Jul. 16th, 2012

taennyn: (prices paid)
So, I managed to break my streak of not-writing by virtue of throwing the Morrigan at the problem (she's surprisingly effective for that). Posted part one of a nearly self-contained deaths piece Saturday . . . and then promptly flared.

On a week where I'm not scheduled to see the regular physio.

Admittedly, this is a flare that would barely have registered as one a couple of years ago. And I'm not currently in excruciating pain--I can still do bank recs and fill orders without having to ask for help--but writing/any sustained fine motor control is Right Out. =\

I decided Sunday morning--after my tweaked neck had finally calmed down enough to let me drag myself out of bed--that asking my arm to support my weight was a stupid idea and didn't sign up for a pilates class for this morning, no matter how much the rest of me might like to move.

I also called and put myself on the physio cancellation list right when the office opened this morning (and got 'I'm A Morning Person' Chipper!Accounting on the phone, ye gods).

Ordinarily this is a pretty silly thing to do; this office books out a month-plus in advance and my expat Aussie is deservedly popular. I asked for both her and the physio assistant, not reeeeally expecting to make it in for more than a half hour with the assistant.

Just got called back with back-to-back half-hour openings for the Aussie and the assistant tomorrow afternoon.


(If someone stuck a thumb on a balance pan, I really appreciate it. <3)

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