketch.

Now I just need to get beginnings on the last two.
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This journal is currently accepting sparks.

Edited to add that I'm done for the day, I think. :) Thank you, all.


Wild Roses:
"the word "_____" is starting to lose all meaning to me now." (Ruadhan and Donel)
"more teeth than I want to face in the morning" (Ruadhan, Hernén)
"a beautiful hide" (Baroness Sidonie Two Rivers)
"struggling to repair the ripped lining of a coat." (Donel and Ruadhan)
"Mountain combing" (Donel)
"at least, that's the way *I* remember it -" (Ulysse, Donel, Hernén and Ruadhan)
"since last we danced" (Fintain & Katerina of Autumn)
"Let me see it?" (Fintain and wee!Hazel)

West by north
"the grey of the gloaming" (Ricard & the Morrigan)
war paint (The Morrigan)
To Charm a Firearm (Julian De'Ath & the Morrigan)
craving (The Morrigan)

Herding the Witches' Horses:
"Talking airlock" (Falcons' Feathers, Irina and Khenbish)
"beads in the hair" (Falcons' Feathers, Irina and Khenbish)
"accents of gold and black (Falcons' Feathers, Irina)
this house, it is not well (Vasilisa)
"Unfortunate blade placement" (Sinclair)
Luminescence (Sinclair)

restlessly looking outside when there's work to be done inside.

Hokay, so.

Apr. 9th, 2011 01:09 pm
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(this is the earth...)

Immune system flirting with cold germs (still? again? in any event, this is annoying); fingers still clumsy, hence no writing.

Assuming IRS website still freaking out Monday, I need to stop by the physical outpost downtown for a quarterly tax form. Silly me, waiting until nearly personal tax time to try to get a form. :) Hah! Got it!

Thus far today, have swept house, paid bills, shelved manga (finally. Now just need to find shelf space for Sir Terry and weed the Elizabeth Peters into something that will fit the remaining available space. And then All the Boxes will be empty. Y'know, only seven months after we moved...)

Have made new discovery. Tailbone is hypermobile.

Ask me how much fun my last couple physio sessions have been, I dare ya.
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That deadline for the poll of doom is entirely self imposed. I've written sixteen thousand words since the 18th--a rate of approximately a thousand words a day. This is really, really not to be sneezed at, given everything else I've done in that period (oh god the garage) and the nerve disorder Issue.

I'm tired, I'm sore, and none of the POVs I could use for the last piece for a technical win are loud enough to write an easy couple thousand several hundred words tonight.

Screw it, I'm going to go watch a movie or something. I'll do the last three pieces in the round over the course of the next week. And then peer around for a new project.

Leave me a couple of sparks if you'd like. :) I'll tackle them tomorrow.

Hokay, so.

Mar. 22nd, 2011 09:45 pm
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Some cruel organism filled my sinuses with glue. (This, and the cough induced by this, are my only real symptoms. My joy face.)

However, I have another seven poll-of-doom pieces to finish, and I'd really like to manage it this month.

I only have five proper responses left:

Sun Queen (I'm thinking Arianhrod and bebe!Ulysse, for the prompt 'redemption')
Alternate Earths (Yasha's first meeting with Arianhrod entertains me far more than it should, so I'm thinking 'photographs/snapshots')
Falcons' Feathers (... I've lost my note. Well done me)
Swallow's Tail (a followup to sunshine and oranges, with the prompt 'release')
Witches' Horses (massive expansion/bridge building, for Ilya's experiences in the witch's house. Our prompt is 'desecrate'.)

Plus the two free spaces.

Help a diseased writer out?

[Poll #1721384]
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Preparatory to getting into the last 16 (which will get links as they're written, assuming anyone is interested), and hey, some of these were written last summer:

Each 'round' is 8 pieces (since there were 8 respondents), with the request outside the parenthetical and the link for the piece within it.

