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I knew I threw frankincense a lot.

So I just tried on BPAL's Rose Cross. We put it on my inner arm, very deliberately away from a pulse point, because of the Frankincense Thing.

... Apparently I throw rose even harder than I throw frankincense. Because it got to the point that none of the three of us ([personal profile] recessional, [personal profile] goshawk and me) who were smelling things ([personal profile] recessional's sister was abstaining, technically, though may be contact high by this point) could get within a handspan distance of my arm without the ROSE coming for our souls.

I am still smelling roses through [personal profile] recessional's dish soap. Twice.

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So back in 2010, I ordered a limited edition Arcana Soaps perfume. It was Monsieur Lapin ("A wild jackrabbit blend of warm ginger, black vanilla, Atlas cedarwood, bergamot, soft musk, cardamom, a pinch of patchouli, and a tiny nip of oakmoss."), and my complaint at the time was that on my wrists, he smelled of lemon and cedar, whilst on my cleavage, he smelled of carrot cake. A lot.

Fast forward to 2012, and my ordering a second bottle for Veggie.

Fast forward again to 2014, and the renaissance of the journalling perfume geeks, which inspired me to mine in The Boxes for the collection of vials and bottles, and our determining that while she still liked the '09 era Monsieur, Veggie did not like the '12.

So I brought the bottle north with me to hand over to [personal profile] gingerschnapps for testing purposes.

Her wrists smell like lemon and cedar. :D
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There's a list of why, of course, but the two major reasons are my particular scent sensitivities/problems*, and an expression of my physical disabilities: I can't open more than five of the standard sample vials without starting to splash perfume all over my fingers and tweak my bad hand.

Ye Details )

Judging by the number of real bottles involved, Arcana Soaps is my independent perfumery of choice. I mostly buy from The Soap Box Company.

Judging by number of imps, it's Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but then going by imps whose collection isn't dominated by BPAL?

(Speaking of: sing out if you want a list of the BPAL imps--I can pretty much promise I'm not invested in any of them considering how hard they are for me to open. They're all old; nothing newer than 2011 and most probably in the '07-'09 range. Lots of city names.)

Following Arcana and BPAL is ZOMG Smells, who have some truly delightful names for perfume. Not the easiest descriptions to work from, unfortunately, which limits my ability to order from them in comfort.

Ye Babble on the perfumes I actually wear )
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Hmn. M's let me wander through and sniff/apply her Le Labo samples.

My pulls from her collection were the Santal 33 and the Ambrette 9, with an intention to sniff the Fleur d'Oranger 27, the Bergamote 22, the Neroli 36 and then see if vetiver still smells like 'nope!' in the Vetiver 46*.

*: Spoiler: yup!

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So, back at the beginning of 2009, I bought a sugar scrub from Arcana Soaps called Madame Lapin (along with a collection of others, one of which also developed pleasant associations), and loved it.

Sadly, I eventually ran out, and then they kept not bringing it back. For years.

I even tried buying an old container of the perfume the scrub was based on, but the buttermilk note did Terrible Things on my skin.

It . . probably shouldn't be a surprise I bought four containers when it showed up last month. >.>

Now they just need to do a Dia de los Muertos scrub in time for the end of October*, and bring back Shambhala** so I can hoard it more efficiently.

Madame Lapin 2012: The essence of a soft brown bunny: fragrant notes of sweet honey, dry Atlas cedarwood, warm toast, buttermilk, and a subtle blend of spices. Made with organic sunflower oil, Fair Trade shea butter, and honey extract.

*: I could get away with that not happening; I have a perfume version that works, too.

**: aka Kung Fu, aka That Perfume Tae Loves To Pieces And Coos Over. Given the honey and cedarwood notes that cross over between this one and Mme Lapin . . . yeah. I might be predictable.
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So there's an indie perfume from ZOMG Smells called Chocolate Orange Cordial. On the Dormouse, it goes this very lovely boozy orange with rich backnotes.

On me, it smells _exactly_ like one of those chocolate oranges you get around Christmas. I could probably get a 'Woman, why you smell like Christmas?' out of Zach with no effort.

