Apr. 13th, 2017 03:09 pm
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Dignity will be happening to other people for some little time.

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My bad ankle actually feels like an ankle for the first time in almost two years (my knee is extremely confused about this), and my chippy hip is looser than usual.

I've been told to keep my witchy fingers inside my own goddamn hands (or the equivalent in inarticulate noises) four times already. =D
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We were due into Bellingham a little over four hours ago. A drawbridge malfunction of apparently epic scale stopped us cold around the halfway point.

Then we backed up the way we came. I wish I was joking. But no, I am not.

So here we are back at the Vancouver train station. Waiting to hear a standby bus has arrived, or the bridge troll has fallen in battle.

Good thing I didn't have plans tonight.

Little annoyed that class starts in eight hours and I'm probably at least two and a half hours from my destination.

But eh. I interviewed for the PT grad program today. I can be zen.


Feb. 17th, 2017 01:02 pm
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So annoyed that taping my fibula to my tibia makes walking dramatically less uncomfortable.
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Wow does the two-fingers baby cpr method suck. Ouch my overstretched knuckles.

On the plus side, it's looking like I could actually manage at least a few cycles of cpr in the wild. \o/
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"... but that's partially because I suspect Everett is actually some sort of civic flytrap."
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Quite deliberately, Mom would have let me have the other bed.

But the idea of waking up in the middle of the night in my own bedroom surrounded by my mother's bedroom furniture from my adolescence seems like 'I woke up in the wrong fucking reality' nightmare fuel.

So I'm sleeping in what used to be Veggie's room in the house in Bellingham, and gaaaaaaah.
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Tonight, Merry Wives redux (try not to giggle BEFORE they deliver the line!)

Tomorrow, Whistler, possibly a spa, definitely an Extremely Fancy Dinner Evening (eep)

Monday, get back to Van to get on a train to Bellingham

Tuesday, accost Veggie (muwhahahaha), also financial planner meeting that is the official visit reason

Wednesday, go harvest plums with Mom and the Bellingham Food Bank in... Blaine? I think?
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me, internal monologue: they're doing a really nice job of this, excellent use of set adjustment, but wow I cannot look at Romeo without seeing him with a teeny espresso cup and extended pinky in Merry Wives...
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"Well, yeah, but you walk like a velociraptor."

(She does. Nice epic knots in her calves, too.)
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Zach, out on a walk: "[picture] Rhodos make black berries?"

me, on the couch: "That's not a rhododendron.
"Also don't eat those unless you're sure they're not laurel"

Zach: "That's what they are.... So... What if I ate them?"

me: "Depends on variety"

Zach, while i was typing: "(I didn't)"

me: "Cherry laurel berries are kinda cyanidey"


Aug. 6th, 2016 05:15 pm
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Went to an explosive leg strength workshop today. Took notes, have some exercises to work on (the pistol squat progressions look doable. the hamstring death curls... less so. maybe the TRX rig as an anti-faceplant guard?), and got to have someone else flail about p-value hacking and what it does to research. :D
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I did not intend to stack events, but it just kind of happened.

Went to a Tap Takeover Event at a Vancouver pub today. I ordinarily could not be lured to one of these, but the takeover was a cidery. Largest cider tap takeover in North America to date.

......Tell me more of your Ghost cider, Merridale. And your Double Barrel. *!!!*

So noisy. So hot (that pub's AC was absolutely not up for summer plus Event, wow).

goddammit Merridale why can't I buy any of these ciders in the store?


Jul. 12th, 2016 09:01 am
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Exactly one minute after my registration window has opened, and I have my fall schedule, at the times and spaces I want.

Care and Prevention of Injuries, Exercise Physiology, Human Sexuality.

Rec Letter Writer 1 [also not a bad toolkit addition], Last 3 credits of prereqs, Rec Letter Writer 2 [and, you know, why not]

Still cross that Delightful Psych Prof's class is at 8:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I'm taking it anyway. She's delightful and also one of my academic recommendations--it's hardly going to hurt me to reinforce her impression of me as a student. =P
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This year's Bard on the Beach's Merry Wives of Windsor is fuckin' awesome. [personal profile] sorchablue and I went last night and have resolved to find a weekend to drag Zach along so he can delight with us. :D

They set it in 1968 Windsor Ontario. The costumes are silly and bright, and the cast is clearly having a ball.
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Skated by with a mindfulness and breath awareness sketch at the PT appointment (which we ran late to because Dad misremembered what time his appointment started, argh).

