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1. It is really interesting watching an ulnar nerve treatment sequence when the issue's caught early and treated appropriately. (I may be tagging along on Zach's unhooping sessions.)

2. It would be really nice to get a 'We received your box of solidly packed doom permanent residency application' letter so I can apply for BC medical coverage. =\

3. I accidentally watched a documentary about Sicilian mummies (augh) and much less accidentally watched the first in a series of documentaries about early female rulers (and attempted rulers) of England. God damn is Eleanor of Aquitaine more interesting than you'd gather from Robin Hood mythos. Also how different would things have played out if William the Conqueror's grand-daughter had been actively and successfully crowned and allowed to rule? *fascinated*

4. Attempting to run an accounting software system through somebody else's fingers is extremely trying and I would be very pleased if some of the proofreading bug was catching. =|

5. I should really go through and make an order of pilates props. Faking a squishy ball with a pillow is awkward, even if it is working so far.

5a. Still need to find a pilates studio up north. Still extremely dubious.

(6. Self, next time you're up north, go to a damned yoga class. =P Even if you are done with all the punchcards at both studios you've tried, it's worth leaving the house and seeing a different teacher. Diversity in cueing is awesome!)
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You see, I was really, really wanting to get my permanent residency application sent in this turnaround. I wouldn't have to stop at the border to get my passport stamped (for the third time since February), I'd be pretty close to the date I quoted the border guy when he gave me a Visitor Record. Everything would be good. I just needed a couple of things to show up in the mail (a tax document, the Giant Pile of cell phone statements, and the Letter of Employment from Zach's current company). Easy, yes?

I even bugged people for letters of recommendation last week so as to get Everything Together and Ready To Go.

The tax doc came, and got copied, and is in the appropriate spots in the application paperwork.

The Giant Pile of cell phone statements got canceled (by the company, without telling us, because Zach 'wasn't notified of the cost' when he made the order. Despite him doing the math in his head at the time, and again when he called back going '... Guys? I kind of need those statements you told me "5-10 business days" 14 business days ago.' =|), and is again on the way.

The Letter of Employment is . . in the wind.

I have never wanted universal tracking numbers so badly in my LIFE.

I just want to get this stupid thing done, so the waiting can start!


Aug. 17th, 2013 08:12 pm
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If you're moving and can access one: Kammys are AWESOME for moving shit.

Also, wow can I do more than I used to be able to. Even if various people still have to yell at me to stop shoving heavy stuff around by myself in order to stage for the stairs-hauling.
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M wound up daytripping down to see Kate-the-MT, so both her and K got a chance to meet/get worked on.

Kate continues awesome, in that '... it's going to take me a minute to recalibrate and sit up, dude' way. :)

Ye gods. Wedding party this coming Saturday.

(Liz came in on the 30th, but Canada Post failed to render her passport up in good time for her to come down for any of this weekend. Cel's coming in Wednesday the 7th to YVR, and Mom's coming in the same day to Sea-Tac--my brother's collecting her and they'll be coordinating their getting to the party, yaay--and Veggie's parents already have a Plan and directions . . )
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And Zach needed to move money to pay for it, so he fished out his phone.

There was an extra grand-odd sitting in his chequing account.

. . . . .

His tax return for 2012 came in.  O.o; 

I can start The Paperwork.

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You're going to get what falls out of my head. =P Or you can suggest something for me to babble about, because lord knows I'm having trouble with that whole 'post at least once a week' thing.

As things stand you're going to be getting an update as to how physiotherapy and exercise are going.

swimming, yoga, pilates and evil thumbs behind the cut )
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This post is not about that. (Although, just to be brief: MUWAHAHAHA SOON PEOPLE WILL TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!)

This post, instead, is about trying yoga.

See, I woke up feeling not-awesome Sunday, squinted at the universe, decided swimming would be really, really dumb* so instead decided I'd try out another of the yoga studios I had on the list.

*: Swimming would have helped the grunchy section of my hip and thigh, I think, but my ribs and shoulder, not so much. I've been coughing when I laugh again--got on the cancellation list to get the ribs worked on sooner

That one marked my third-ever yoga class, and was my second yin class. Restorative yoga's ten-minute poses weren't as helpful, since my bones started trying to settle into the shapes the pose had created for them, instead of my muscles going 'oh, hey, okay, so you want us to relax, right?'.