I admit it's mildly tempting to buy an imp of the stuff just to troll him. >.>


Dec. 30th, 2011 06:10 pm
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Okay, so I requested a container of Arcana Soap's Tinderbox* body lotion for a winter's gift from my boyfriend.

He missed, and bought me their Inclement body lotion instead.

Holy shit this smells amazing and I want to roll around in it.

I don't love coconut scents, but in the body lotion this smells like warm soft vanilla. <3

*: The essence of a baroque case filled with tempered firesteel, flint, and linen charcloth: resinous black amber, woodsmoke, sweet mallow root, frankincense, cubeb, and sandalwood.

**: Vanilla bean, coconut milk, pearl musk, sweet clove, cubeb, and a sprinkle of massoia.
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Note to self: try to avoid sneezing while holding a mostly-full mug of mango-passionfruit tisane.

*mops hand, also couch*

The failing light aside, I really, really like this season; it's full of pleasing shapes, colours and smells.

I couldn't tell you if I like the perfumes I do because of my mild thing about pumpkin spice lattes, or if I like pumpkin spice lattes because of my thing about those smells.

This message brought to you by ordering stuff from the Soap Box Company, finishing the order, and then running across a whipped soap line that includes:

Nevermore: Beautifully warm brandy and comforting cedar envelope you - keep out the weary and dreary chill of December with a woodsy scent, mingled with dark amber, embers and apple.

NYC Chestnuts & Brown Sugar: Hot roasted chestnuts are nestled in a swirl of brown sugar. Made with organic sugar for a gentle exfoliation. The colder the weather the better, when you have this warm scent to comfort you!


Spice Market: A rich blend of clove, orange, vanilla, and amber. The top is fruity, but rather than being sweet, it has the richness of dried fruits. In the middle, the orange and vanilla combine to give the warm scent a nice dollop of cream, and holding it all up are the bass notes of the clove, amber, and a small hint of cinnamon. Mildly spicy, contains real nutmeg, allspice and cardamom.

So I like foody and fall-themed perfumes. I'm sure you're all shocked.


Specialist-physio gave me new exercises Wednesday, which I've been doing to the full ten reps three times a day she asked for. My hips hate me and desire my suffering.

Mind you, that might have something to do with Wednesday evening's class, too. >.> Not least in failing to eat my reformer while doing one-handed stuff.

(My bad arm is also not so thrilled with me.)

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] klgaffney asked if I'd be willing to collect a core-strength list o'exercises to share with her. Anyone else interested?
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Arcana Soaps:

Alhambra: Recline in the shadow of the Alhambra with this Moorish blend of pomegranate juice, fresh Spanish rosemary, aged patchouli and golden beeswax.
- dear lord does the rosemary not like my arm. Couldn't get anything but Angry Pine. (arm, washed off)

Reign in Hell Perfume Oil (Limited Edition): Rich cocoa absolute, black tea, cassia cinnamon, blonde tobacco absolute, apricot, patchouli, and vanilla oleoresin.
- Mrph. Not getting the chocolate or tea notes, first impression was blah but it aged down to a pleasant soft warm cinnamon. (wrist)
- Feh. This is not unpleasant, but this is not what I would expect of a perfume called Reign in Hell, y'know? (cleavage)
When applied to [livejournal.com profile] sarahdarkes, this went Lovely. Have a present, Sarah.

Hobbedy's Lantern: Spiced black tea, gingerbread, gingerroot, Bourbon vanilla, and a wisp of peat smoke.
- first impression isn't fantastic, not getting the tea note; ages to slightly smoky gingery vanilla. (wrist)
- apparently this goes for chocolate notes when applied to my cleavage. Go figure. (cleavage)
Moar presents for teh Sarah, for lo, this one likes her too.


Smell Bent testers:

Sunshine: sun warmed blood oranges over rich sandalwood, vanilla-drenched resins and a golden musk base
- okay, citrusy cleavage smells pretty good.

Mama's Spiced Tea: sun-brewed black tea spiced with tangy orange, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and dry sandalwood
- . . . well that didn't like either of us. I got none of the listed notes off that. O.o; (arm)
- Again, when applied to Sarah, Lovely things happened.


Free testers, both from I Smell Good

Pumpkin - went weirdly nutty on my arm.
Coffee - smells freaking fabulous on the veggie, turns into toasted coconut on me.


