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Veggie and I have been watching this set-in-1890s-Toronto murder mystery series. It is sometimes the bad kind of terrible (film students as extras, I suspect, and they are not very good yet at cadence and emotion.  >.>) and they sort of cliffhangered us at the end of the netflix run (season 3) in a way that the wikipedia articles on the following seasons say will not be resolved.  ARGH.  If I accidentally wind up with a new set-in-deaths-'verse story I'm going to grumble lots.*

I mean, it's terrible. We're presented in the first episode with a coroner who's manifestly a doctor, and also female. And upper class, but that sort of goes along with the whole 'doctor' thing.

There is no explanation for this. Nor for the relatively modern set of morals and ethical behaviour displayed by the framing character of Murdoch, the Detective. (Especially considering we meet his father in the series and there is no reason for that man to have produced that kid. [Twice. Did I mention this was a kind of terrible series? Random brother was random. And a Mountie.])

On the other hand, Season 3 presented us with a couple who could, in fact, be some sort of OTP of Crime.

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*: That would actually be kind of fun, if you assumed the gentleman tinkerer had been a soldier as a younger man, and his terrifying blonde had had several husbands before him--two natural or unaware-sparked deaths live together! Do they ever discuss it? Before or after they take up a life of crime to stave off the boredom?
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Powells.com is WAY more dangerous than the physical Powell's on Burnside. O.o;

(Why no, I didn't just mine 17 books out of their website and that's with a good twenty others added to a wishlist, and escaped from the bookstore with only 9, why do you ask?)

[livejournal.com profile] youraugustine, [livejournal.com profile] goldjadeocean, at some point, I could really use a hand weeding down the eight freaking thousand books in their general England history section to some number that would cover up through ~1500* and give hints and ideas as to history borking itself in a recognisable way after that. Gnah.

Thus far this week, I've read (and finished) a short history on Portugal, a book on the Medieval Warm Period and following Little Ice Age, a book on just post-Soviet gender and social dynamics in Russia, and a YA book set in New Zealand with Maori mythology (pretty good; Karen Healey's Guardian of the Dead). Am still wading through Trade and Dominion, and mean to start poking a book on the Black Death.

Steampunking history is beginning to require its own library, a globe, and a Sharpie.

*: European changes starting with the Black Death in the 1350s, but small scale for a while. Constantinople still fell in 1453, Columbus still sailed in 1492 (which means the Muslims still got kicked out of Spain), but Cortes kinda got his ass handed to him in Mexico on the ends of pointy jade and copper knives.
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Sparked by this poll, the requests list went:
Wild Roses:
6 Sun Queen era
6 Trickwood Unification
3 Wars era
3 Spawn era
2 [Other] - Last One Standing and Some Kind of Love Song

Herding the Witches' Horses:
4 le Chevalier de Grammont
3 Winter/Morozko
1 Witches' Horses
1 Vasilisa
1 Swallow's Tail
1 Sibir

4 precampaign
3 campaign

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As always, comments are gloated over.

Indexes (updated, at that!) are:
Wild Roses 1 (early history through pre-wars)
Wild Roses 2 (Trickwood Unification & Some Kind of Love Song)
Wild Roses 3 (the Wars)
Wild Roses 4 (after the wars)

Chevalier de Grammont
Witches' Horses
Swallow's Tail

The Deaths
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This will probably eventually be a list of links to other indexes, but since it's still the smallest universe, it's just cuts.

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campaign )


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I win!

Nov. 4th, 2008 06:08 pm
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Well. This has been interesting; the last two days were dramatically more difficult than the eighteen before--fun with pain. =P

Survey says that yes, I can produce two pieces of writing for twenty days, and my natural word output is around a thousand words a day.

Everything's over at [livejournal.com profile] named_by_rhyme. Any comments you'd care to give would be gloated over.

final tally goes Wild Roses: 16; Witches' Horses: 15; the Deaths: 9 )

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