Over the next couple of days new year's celebrations happened, as they are wont to do, and I think I may have walked about three kilometers. (turns out I can walk home from 3rd and Forbes! Woo?)

Wednesday, there was another class I was mildly interested in--a stretch class with the studio founder--and I figured I'd see how I did in that one, and maybe stick around for the hatha flow class to see how I held up.

Answer: ye gods.

I, ah. I didn't fall over? And am really really glad I didn't try to go higher than a hatha flow class. Yow.

I am really unsure if I want to make that a habit. O.o;

But pilates has been going well (really well, to tell truth), so something else physically a bit scary might be in order.

reaction breakdown of the flow class for self before I forget )
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No, really. It's a variation on concrete tiles and they're covered in moss (which is nice) and weeds (including one known colloquially as 'Stinky Bob' because it smells when bruised by, say, stepping on it).

The North Van place is coming together; we bought cheap Ikea end tables today so we're not propping the speakers on the back of the love seat anymore, and a lamp for the living room. We're down to a dresser for me (which can wait until I'm up for more than five or six days at a stretch), at least another bookcase, a seats-three couch (which can wait until we have the money for it; there's one at Ikea we both like), and some variation on an entertainment system for watching movies and streaming Lions and Canucks games.

Well, and a microwave, but turns out the only thing one can't fake with some patience and the stove is warming up a heatpack. Go figure.

There is so much more art on the walls here, it's surreal. I'm not usually much of a one for wall art unless you can put tealights in it*, but this is kind of neat.

Now I just need to figure out how to extract myself from the loveseat (the husband's asleep on it, I'm propped in the space behind his knees with my legs draped up towards his torso) without making both of us yelp.

*: I bet some of you think I'm kidding.
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The heat wave can break aaaaanytime now. Because I am not looking forward to needing to get me, my clothes, and my damned computer to the train station Monday afternoon. My hand already hates me.

In less 'oh dear god surely I can move into the fridge' news, I have new shoes.

Specifically these shoes, which look startlingly awesome with a more-or-less tiny skirt (I have an insufficiency of skirts up here, and the grey one's covered in sunscreen*). I would be doing the Dance of Gloat if they were less olive and more teal. Or emerald. Mostly, less yellow would be aces. I may research paints that will stick to patent leather.

We went to a night market with [livejournal.com profile] goldjadeocean and Zach's mum tonight. That was kind of fun. We got a Van Gogh print and a couple of leetle prints by Benda and Rousseau. Not sure where I'm putting the little ones, they're all rusty tones, but I'm sure I'll figure out something.

This has been your update on the state of the Tae.

*: I hate sunscreen. It makes me break out, the smell eventually gives me a headache, and I feel like I've been dipped in olive oil.

I hate sunburns more. Guess how much I love the heatwave. Yeeeah.
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We board the cat when we're away (hello, Vancouverites), and we've always been very upfront about the fact that the large black lump in the carrier is a Jerk.

This morning, when I went up to collect him, the front desk said he was a total sweetheart. No problems whatsoever.

(Yes, I got the correct cat back.)

I also got to meet the front desk's personal dog, a brindled young pitbull who'd apparently come out of a puppy mill's breeder side. Says good things about a couple's ability to work with a dog when you have a happy wriggly girl pit going 'Oh god yes love meeeeee!' when she's less than six months out of a Bad Scene.

(Now they just have to get her to be a bit more okay with a closed door between her and her human. Small steps. Apparently utter glee at meeting a human was New today, and made the front desk go eeeee!)

In weekend-related news, my long distance walking tolerance has increased considerably, [livejournal.com profile] goldjadeocean might be in fact be visually obscured by a full grown sea otter standing in front of her, NOBODY gets drilled enough on marching to satisfy the inner cadets-sergeant, small children should be kept on THIS side of the glass divider between the monkeys and the belugas and also if you're invested in staying dry you might want to sit over thatta way, dogs that look a bit like coyotes make [livejournal.com profile] coastal_physics' brain all poofy even if they are on leash, North Vancouver continues to have better takeout Chinese than Bellingham, and the kitten in residence at M's place is Tiny, Puffy, and Made of Rubber. Also quite blase about going to sleep while lying backwards in someone's hands. It's almost enough to make me consider leaving the pool of Giant Fluffy Cats and dabbling my toes in the Fluffy Cats pond.
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Sky gods, much as I appreciate the break from the Humidity (OMG), perhaps you could have seen fit to inform the poor remains of the Amtrak gods?

