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1. It is really interesting watching an ulnar nerve treatment sequence when the issue's caught early and treated appropriately. (I may be tagging along on Zach's unhooping sessions.)

2. It would be really nice to get a 'We received your box of solidly packed doom permanent residency application' letter so I can apply for BC medical coverage. =\

3. I accidentally watched a documentary about Sicilian mummies (augh) and much less accidentally watched the first in a series of documentaries about early female rulers (and attempted rulers) of England. God damn is Eleanor of Aquitaine more interesting than you'd gather from Robin Hood mythos. Also how different would things have played out if William the Conqueror's grand-daughter had been actively and successfully crowned and allowed to rule? *fascinated*

4. Attempting to run an accounting software system through somebody else's fingers is extremely trying and I would be very pleased if some of the proofreading bug was catching. =|

5. I should really go through and make an order of pilates props. Faking a squishy ball with a pillow is awkward, even if it is working so far.

5a. Still need to find a pilates studio up north. Still extremely dubious.

(6. Self, next time you're up north, go to a damned yoga class. =P Even if you are done with all the punchcards at both studios you've tried, it's worth leaving the house and seeing a different teacher. Diversity in cueing is awesome!)
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(Actually, I may slightly be lying, I see a new physio tomorrow afternoon, and it's always worth being a bit flared up for those)

The 'foundational flow' class, taught by yesterday's 'core off the wall' instructor, is in the same room as the pilates not-quite-disaster this morning, but registers as 'challenging', not '... nope!'.

I can come back to this one. Run earlier, self, three minutes is Not On. You wind up either right by the props, or right by the door, and neither's awesome.

Good going on the back of the room though, that worked out alright.

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Sunday's teacher was not kidding when she said most people go to 'pilates' classes for abs. Holy shit.

Not coming back to this class; 80 people + warm room + ab-tastic class is not my gig. Eurgh.


Nov. 12th, 2013 11:04 am
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Okay. 'Core off the Wall' is a workout.

A 'get really cuddly with your neighbour' workout, I am so glad I tucked myself into a wall in the prep period. Lots of standing up on a block and balancing-while-working.

Who knew my left ankle was that unstable? (Ow.)

I'm six IMS sessions into my hip getting needled--five for the shoulder/elbow/arm etc mess--and, well. I keep getting surprised by how functional it is now. By which I mean my left hip is bugging me more than the right.

I can come back to this class for 'I need a workout', I can't come to this class if I'm unstable already.
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Fine, self. YYoga has a promotional thing that gives you a free class your first time in, and a thirty-day introduction for $40.

Assuming you can prove you're a BC resident.

This could be . . interesting. *grabs chequebook with old Vancouver address on*


Update: Chequebook worked, free class was free, woo.

Oof. I survived! I failed to fall on my head! Or drop a two pound 'toning ball' on anything, including my own foot.

I sure wouldn't take anyone new to pilates to that class. O.o; Feel like I did okay, but when the teacher was talking about flexibility and mobility and asked if anyone in the room was hypermobile, mine was the only hand that went up. o.O;

Teacher--after class, when everyone else was gone and I was trying to be friendly in response to her friendly--warned me that this chain's pilates classes tend to be people coming to get an Ab Workout, and that Sunday afternoons tend to be relatively low-key.

Good to know.
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My elbow's gotten moderately flared in the last week, much to my disgust.

It got stabbed with needles Monday and today, but it's sort of put paid to a swathe of my self-motivation.

I dragged myself to a yoga class yesterday, and made dinner 2.5 times in this past week (you know it's bad when you'd rather do sloppy knifework nipping at either end of green beans than pinch the damn things off).

At the same time, I'm capable of making dinner, even if the knifework's sloppy, and as long as I'm cautious about arm stuff, I can go to a low-level yoga class and feel a little bit better for having done it.
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I put K on a plane yesterday, and today Mom and I have been working on Cleaning The Fairhaven Place. Mom very kindly worked on kitchen, laundry and bathroom floors, because having to put weight on my hands is still not my favourite thing, and the damned vinyl in this place looks dirty even when it's scrubbed, because of how the plastic gets marred. =|

I've been working on the kitchen--including the tops of the cabinets, even though the landlord's only got a couple of inches on me, because I like him and I want to return this place in as-good shape as I can.

Pilates, yoga, and physio have made a massive difference, even in just the last year.

We tried to break for sushi for lunch--couldn't, because Blue Fin's day-closed is today and Wasabee is open for dinner at 5:30--and wound up eating deli salad samplers at the local grocery store, and I was driving. After a solid four hours of handwork.

And then we went back and did some more. Mom went through and shopvacced baseboards, and I started going through the fridge.

The internet in Ferndale isn't up--the modem got misdelivered, and the redelivery process is going awkwardly--which is annoying as hell.

Mom had a reservation for the train heading south in the evening, and when time was coming due Veggie was on the phone with the internet company, and I was on the landline doing a WA State Health Survey (long story. We got a randomly selected letter about a month ago, and I wanted to participate, because I may have had just a little participation in the health care system here. I think I may have skewed my demographic. >.>), so Mom wound up driving herself down to catch the train. Which was kind of embarrassing. Went fine, because Mom's a trooper, and Veggie drove me down to collect the car when we were done, but oy. Timing.
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Dude. Mark ate my bus home from yoga.


Addendum context, because he also ate that text message (in his defense, it was going to K anyway); I try to go by a gentle hatha class Tuesdays and Thursdays in West Van. I haven't been brave enough to try a flow class since January, but structured supervised stretching time is good for me, so.

On my way back today, the bus that takes me straight from the yoga studio to home ran a bit late picking me up, then coughed black smoke and died a choking death two stops after I got on. We got transferred to a different run--because the one-bus route runs on a half-hour schedule, if not more--and then transferred again, and again, due to the logistics of the bus runs through there, and the timing.

I got home a good hour later than I expected to. I'm kind of impressed.
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You're going to get what falls out of my head. =P Or you can suggest something for me to babble about, because lord knows I'm having trouble with that whole 'post at least once a week' thing.

As things stand you're going to be getting an update as to how physiotherapy and exercise are going.

swimming, yoga, pilates and evil thumbs behind the cut )
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This post is not about that. (Although, just to be brief: MUWAHAHAHA SOON PEOPLE WILL TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!)

This post, instead, is about trying yoga.

See, I woke up feeling not-awesome Sunday, squinted at the universe, decided swimming would be really, really dumb* so instead decided I'd try out another of the yoga studios I had on the list.

*: Swimming would have helped the grunchy section of my hip and thigh, I think, but my ribs and shoulder, not so much. I've been coughing when I laugh again--got on the cancellation list to get the ribs worked on sooner

That one marked my third-ever yoga class, and was my second yin class. Restorative yoga's ten-minute poses weren't as helpful, since my bones started trying to settle into the shapes the pose had created for them, instead of my muscles going 'oh, hey, okay, so you want us to relax, right?'.

Over the next couple of days new year's celebrations happened, as they are wont to do, and I think I may have walked about three kilometers. (turns out I can walk home from 3rd and Forbes! Woo?)

Wednesday, there was another class I was mildly interested in--a stretch class with the studio founder--and I figured I'd see how I did in that one, and maybe stick around for the hatha flow class to see how I held up.

Answer: ye gods.

I, ah. I didn't fall over? And am really really glad I didn't try to go higher than a hatha flow class. Yow.

I am really unsure if I want to make that a habit. O.o;

But pilates has been going well (really well, to tell truth), so something else physically a bit scary might be in order.

reaction breakdown of the flow class for self before I forget )

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