Apr. 3rd, 2012

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So, back at the beginning of 2009, I bought a sugar scrub from Arcana Soaps called Madame Lapin (along with a collection of others, one of which also developed pleasant associations), and loved it.

Sadly, I eventually ran out, and then they kept not bringing it back. For years.

I even tried buying an old container of the perfume the scrub was based on, but the buttermilk note did Terrible Things on my skin.

It . . probably shouldn't be a surprise I bought four containers when it showed up last month. >.>

Now they just need to do a Dia de los Muertos scrub in time for the end of October*, and bring back Shambhala** so I can hoard it more efficiently.

Madame Lapin 2012: The essence of a soft brown bunny: fragrant notes of sweet honey, dry Atlas cedarwood, warm toast, buttermilk, and a subtle blend of spices. Made with organic sunflower oil, Fair Trade shea butter, and honey extract.

*: I could get away with that not happening; I have a perfume version that works, too.

**: aka Kung Fu, aka That Perfume Tae Loves To Pieces And Coos Over. Given the honey and cedarwood notes that cross over between this one and Mme Lapin . . . yeah. I might be predictable.
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I need to wash the shirt and jeans I'm planning to get married in, and work out directions etc for people for Saturday.

Locals, food is a 2pm reservation at the Milestones on Hamilton, near David Lam Park. Looking at maps, it's fairly close to Skytrain lines, but at least one vehicle will be involved, trust me.

Reservation is under the name of Doyle. :D

In an entertaining reversal of trends, it wasn't my ring that needed sizing. :) (Inevitably, the jewelers' days off are Sunday-Monday. Just like Zach's. =\)

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