Jul. 24th, 2011 09:58 pm
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So I did an hour and a half of pilates this morning, then drove three+ hours all on my own. To see my father (and brother).

Nothing exploded, my elbow wants to fall off, I ain't talking about how much I don't want to do my damned exercises, but dammit, at least I still smell like kung fu*.

*: Technically I still smell like Shambhala, which is sandalwood, cedarwood and a touch of honey. Which is awesome in combination with the beeswax, olive oil, and shea butter lotion bar I picked up at the Saturday farmer's market downtown.
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So [livejournal.com profile] dormouse_in_tea brought a trove of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes with her. Today we Smelled Things.

Many things.

'I need to breathe steam for a second here to get the colliding scent memories out of my sinus cavities' levels of many things.

As such! I have learned a few things which are Useful to Know.

for example )

Also, lighter ambers are more attractive than I expect. As are lighter musks.

Also also, I Like Sandalwood. (Which I sort of knew in that I knew I liked things made of sandalwood and frequently come home from massages smelling like a Buddhist temple, but: I Like Sandalwood)

Despite the 'sniff with caution' warning on frankincense, many of the fifteen (plus three I knew I was getting on first acquaintance in the bottle) scents I need to test over the next few days include it as a note.

We'll see how that goes.
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Veggie and I coordinated with [personal profile] dormouse_in_tea on an order in later September, and sniffed the things today.

Perfumes ordered were Caffeinated Death, Kincardine Maiden, Skeleton Key and Straightjacket by Arcana Soaps. And Villainess' Autumn Gala Whipped body lotion, because I sometimes have a lotion problem.

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I smell like I've dipped my bra in carrot cake. And yet, the same source smells lemon-cedar on my wrist.

Body chemistry is weird.

For the curious, it's Arcana Soaps LE Spring 2009: Monsieur Lapin. "A wild jackrabbit blend of warm ginger, black vanilla, Atlas cedarwood, bergamot, soft musk, cardamom, a pinch of patchouli, and a tiny nip of oakmoss."


Dec. 27th, 2005 08:44 am
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I smell interesting*. This gives me an absurd amount of glee.

I suspect stories are jealous, horrible Creatures. This thought currently brought to you by my full intention to work on Witches' Horses over the vacation (I was hoping for a rough draft of the Falcon's Feather adaption, and would have settled for a complete outline), and instead getting my head munched on--idly--by the Wild Roses universe.
So I spent most of my more lucid moments pondering the role of the Navy in general, and especially the role navigators and gunners play. This was sparked at least in part by my finding pirates of the Spanish Main books to supplement my Russian history reading. (If anyone wonders why I seem to be slightly Cracked in the best of times, you can probably attribute it to my reading habits.)

Considering the actual history, I'm somewhat surprised the Russian Fairy Tales don't include rather a lot more wars, and the various upheavals and shifting of the princes. It was rare for a city to spend twenty consecutive years under the rule of one prince, or one prince's family line. If they didn't get their silly selves deposed by their brothers (and/or nephews in collusion with their brothers), they got themselves killed fighting wars with the nomads, each other, the Polish, the Hungrians and occasionally Byzantium. Mostly each other. I also suspect the name 'Mstislav' is Cursed. There were up to three in damn near every generation of the prince-families, and at least one of them usually ended up either aiming for the throne in Kiev himself, or helping someone else get there.

But the fairy tales, even the ones that mention tzars, don't give that impression. They're . . almost timeless--the Tzar exists, but he's often not named, or described as anything other than the Tzar. It's interesting. :)

*: DEVIL’S NIGHT -- Devil’s Eve, Devil’s Night, Gate Night, Trick Night, Mischief Night; whatever your name for it might be, the chaos is still the same. Contrary to popular belief, this festival of pandemonium isn’t unique to Detroit. Falling on October 30th, it is an evening of mayhem and destruction. On the gentler side, it may be celebrated by practical jokes, an egging, Ding-Dong-Ditch, or enthusiastic TP’ing of your most hated neighbor’s trees, and on the more violent side, arson and vandalism. This is the scent of autumn night, fires in the distance, with a touch of boozy swoon, playful sugar and thuggish musk. ( a limited edition purchased here )

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