Got to see the PT assistant I used to see at this clinic (of course I recommended my Bellingham PT clinic to my pained parent), which was awesome. She made *DELIGHT* face when I sketched that I'd done all the teacher-trainings for pilates instructor and am planning to apply to PT school this fall. :D

Mom's spent a lot more time around me than Dad has post All The PT: his boggle face when I helped carry a corner bookcase up from the living room to the office was pretty epic.

There's a reason I put all those hours into this. I can take the heavy end of a purpleheart bookcase up sixteen steps and a ninety-degree turn two days after kayaking and a day after baking. I can plan to attend PT school.
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Went kayaking today in Deep Cove as a belated birthday present for Zach. (He had no idea what we were doing, and it was driving him slightly bonkers. Point to Melissa.)

It's been a long, long time since I was last kayaking. (Probably since before I had a livejournal, which is saying something given the summer '02 start date.) It was interesting trying to get a feel of it again, how to stroke quietly and with power, the tricks of rudder pedals and knee bracing.

Pinkened the backs of both hands and it's obvious where my leggings ended on one leg, but overall, for thinking I'd never be here again, not with the shoulder and the hand, my forearms singing like I've been climbing without the individual finger arias and a bit of a sunburn's a pretty thorough win. I'd be hurting worse with less to show for it if you'd handed me a blacksmith's hammer this morning.


May. 26th, 2016 09:20 am
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I have a 1600 word essay to put together by early August, on a subject of my choosing but that must relate in some way warmaking and its society's mutual interaction.

I am squinting dubiously at the length requirement. Anyone got thoughts on a nice narrow topic they'd like to see me rant-with-sources about?

Similarly (and as always this is in no way meant to imply a command performance) anyone have a shortlist of sparks or story pieces they would like to see me expand considerably? I have a list of my own, of course, but external interest is always a plus. =)
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My parents' house on the island I grew up on has been offered a price they've accepted! Closing date is June 27th.

Which is very exciting, considering how long it's been on the market, if only half-heartedly.

It also means Mom was looking for a place to live, and eventually asked me for my old landlords' contact info in Bellingham. Which I freely gave, because I loved living in that place and they were the best landlords I've ever had.

Turns out they had an opening in her timeframe.

Specifically, the townhouse at the corner.

Where I lived between 2010 and 2013.

My childhood address is disappearing from family hands for the final time, and my mother is resurrecting my adultiest address (thus far).

.... As one does, I suppose?
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My first in a long, long time, and my first Canadian event ever.

It went well, I feel like, and for the garb's first outing it performed admirably. Some tweaks on the outer layer to do--it kept rotating to give me a gape in the back of my neck and no space at the front--but overall for an adventure in all day wear my profound compliments to my lady hostess. <3

It's interesting being in a position to say 'If my schedule allows for it, I'll go to more'.

But the old man's gone, and I'll never be attending an event in isolation.

..... Definitely want to lay hands on camp chairs before next time, though. Stupid hip. You'd think a very nice cushion would be enough, but noooo.
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But hey. It's been a while since I did a sparks post, hasn't it. :)

Wild Roses:
ripple effect - Gideon; appears to be related to unexpected and unrefusable cargo 1

(interpret as liberally as you like) - early Crown Navy era, Ulysse and Lida

Putting one foot in front of another - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan (appears to be in the period between arrangements and arguments [where Dón knows Ruadhan's into the woods but has no idea whatsoever exactly where he is], and when Ruadhan actually shows up in Hernén's demesnes and starts being his irritatingly noisy self all over the woods.)
figures emerging from mist - Trickwood Unification, Evescha and Ioann
A thin layer of ice on everything - Trickwood Unification, Ioann and Evescha
second verse, same as the first - Trickwood Unification, Ruadhan
swans - Trickwood Unification, Geoffrey, references unexpected and unrefusable cargo 2
"actually, that's their version of a friendly hello" - Trickwood Unification, unknown
bees in a glass jar - Some Kind of Love Song, 'Jack Gibson'
"I already gave you my decision" - Trickwood Unification, Jared and Hernén

=DDDD - Jonathan Sabaey and his Sense of Impending Doom

that godsdamned ticking - Alternate Earths, Yasha


Witches' Horses:
"Don't write THAT down" - Sibir, Stas
loss of vision/sight - Sibir, Nadya
passing the bottle around the campfire - Sibir, Nadya
working on 72 hours without sleep - Sibir, Nadya