Round 1: Azrael (legends come walking), Aodh (play the hand dealt), Falcons' Feathers (unwelcome), campaign (settling in), Sun Queen (not even names), Sibir (promoted), Trickwood Unification (beware herd response), Swallow's Tail (consequence)

Round 2: Sun Queen (born in storm), Chevalier de Grammont (urban stable), Hazel (I got an idea), Sibir (first time), Some Kind of Love Song (call), campaign (hunger), Alternate Earths (unexpected connections), Sibir (new command, new responsibilities)

Round 3: Some Kind of Love Song (checking the traps), Vasilisa (don't step on a crack), Last One Standing (hunter's blind), before the loss (unlikely reinforcements), before the loss (gossip), after the campaign (feint (only not)), after the campaign (midnight conversations), the Morrigan long after the stories (down memory lane). What completist Moment?

Round 4: Sun Queen (Common ground), Trickwood Unification (cursing in the dark), Some Kind of Love Song (pipe smoke), The Wars (here things begin (dragon arc)), Isael (crossroads), Isael (integration), Last One Standing (lead and glass), Alternate Earths (switching houses). Yes, these were written in internal chronological order; yes, I had a headache afterwards.

Round 5: Sibir (two steps sideways), Sibir (Middle Management sucks.), Sinclair before he was Sinclair (know when to walk away), Chevalier de Grammont (Weather forecast: heavy snow), Chevalier de Grammont (hogs.), Swallow's Tail (things that don't mix), Chevalier de Grammont (a long run), Witches' Horses (lightning in the dark). Also written in internal chronological order. My brain picks weird things to check off.

Round 6: Some Kind of Love Song (never a firebird story), Sun Queen (pirate's son; prince), Alternate Earths (humans totally come in 'ish'), Falcon's Feathers (good days come with stunt riding and explosions), Witches' Horses (birch forests), Swallow's Tail (), [free] (), [free] ()
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Okay, so, I did indeed commit a 40-in-4, although it was actually a 44-in-5 due to extra responses and a particularly gnarly sinus headache. I more than tripled the wordcount of the first time I did this, which is both pleasing and terrifying.

The poll responses totalled out to 17 requests for pieces in the Wild Roses universe, 15 for the Witches' Horses universe, and 12 for the deaths.

Links organised in rough internal chronological order; I will update the indexes at some point that is not tonight, ye gods. >.@

Comments are always appreciated, even if it's days or weeks (or years!) after the post went up. I totally get the mild shellshock of named by rhyme posts eating your flist after so long of being quiet.

links if you want them. :) )
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And it did a wonderful number on my writing counts ever since. So I'm aiming to fix that a bit, and I respond well to pushing myself.

[Poll #1516150]
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Now, I have a lot of stories ('No shit, really?' say the peanut galleries). As a result, I sometimes don't write everyone on a regular basis.

If you'd like, I'd appreciate a comment or two of names of people you haven't seen in a while, that you'd like to again. This is not meant to be a 'name your favourites!' or intended to stress you out; I'm really just soliciting suggestions.

It's okay to suggest a name someone else already has--I'll likely write something for every individual response, but overlaps are likely to get bumped a bit up the list because it's a reinforced request.


Aleron and Joveta; Geoffrey (with his kids); Aodh (4 requests); Jared; Ilya; Giselle; Phoebe; Hazel (3 requests); Ruslan Sergeievich; Fintain; Aifiric; Ian*; the First of China; Sean; the Brothers De'ath

*: first, second and the Hand.
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So I have a contractor currently (suprisingly) not cussing in my bathroom, ripping out the Warped floorboards (we're blaming the wax seal around the toilet and the heat wave in June) so as to make way for a new lino floor. I think my landlord's afraid of what's going to happen next. :)

In other news, I've been doing some writing (some writing, she says. I think I took the deaths from twenty-odd pieces to thirty odd last month). If you're curious as to where things currently sit in the chronologies, here, have some indexes!

The process kinked among you may have a considerable amount of glee at the number of drafts involved here. I'm starting to think that the Wild Roses mess is getting frightening. >.>

cut for three universes )


Jun. 22nd, 2009 11:43 am
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I managed to reset my internal calender from physio mon/wed to physio tues/thurs, and got a mildly 'Um?' call this morning five minutes after my appointment time started. Arrrgh.

First time missed, so no penalties, but I'm still really mad at myself, and will be very, very sore by Wednesday.

