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taennyn: a girl sitting in front of a field of fallen leaves (with never a crackle)

A Book of Rogues and Imposters

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Created on 2011-12-21 21:22:51 (#1162259), last updated 2017-04-28 (24 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jan 5
I grew up on an island once known for sawmills and strawberry farms. My first degree was biology; my interest is history (Russian, trade, imperial, military and interaction-modified folkloric) as it leads to storytelling. Sort of like a house on chicken feet will lead you to an interesting day.
I'm also a raging anatomy and kinesiology geek with a concentration on compensation and motor control centre patterning. The end goal is, of course, pain-free motion and activity.

I read just about anything; I write largely original with an emphasis on researched fantasy. I cannot for the life of me write linearly, so the process turns into something of an extended jigsaw puzzle endeavour. Please contact me for indexes and overviews--I'm still fighting with the html to translate the livejournal indexes to dreamwidth.

You are welcome to email me for more information. I like context, including providing it.

Interests (108):

a duality of faith, addled by sucrose, agatha heterodyne, alternate histories, archery, art, artpunk, assume this is real, attentive storytelling, beaded faiths, british satire, calligraphy, ceramics, chronic pain, competency kinked, context keeps me from getting stabbed, contextual analysis, cordelia naismith, crescent knives, dance, define your reality, depression, disability, editing for context, enabling puckishness, evelyn carnahan o'connell, evolution, firearms curiosa, freedom & necessity, getting around your injuries, getting over the greeks already, gilgamesh wulfenbach, heather gladney's harper, helen narbon, history, hypermobility, integrating mythology & reality, interior design, ivan and alys vorpatril, layered characters, life isn't grayscale, light through stained glass, live with your consequences, low fantasy != simple, marion ravenwood, martial arts, medieval russia, meg davis, metadis, military science fiction, misinterpretation of dignity, modern anachronisms, music, music played for passion, musicals, mythology, new ways of repairing brain chemistry, nile etland, non-binary relationships, non-binary sexuality, not victorian fairytales, out-of-print sci fi, peanut galleries, peoplewatching, physical therapy, playful bickering, princess leia organa-solo, reading as radio plays, redefine your archetypes, responsible behaviour, richard o'connell, rifles, sailors, science!, settle for satisfaction, shapeshifters and worldwalkers, silversmithing, soldiers, sorcery and cecelia, space opera, steampunk, storytelling, swords, target pistol shooting, tarnekep portree, tattoos, tea parties, tea to think by, terry pratchett, textiles, the "love" of murphy, the autism spectrum, the avengers (tv series), the human animal, the irony gods, the not yet published, the raven king, trigger argee, troublemakers, urbane fantasy, vladimir taltos, vorkosigans (convalescent)victorious!, witchcraft (emphasis on the craft), woodworking, world building, worth wonder, writing, xkcd
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