Blue glass - Chevalier de Grammont, Grammont and Sinclair

Untapped amber - Falcons' Feathers, Irina
no really it will fit - Falcons' Feathers, Khenbish

The kind of soup one can only get at home - Swallow's Tale, Taarstad
"what's the fuzzball chewing on now?" - Swallow's Tale, Helena and Sascha


sparkling like water - The Morrigan
Clock tower - Julian De'Ath
Booby trap(s) - The Morrigan
insufficient resources - Deaths, Julian and Eduard De'Ath


The Mummy Series:
the gravitational pull of bed - Mummy postscript, Evie Carnahan
"what is my life what are my choices" - Rick O'Connell
pie - Evie Carnahan and Rick O'Connell
"Why am I juggling magicians?" - Evie Carnahan, Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan


tumbleweeds - Unknown
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Now I can stare thoughtfully at my provisional grades, and do things like go hang out at the martial arts space again without feeling like I'm taking a time-break I can't afford.

Next up: Explain Pain seminar the 28th and 29th.

This should be interesting, if nothing else, and might be really useful.
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2004 Mark 2.0 is going considerably better than Round 1.

Read more... )
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I also do not know who to thank. (and gloat at. Pumpkins! Leaves! Crows!)

Anyone up for confessing, or do I resort to emailing Humans Who Know My Address?

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Timing absolutely could not be finagled to work between immigration and classes-taken, but it would have been nice to say I started grad school the year I turned 32.

I started going to college when I was 15, and it was always pleasantly surprising to find a classmate anywhere near my age category. 's kinda come full circle, now; one of my human motor classmates last year (now in my mental theories course) was boggling about going back to school at 34 yesterday and gave me a hug when he found out I turn 32 today. It's nice to find age contemporaries, even knowing one doesn't have much in common with them otherwise.
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Or something, anyway. I've survived late December! I baked!* I decorated gingerbread!

*: Once without the benefit of dry measures because intended destination oven was Occupied, Thank You! That was exciting.

Gingerbread was more complex than it could have been. )

In other news, I wrapped stuff.

I also had a very tiny amount of Violently Green wrapping paper left over after finishing the Doyle collection.

Things may have happened.

Things. Yes. )
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Finished my fourth of four exams for the term half an hour ago. I expect to do Well in the anatomy lecture exam (I already know I did Well on the anatomy lab exam), quite well on the human motor behaviour exam, and less well on active health, because aaargh.

*cracks wrists* yaay done first full term for stakes since 2005 (although summer '08 came real close).
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Standard header info: My birthday is the 5th of January. Receiving ciders or an art card would please me.
I've kind of fallen off the perfume wagon, so will just mention that I like baking-spice smells in sugar scrubs and soaps if you're doing a Themed Wintergifting Season already. :)
I like autumnal themes (including fallen leaves and thunderstorms); I am easily lured by corvidae, translucent opals, Speyside Scotches and dark forest greens.

I know many of us are skint this gifting season. Presents of any variety are never expected, but getting a 'Hey. you. I like you' email at some point in the winter would be lovely.

Building this list took unexpectedly long. I choose to blame school. 's been a while since I was a student. )
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Technically I hit the stage of 'can no longer muster the energy to vibrate my way through obstacles whoops hello wall oof' last week, which is why no post. Well that and train-tripping a whirlwind visit to Veggie and the Beast so I could strand Veggie at work while I drove down to Seattle to see the neuro-doc for a followup. And register for next term*, because of course my time ticket for registration opened at 11am the same day I had an 11:30am doctor's appointment. In the country I don't have data or saturated wifi in.

*: One would think first year second term required HKIN classes wouldn't have a direct overlap on scheduling. One would think wrong, because now I have to take another 8:30 am class two days a week. (Tuesdays and Fridays, because this makes sense.) =|

I have the schedule I built when the course catalog was posted a couple weeks ago, which gives me a 10am start Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30am Tuesdays and Fridays, and Thursdays off completely (wooo, I can maintain a consistent schedule with the volunteer facility).

Much to my annoyance, I'm taking a beginning psych course instead of a junior-level history course because of course the history course meets on Tuesdays from 8:30-11:20, exactly the same time as Biomechanics and Anatomy. *throws things at schedule*

Aaaargh. That looked like an awesome course ('Disasters and Catastrophes') that would give me one of my two remaining 300+ class needs. But no. No cultures in crisis for me.