Or, more specifically, I wish to register a complaint about having to lurk in the bathtub for over an hour so I could actually feel all of my toes. And fingers.* While this was not assisted by the fact that I had a sweater for insulation and ballet flats for ... well, being awesome, but oy, that rail car was COLD.

The weather. It is whacky lately. New transplants are boggling at the humidity. (Also the vehemence with which older transplants are EEEE WIND!

Ahem. My back yard is throwing apples at the house. :D

Anyway! The vehemence with which older transplants sing the praises of hats, full spectrum lights and Gore-Tec.)

You can tell it's fall. :D

*: Well, as much as I ever feel all of my fingers.
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It looks chilly out there.

It is full of lies. It's actually colder inside the house than it is outside (the same held true of yesterday. I walked out the front door and went O.o;; at how warm it was).

I would like my radial nerve to stop trying to join the club. It's very annoying--if somewhat scientifically interesting* to run my hand up the outside of my left upper arm and find a really distinct hot spot after a pilates class.

The seasonal changeover in stores is making me slightly sad, for two reasons. One, I do not have the money to buy ALL the things I like**, omg!, and two, I have nowhere to wear the pretty office clothing to. I leave the house to go grocery shopping, to pilates, and to physiotherapy right now (well, and to visit Vancouver, who will probably try to drown me as a way of saying hi).

Opening the Two Rivers sequence documents for the Trickwood Unification period resulted in me trying to juggle six river barons on almost no prior acquaintance. This is disconcerting.

*reads up* Hm. That's four things. And I'm coming up blank on a fifth. Okay.

Here, have a penguin post.

*: *adds obligatory remark from root vegetable:* "Stop finding yourself scientifically interesting!"

**: Thank you, fashion world, for having rust, copper, brown, teal, green, cream, grey and plum for your fall palette this year. You make my brain haaaaappy. (Which is surprising, considering I don't actually like plum or purple that much.)
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No, really. I went from scraping 90s at best on the 102 tests to doing 95s with no extra credit on the 103 tests. (Now if only I'd left my guesses intact on that one test--would've had a 98 on that'n with the extra credit.)

I am finally done. DONE! HAH!

I'd celebrate, only my elbow decided it'd had enough of this shite late last week (to the point the teacher asked if I was okay one afternoon) and massage etc has made only a light dent in the angry.

Fortunately, I have PT this afternoon and I won't be going and aggravating it by taking notes and doing composition exercises this coming week.

... at least it waited until week 8 of 9 to go off. =\ Hail extensive physio and prescription medication.

Now, to sunny Vancouver!

Where I will huddle under a beach umbrella and hiss back at the daystar while boys scramble around on rocks. (Me scrambling around on rocks with my elbow like this is a very short road to homicidal-with-pain Tae, who nobody likes.* And the daystar is evil.**)

*: I suppose she might be entertaining if pointed at someone else...

**: sunscreen is the hobgoblin to the daystar's devil. No, really. You can watch the freckles bloom for the five minutes it takes before the burn starts. And almost all sunscreens make me break out. =|

still alive

Mar. 5th, 2007 10:42 am
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Whether I'm going to be posting in a multiples-of-five system this month remains to be seen. >.>

Call if you need me. E-mails (both hotmail and gmail are usually minimised at work, but open) will always reach me.

Cell phone will be getting replaced this weekend (it went AWOL at the end of January during a shopping trip. If you've been trying to get in touch with me via that method, sorry, switch to e-mail and you'll get a much faster reply).

Handwise could be (and have been) in much more pain than I currently am. Fine motor control is iffy, however, and my appearance in chat formats will probably be at someone's request or because I'm bored out of my flipping skull this weekend.

Next weekend I will be out of keyboard range Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday (headed up to a gunrange east of Vancouver with my dad. Will endeavour not to be arrested for homicide in a country I plan to move to).

Writing/worldbuilding is currently stalled due to a thought/keyboard mental circuit malfunction. Apologies if anyone was waiting with baited breath for something (and if so, do say something. Feedback/demands for shiny bits tend to be rewarded).

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