Jan. 17th, 2012

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So we finally have snow! After weeks of teasing and cold-without-snow!

Naturally the Subaru's thermostat decided to die yesterday afternoon.

So we got it over to the mechanic this morning, expecting to get it back sometime before Thursday (the day Mom gets in from Hawaii; the weather gods are probably laughing at her too).

Got the call half an hour ago that it's good to go. *facepalm*
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So Bellingham's forecast for six inches of snow. Not bad, somewhere in the ankle range, and we have plows.

We discovered that last year for American Thanksgiving. It was remarkably low-key on the freaking out level, which was nice. I was glad we left Seattle before they started dismantling the viaduct and made one of the bridges across the lake a toll bridge, 'cause oy.

I just checked out a weather forecast. Seattle, unlike Bellingham, is in for possibly-historic winter storm weather and is forecast for up to eighteen inches of snow. Just under half a meter, for our metric friends. That's deeper than my kneehigh boots.

Seattle freaks out at a couple of inches of snow (last time they had significant snow, they voted a mayor out of office for not responding as much as people wanted; this time there are whole newspaper articles talking about how prepared they are for this one), as a note.

I'm glad I don't need to welcome our new snowpocalypse overlords. O.o;;;

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