Harrumph. At least I'll make progress on the grad application package anyway.
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I definitely did not just realise I have full-time-student access to university libraries again. Nope, not me.

(so many tabs . . .)
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I have attended an above-my-technical-skills seminar, seen Delta Rae live (tl; dr: go if they're near you. bring ear protection), written five exams (the two immediately following the seminar felt not-awesome, lemme tell ya), started my volunteer hours for the grad application, assisted in another class' midterm exam*, given my car to my mother, been offered a sooort-of job opportunity, started househunting, taught a little pilates...

I'm going to try to post at least once a week; if you don't see anything, peer at me? I'm spending a lot of social points inperson so the 'post the things' circuit is getting interrupted.

*: Can anybody think of something I'm not Hard Mode on? I'm kind of drawing a blank. O.o;
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New!reader of my work has made flaily hands of delight re: Falcons' Feathers and almost missed her stop on the skytrain because Bone Witch. Yay compatible styles!

Although now I have another meatspace human who can Stare at me hoping for more story.

..... Hrm. I think I see Zach's angle here.
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Veggie's Halloween costume is pretty awesome. :)

And yes, I took pictures.
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Okay, earplugs next time, because holy shit speakers my ears are still kind of ringing, but wow. People were not kidding about these guys giving a good live show. *delight* Definitely going next time they come west, and dragging people with me.

If you like their music at all, it is really worth seeing Delta Rae live if the opportunity presents itself.

Bring ear protection.
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Zach's coming back from an SCA event tomorrow to pick me up and take me back to Canada; I've got an anatomy lecture exam on Monday.

Very . . end of era, with the car. Mom gave it to me when she moved to Hawaii, when I was living in Seattle. I'm giving it back because it's that or Officially Import It to Canada, and giving it back after that would be unnecessarily complex, and she's been interested in having it 'when I'm done with it' since moving back. So. Here, mum. Have your car back. <3?
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Had a followup appointment with my PT, a week and a couple days after getting and using an ankle brace. I've mostly been wearing the brace when I'm leaving the house/expecting to walk for a while, sort of like how I've been treating the crutches.
PT wants me to discontinue with the brace and start doing an ankle challenge series. My whole mid and back foot is pretty stuck and continued bracing won't help me regain the mobility i need in the ankle.

Which is nice, because it is incredibly difficult to wrap the brace in a way that doesn't piss off my tarsal bones.

Also today I totally left my crutches in a classroom, so I stopped by the place we rented them from to trade them back (just short of a month after renting them in the first place) and get a cane.

Turns out we'd accidentally bought those crutches (for $20, which is kind of weirding me out), and I almost accidentally got sold the cane I rented, too, due to processing system quirks at the store.

Man, canes are harder to use than one might expect. O.o;
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I'm doing a month's worth of posts again. =\
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I remembered to check to see if my grades from the online stats course had been posted.

A+. *victory dance*
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Two hours and twenty-five minutes this time around, and I'm way less oh dear fuck why.

Ice chips and iron make a big difference. >.>

I mean, I knew the ice was going to help (and yes, I did hike almost the entire Grind with an ice cube tucked into my hair). The iron was a bit of a surprise.

See, at my followup appointment with the doc in Seattle, we talked about my baseline iron. I'd started supplementing a while ago, so my blood levels looked okay-ish on my initial screen, but he wanted a ferritin test to see where I actually was.

Turns out my iron store levels--which ideally should be somewhere in the 75 range--were a bit low. (33. I shudder to think what they might have looked like if I hadn't started supplementing.)

That explains a few things.


Aug. 24th, 2015 03:46 pm
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I am done with the distance learning stats course!

Turned in the last assignment on Saturday (and got grades two hours later, thank you tutor?) and did the exam this morning.

It is really, really nice not to have a daily quota of Pages I Must Get Through.

... Classes start the 8th of September, but I bet actual in-person classes are going to be slightly less bonkers than me on a deadline. >.>

I'm registered right now for Anatomy and Physiology (non-preferred section due to how late I was able to register, lab on Mondays at 4pm and lecture on Tuesdays at 4pm), Active Health (again a non-preferred section, ugh 8:30am is an uncivilised class start time), and Human Motor Behaviour 1, because oooer.

I've been granted credit for English 100 via two classes from community college when I was sixteen, yaaaay, have submitted "detailed course outlines" for Chemistry 101, Physics 101, and Biology 203 (all intro level science courses) in the hopes of not having to take intro classes again (we'll see), and plan to submit the stats course for a math requirement as soon as I have final grades.
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Had to go to an office supply store to get it scanned, but whatever, it's done.