In other news, I am starting to trim down my writing to-do list--I'm down to the Love Song and a follow-up to the incident with the tiger, from the March requests. I owe the Dormouse some Falcons' Feathers (I always owe the Dormouse some Falcons' Feathers, it's some kind of weird law of the universe), and have rough ideas for two more pieces of Witches' Horses.

The Baroness expansion is crawling, frustratingly, so that's not getting posted this month.

There anything you'd like to see? I may put up a poll or something in the next few days, but I never really forget requests. :)
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I'm tackling something and making it Bone-witch long (around 11,000 consecutive words).

Your mission, should you choose to contribute, is in telling me what story-sequence to do.

[Poll #1403149]

river baroness index )
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Sparked by this poll, the requests list went:
Wild Roses:
6 Sun Queen era
6 Trickwood Unification
3 Wars era
3 Spawn era
2 [Other] - Last One Standing and Some Kind of Love Song

Herding the Witches' Horses:
4 le Chevalier de Grammont
3 Winter/Morozko
1 Witches' Horses
1 Vasilisa
1 Swallow's Tail
1 Sibir

4 precampaign
3 campaign

roundup of links )

As always, comments are gloated over.

Indexes (updated, at that!) are:
Wild Roses 1 (early history through pre-wars)
Wild Roses 2 (Trickwood Unification & Some Kind of Love Song)
Wild Roses 3 (the Wars)
Wild Roses 4 (after the wars)

Chevalier de Grammont
Witches' Horses
Swallow's Tail

The Deaths

Ow. But.

Feb. 22nd, 2009 05:53 pm
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I semi-accidentally expanded the second two-for-twenty into a fifty-piece sequence, and had a Moment today.

The deluge is over, for those with [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme on their flists.

Comments, as always, appreciated.

I think I'm going to leave the coding to update the indexes for tomorrow, though. Ow.

I win!

Nov. 4th, 2008 06:08 pm
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Well. This has been interesting; the last two days were dramatically more difficult than the eighteen before--fun with pain. =P

Survey says that yes, I can produce two pieces of writing for twenty days, and my natural word output is around a thousand words a day.

Everything's over at [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme. Any comments you'd care to give would be gloated over.

final tally goes Wild Roses: 16; Witches' Horses: 15; the Deaths: 9 )
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I am experimenting with my physical and mental capabilities.

To whit, I know I'm capable of forty bits of writing in four days. What I'm curious is if I can keep up a pace of two bits for twenty days.

Day ten's second piece just got posted over in [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme.

I think my hand may run out before my brain does, interestingly.


Sep. 1st, 2008 03:46 pm
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I am mildly caffeinated (hurrah for codeine and black tea), and thus pondering the universe at speeds slightly unsafe.

Says something when the guy giving you the invoice for your car half-jokes that he had to leave the room to allow his technicians "freedom of expression".
(I may have texted [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics shortly afterward with "$ of parts, $$ of monkey cursing. Ow my wallet.")

Still need to call two orthopedic clinics, one to request copies of x-rays, the other to schedule an appointment. My joy face.

In order to cheer myself up, or at least distract key portions of my brain, o flist! What should I write this month?

Suggestions can take the form of 'name!', 'universe!', 'expand [link for reference]!'. 'Whatever you like' will net everyone extremely short cryptic fiction with little internal context, and considering that's a bad habit of mine anyway . . .

I mentioned the caffeinated. It makes me maniacial, too. At least I haven't gone the rooftop and doomsday device route.
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The sparks and requests from this post are done.

They can be found over at [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme, under the tag 'writing meme'. The first is 'stakes', the last 'moons, cheese and bananas'.

Comments, questions and additional requests are encouraged.