Last exam on Monday, then I plan to collapse for a couple days, so as to recover for the Last Pilates Teacher Training Course next weekend.

(I'm definitely not going to pull off a Cat Walkover, but I'm going to give it my best effort. I'm definitely stronger than I was before I started doing pullup progressions whenever my brain cramped up doing stats.)

And I have to figure out a student ID card, Orientation, and the like for the classes starting the 8th of September.

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I mean, it took me three hours and eighteen minutes when the average time to completion is around two hours for 'novice hikers', but fuck, I made it.

Mostly because I knew I had a wobbly knee and thus lost it around the three-quarter mark instead of short of the one-quarter mark, and at that point you might as well drag yourself up the rest of the steps of doom.

Oh my god that is a lot of steps.
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In order to talk to Veggie's neurologist, I need a referral from my GP, which is reasonable.

So after my dad accidentally stepped on my foot via email this morning, I went off to my doctor's appointment. (The two were unrelated.)

Had one of those fun talks with both my GP and her assistant where I got to fill out a depression and anxiety worksheet and talk over symptoms while feeling slightly Off anyway, but was very clear on my reasons for seeking treatment above and beyond the 'oh, hey!' use of a tricyclid antidepressant as a fairly effective neuropathic pain medication: Grad School Looms.

Also got a TDaP booster because apparently there's a lot of whooping cough going around and not spreading diseases (even if I did get my last booster in '11 or '12) is awesome, and an order for bloodwork to rule out thyroid or anemia factors. Which, I agree entirely with the idea, let's do this; I got directions for the lab, then went home, because, well, I had places to be.

Dragged the spouse with me to a pilates/TRX class, who discovered there are like six women he'd never met who know of him enough to go 'Oh, hey, awesome to finally meet you!'. I think he was bemused.

Then lunch (still debating if I want to know how they demembrane commercial orange slices), bloodwork, home.

... and then to Fury Road, because the idea of sitting around all afternoon made me go nyeh but I wasn't up for seeing Tomorrowland.

(I enjoyed it the first time through; this one was better.)

I got almost no homework done today or yesterday--I've been reviewing my stats notes (yesterday) and reading about binomial probability distributions (waiting at the lab)--but I did get things done today.

... Done yesterday, because apparently it's after midnight. Whups.
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My elbow is not so thrilled with me. Not a surprise, had to get through 43 probability practice-problems and the notes for the actual chapter/example problems.

Basic probability (even stacked-odds probability) is not so intimidating after surviving a genetics class back in the day.

Waaay less counting fruitflies involved, too. =P
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After a long relatively hot walk through downtown Victoria, which I'm slowly getting better about actually navigating.

(Despite my ten years of exposure, I've almost always had access to native guides for the bits that aren't 'drive to M's place/Sarah's place from the Tswawassen ferry'. Taking the bus from Sidney to downtown Vic was . . an experience. A double-decker 'good thing I'm not taller' experience.)

I actually really enjoy watching other people play video games, especially the high-graphics ones. It does make for weird 'Chapter 5 - The Intergumentary System [aka Human Skin]' reading background noise, but hey.

Tried a cider-whisky cocktail today. Somsersby and Jameson's. Started like a cider, ended in woody-whiskey notes. I spent some time staring thoughtfully at my glass, because what.

(Though it did give Alan an excellent chance to note that he'd only ever seen me drink ciders and whiskys, which I would protest but frankly, he's not wrong. >.> I'll go for ciders before white wines, even if Somserby is getting too sweet for me these days.)
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I didn't think I'd get much climbing-qua-climbing in today, so we just bought bouldering passes, which are slightly cheaper. Got in about an hour and a half, and eight problems.

So there's a 'cave' at this climbing gym. )
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Haven't been in just over a month in part because I was sick one week (just enough to be annoyed at my own malingering state while also not really being able to focus on a printed page enough to retain information from it), and then the usual trip southerly for most of two weeks, blah, blah. Anyway.

They've changed most of the routes and problems )


Apr. 24th, 2015 10:47 am
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Do I desire that London Fog* and muffin badly enough to get dressed and leave the house for it. *ponder*

*: Earl Grey tea, vanilla syrup, whitener--most people use milk, I go for almond milk over soy milk because it's less . . chewy.

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