Oct. 13th, 2007 04:06 pm
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Wild Roses spark-responses:
A welcome mat. (Phoebe, Ulysse)
"But is it worth it?" (unknown)
Something belonging only to [me] (Hazel and Lin)
The only safe space in the world. (Liare, Lin)
a worn-unrecognizable stuffed. . . uh, something. (Sascha, Jonathan, Hazel)
A bottle of black dye (chaos!twins)
Crumpled sheets of paper (Sean)
Waking up and realizing it's below freezing and you're under a lot of blankets and just do NOT want to get up. (Sascha)
The taste of salt right after drinking orange juice. (Niamh)
Fault lines. (Isael)
Warm sand - texture/feeling (Sean and a Hand)
A broken mirror. (Conall and Isael)
Chess (or approximate equivalent) (Hazel and Lin)
cumin up one's nose (the docks)
A non-threatening but irritatingly incapacitating illness. (Sascha)
Liminal spaces (Yasha)
Doldrums (Niamh, Aodh)
Foreboding weather (Trickwood)
needing a haircut (Conall)
"here we go for the hunderedth time, hand grenade pins in every line" (second Joceline)
nervous waiting (Sean, The Lady)
mist and sunlight over water (unknown)
Rainbows of many different silk brocades. (Phoebe, Granmere Lehseet [the Shopkeeper])
Intricate knotting, weaving, and colored cords. (unknown)
the bite/tingle of something spicy (Isaac Gabriel)
A blanket that's still warm (Fang Yin, Aodh)
A warm bath (Hazel and Lin)
COVERED IN BEES (chaos!twins and their great-grandmother)
reflexively whacking someone with a big stick (second Joceline and Conall)
deceptive sunny blue sky coupled with shocking cold. (Trickwood)
gold leaves in a wind funnel, like gold flakes in a stream of water. (Sebastian)

Witches' Horses spark-responses:
A broken window. ([Swans])
Magma (Vasilisa)
"You sure of that?" (Witches' Horses)
a job well done ([Swans])
the sound of wind against windows (as yet unaffiliated)
polished steel (Witches' Horses)
The sound of rain against windows after a victory at great cost to you and yours. (Witches' Horses side arc [Ruslan Sergeievich])
Reflections on antique black lacquer (Falcons' Feathers)
a bone windchime (Vasilisa)
autumn sunlight through red tinted leaves (Vasilisa)
Soup of the day (Witches' Horses)
Carousel. (unknown)
Non-sequitor ([Swans])
Mushrooms (unknown)
Oppressive heat and humidity ([Swans])
bottled, over-processed & sweetened tea (Witches' Horses)

Death be not Proud spark-responses:
A painted wooden box (brothers De'Ath)
The age of rocks. (the Morrigan)
Thin ice over shallow water (the Morrigan)
a watch that won't start (the Morrigan)
the smell of wood smoke (brothers De'Ath)
wind in your hair, moving at speed (the Morrigan)

Other/unattributed/etc spark-responses:
The top of a mountain.
refractions from raindrops standing on greenery after a shower.
the abrupt realization that the old friend you have run across has, in the intervening years, spawned. (Pride, Mota)
The sounds and smells of a major industrial workshop, (hot steel, oil, hammers on hot steel) (Tanith)
the catloaf
The faint scent left in a discarded garment.
a picture frame
attack of the mosquitos
wind blown sand (Mirages, Isha, Fire-eyes)

Thank you all. Also, good lord.

Comments still very much appreciated.
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Though I need to stop thinking about the Bone-Witch for a bit*.

So, we have the reappearance of the meme:

Sparks, please. Responses may be slightly delayed if the Witch or a spark eats my face.

*: I'm determined to finish before the end of October. Originally projected to be about six thousand words, but I'm at five-ish now and need at least another two to finish the tale as it's been progressing. Oiigh.
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Or something.

Sparks go here (Zach, when you see this please repost those rise against lyrics for me?).

third set

Jun. 28th, 2007 01:14 pm
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post is now here.
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if you feel so inclined, fling sparks my way.

(Radish, Sarah, please repost your comments?)
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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney (who got it from [livejournal.com profile] tsuki_no_bara), [livejournal.com profile] merditha, [livejournal.com profile] darthneko, [livejournal.com profile] larathia, [livejournal.com profile] billradish, and now [livejournal.com profile] dreamscribe:

name a character and I'll tell you something entirely random about him/her that may or may not ever make it into the story. (lemmings. All of us. I swear.)

(and also from [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney: ask me anything about my stories and/or writing process:* inspiration, process, what the hell was i thinking, etc. no limit on questions, just ask away.

feel free to ask world-building questions if you so desire.
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First seen from [livejournal.com profile] weaselbeast, a drabble meme. Give me

1. A character/pairing
2. A mood
3. A few words and/or a line

and i shall attempt to write something to go with it.

April 2017

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